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We Are One: ♥ Bright Angel ♥

"Bright Angel" by Jan

What forged this bond?
Did you need me
Or the other way round?

Did you know I was here?
How could I help you?
So far away
How could I reach out
Beg you to stay

We met in the music
Our souls embraced
We danced in the rhythms
never face to face.

The words you had written
entered my heart
Was it my imagination?
Was it just art?

Closer and closer
Becoming so fond
I felt your pain
Heard the sound
Of your anguished cry
From across a world
I wept with you
As their weapons unfurled

Not separate
No space between us
Your pain in my heart
Your tears burning my eyes
Closer than my skin
my heartbeat, my breath
I longed to touch
To hold
When darkness closed in
To comfort
Against the gathering din

Did you need me?
Of what use was I?
Did you give me the words?
Did you hear my cry?

Our lives were joined
From that day to this
Hand in hand
Each following our bliss
You with your music
Your dance, your creating
Me with my stories
My articles berating
The blindness, the iniquity
The hatred, the insanity

I watched in amazement
Your comet blazing ‘cross the skies
Until one day last summer
They said you had died

My heart stopped
How could this be
That you are not
Here with me

Then I remembered
A thing you had taught me
Love never dies
In the place you had sought me
In our souls we are one
And once joined this way
I never have to
Beg you to stay

For we are together
Still hand in hand
‘Tho our feet do not touch
The paths or the sand

In our hearts we have bonded
Never to sever
In our thoughts of healing
We will not waver

You continue to shine
In the sun’s bright beams
We reflect your brilliance
Dimmer, it seems

You told us
We’re just another part of you
In the space where we meet
We learn that it’s true

So, Bright Angel,
Lead on
We follow behind
Help us to be
Loving and kind
by your example
ever present in our minds


This beautiful poem was reprinted
with permission from the author.
Please visit her amazing site,
Withachildsheart's Blog.
Thank you so much for sharing
what so many of us feel, Jan! ♥
~ Major L.O.V.E. ~


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, it's beautiful. I love the pictures you chose. Thanks for reprinting my little poem. I am honored. And I finally made it for the prayer!! It is an amazing tribute to our Bright Angel!

Michael will know who wrote this said...

Thank you, Jan, for your poem.

I could feel it. You found nice expressions of how it is to feel bonded with MJ. :-)

And thank you, Michael, for your love and life.


We just love you. Always and forever.

You are so dear to me.
So, so dear.

Char said...

This is wonderful to have your beautiful poem posted here. How appropriate it is for this special day when we all meet to pray for our world with the love in our hearts that our bright angel inspired in us! Your poem inspires me to keep going even through the challenges, and to do even more than what I think I can each day. Thank you!
BGG, The pictures and video are perfect! I'm heading over to YT right now to find the video and add it to my favorites - just beautiful!!
And, yes, may I repeat your words..."thank you, Michael, for your love and life!!!" I thank God for your gift every single day. I love you forever, bright angel! ~ Charlene

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