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Words ... will you help make a change?

Here is a new video from Voices Education Program and Barbara of Inner Michael. Please watch, consider and help spread the word. Tweet the vid, Facebook it, get the "Words" out there where others can watch, consider and pass it on. We can heal and prevent the words and violence of bullying, harassment and lies if we join together to make a change and educate our children in the ways of integrity, empathy and compassion. It starts with us.

"In the summer of 2009 an event with a global impact caused people to begin weeping in the streets all over the world. By autumn of that same year, it was clear that something was terribly wrong-- a discovery revealed that words had been wielded deliberately and inhumanely within a very visible and global platform and had caused intractable violence. Humanitarians who championed humane initiatives and humanitarian efforts as advocates for social change and improving the human condition were bullied on a global stage and were harmed with the whole world watching. This curriculum is dedicated to them. People of conscience around the world began to examine this violence with words and expressed a desire to do something about it. The Words and Violence Curriculum... is that something."-BK

Free curriculum for middle schools, high schools, colleges and civic programs. Learn the power of words-- to hurt or to heal. Understand the magnitude of bullying and violence with words and how it affects our society. Featured by Voices Education Project- global humanitarian organization and pedagogical institute.

Words and Violence Curriculum
Voices Education Project


Anonymous said...

This is such an important way to continue Michael's mission. Hope everyone helps to spread the news of this wonderful curriculum. If we can make it widely known so that educators begin to use the curriculum in schools, young people will face a brighter future where tabloid journalism will be defeated. In Michael's name. Love and peace everyone, Sue.

Rev B said...

Thank you so much for posting this. So if everyone here watches it daily and shares it with their whole address book, it will become viral and if the message becomes a movment, words will heal instead of harm and we initiate a humane narrative on this planet! Now that would be a MAJOR love prayer! Namaste` Rev. B

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