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Next global prayer is in 20 days!

Let's make 2011 a great year, spreading positive energy and awakening hearts to the power of love. Let's raise the vibration of the planet and help usher in the Light. Our first prayer of the year is coming up on January 25th! Please spread the word. The seed is planted, so now it's time to grow, grow, grow! Thanks, everyone! ♥

WHO: Anyone who wishes to spread love and heal the world! Everyone is welcome!

WHAT: Inspired by Michael Jackson's desire to heal the world, Major Love Prayer is a monthly global event, taking place at the same time all over the world, in every country on Earth. We join together in spirit for a few moments to spread the positive energy of love, peace and healing to all. As MJ sings in Another Part of Me, "We're sending out a major love!"

WHEN: Every month on the 25th at exactly 2:00pm (14:00) Los Angeles time. Please check www.majorloveprayer.org (time zone chart for January 25th) to view the prayer countdown timer and to find the correct time in your location. (It is best to be ready about five minutes before the prayer actually begins.)

WHERE: Everywhere! You can participate no matter where you are. The ideal location is one in which you can relax and remain undisturbed for about fifteen minutes.

HOW: This prayer/meditation/affirmation involves participants all around the world, so the suggested instructions below are not specific to any religion or spiritual practice. Feel free to adjust the details in accordance with your own beliefs and wishes.

Please see the rest of our "How To Join: Guide to the Monthly Prayer", available in 19 languages.

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Kerry Hennigan said...

This month I will be focusing on Dr Murray's hearing, just so that we all get through it and are strengthened in our love of Michael, and stand firm and keep the faith no matter what others may try to tell us in their own defence. I pray that MJ fans do not try and sway the course of justice, but let the due process be done. We need to focus on furthering Michael's legacy, so I pray that we can get past the pain of losing him and move on to celebrating him and emulating his humanitarianism in our own limited ways.

Cynthia Kent said...

January 25th can not come soon enough for me. It is like reliving the pain of losing Michael all over again. I Desperately want justice served,& for the media to leave Michael & his family alone.He was a kind, decent, loving man. May he rest in Gods heavenly arms amongst the angels...a place where Knowone will Ever hurt him again! Michael.. I LOVE YOU-Your fans LOVE YOU...we always will!!!

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