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Third of September

" Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You've touched my heart without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change this world is my deepest desire."
- Michael Jackson, 'Child of Innocence' excerpt

Thank you, Michael. ♥


One of Michael's millions of fans said...

I love you, Michael.

You are living in my heart.

Thank you for having given us

such tremendous joy and love!

You are so loved in return!

Rest in peace, my dear.

CassieforMaxwell said...

Just like King Tut, Michael was buried exactly 70 days after his death. King tuts death has remained a mystery. Was it murder? Was it natural? A child king with his own crown of thorns. such was Jesus'. Such was Michael Jackson's. Why do we persecute our kings? This is a very sad day for me because it marks the end of all of the firsts without him. The first anniversary of his being laid at his final resting place closes the book on history. Everything from this point on will be a 2nd, a 3rd and so on. History repeats itself and so it be done. I have given my every waken moment to thoughts about Michael and his family, especially his children. I pray that they are healing. A slow mend, I am sure, but each step will put them one step closer to being whole again. I think the journey for me is over now. I have come full circle. I must step back though never, ever away and reclaim my life. It got lost some time around June 25, 2009 and i haven't even attempted to find it. But find it I must less I lose myself forever in the abyss. Michael Jackson, I wish you peace among the angels where I know you reside. You were the angel who fell from heaven but God reached down and took you back. That's what a loving father does. Someday, I hope to see you again. I'll know you from the light shining in your eyes and the compassion emulating from your heart. I can't wait to see you again, face to face in a place with no name, together forever in peace and divinity.

Michael I will always remember you. You will always be a part of me. Michael Jackson is love and love lives forever. Shine.

God bless you all.
Love is everlasting

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