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Sending out a major love...

Welcome to my first post about a monthly global prayer for love, peace and healing that we hope you'll join us for. Michael Jackson fans and all who believe in what he stood for are coming together to carry on Michael's legacy. He had a dream and he awakened it within us. Despite the pain of our great loss, we realize it is up to us to carry on that dream. There are millions of us, in every country of the world, and together we can make a change.

We feel in our hearts the need to continue spreading love across the Earth. I hope you do as well. No one else is going to do it for us. We need to heal the world by deed, in action as well, but I believe that with energy and spirit we can also have a positive effect. Prayer, meditation and intention have a scientifically measurable effect, as studies you can read about in Lynne McTaggart's Intention Experiment, for one, are learning. This is one 'small' way we can help bring about that change.

Hundreds of MJ fans (perhaps thousands?) took part in this prayer (which began in the forum on michaeljackson.com) on September and October 25th. Now we want this to spread to all MJ message boards/forums / friends/ supporters and to get as many participants as possible every month on a continuing and growing basis. Let's do it! Let's do it for Michael, for ourselves, for each other, for the world. So spread the word! Follow us on Twitter, tweet about it yourself, tell your friends and family. We have the power. It's up to us just how we use it.

P.S. This is completely not for profit. We're not selling anything, we're not promoting anything. Just love.


Michael, this is for you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you. Forever and ever.


Anonymous said...

It's a really great idea:-)
(As you wrote:) We do it for Michael, ourselves and the world. Spread the love <3
hugs from Denmark.
p.s I'm gonna get early to bed tomorrow if i should do it. When it's 14.00 o'clock, it's 24.00 o'clock in Denmark:-)

BeGodsGlow said...

Wonderful, thanks for participating :)

Are you sure about the time in Denmark being 24:00? The time converter sites all say that it would be 23:00 in Denmark. Is this wrong?

Anonymous said...

Michael, only you could bring people from all around the world to send out "Major Love" to one other. I will love you Michael 4 ever.
Susanne from Virginia

luveUMJ4ever said...

Only u Michael.

test said...

Hi Susanne,
I thought I'd pop in here too while getting ready.
Did you see the message that this is also a good time to send lots of support, love and strength for Jordy?

test said...

if you are unsure of the correct time, there is a countdown on the home page. As I write this we are 36 minutes away.

anaamamj58 said...

The love is all around us. All we need to do is to reach out our hands to touch each other. As I lit my candle this evening though, I realised how much we have to do. Michael will always be here to help us, but we must work together to Heal the World and make it a better place. my love and prayers are with you all. Keep the faith. L.O.V.E. Ana

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