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Two more weeks until Dec 25 prayer

"We have to bring LOVE back into the world."
- Michael Jackson, 2009

We've now reached the halfway point between prayers, as it's only two more weeks until December 25. The next event will therefore fall on Christmas Day (if this is a holiday in your country), potentially making it a great opportunity for many of us to involve friends and family. If you are gathering in a group, why not suggest that the others join in the global prayer for love, peace and healing? It is so fitting to the theme of the day, after all. (They don't have to be MJ fans. Everyone is welcome.) In addition, we all know that our next prayer date may be particularly tough, since it will mark six months since we lost our dear Michael, but if we hold together with love we can make it through. We MJ fans really are a family. Let's unite everyone this month on the 25th and blanket the world with L.♥.V.E.! And please continue to spread the word. Thanks everyone :)

December Prayer Time (2pm L.A.) in Major World Cities

December 25th, 2010
12:00 / noon - Honolulu
13:00 / 1pm - Anchorage
14:00 / 2pm - (PST) Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver
15:00 / 3pm - (MST) Denver, Phoenix, Edmonton
16:00 / 4pm - (CST) Mexico City, Winnipeg, Houston, Chicago, Guatemala
17:00 / 5pm - (EST) New York, Miama, Bogota, Montreal, Lima
18:00 / 6pm - Halifax, Santo Domingo
19:00 / 7pm - Santiago, Buenos Aires
20:00 / 8pm - Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro
22:00 / 10pm - (GMT) London, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Casabalanca
23:00 / 11pm - (CET) Madrid, Paris, Oslo, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Algiers
December 26th,2010
00:00 / midnight - Capetown, Athens, Helsinki, Instanbul, Minsk
01:00 / 1am - Nairobi, Moscow, Kuwait City
02:00 / 2am - Dubai
03:00 / 3am - Karachi, Islamabad (Mumbai 03:30)
05:00 / 5am - Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
06:00 / 6am - Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing, Taipei, Manila
07:00 / 7am - Seoul, Tokyo
08:00 / 8am - Brisbane
09:00 / 9am - Melbourne, Sydney
10:00 / 10am - Kamchatka, Anadyr
11:00 / 11am - Auckland

For more time conversions: World Clock Time Converter

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Unknown said...

Tomorrow will be my 1st time doing this. I can't wait.

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