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Clare Maguire's "The Last Dance" for Michael Jackson

I happened across this video the other day, catching the last third of it. I almost started crying, because it made me think of Michael immediately. By the end I was singing along with her... to Michael: "I've got my light in my hands and your love in my heart. I'll save my last dance for you, my friend." Wow. Tonight I found out this song was indeed written about Michael. You can easily find the lyrics online (although often incorrect in spots, beware) and I'm sure you'll see what I mean. I just want to say thank you to Clare Maguire for this wonderful and touching song that we can all understand so well. We know the feeling, when the world was somehow dancing, but we couldn't feel the beat, because our hearts had fallen out too. Thank you for everything, Michael. "I will kiss your crown when life takes me down..."

Notice the 'MJ' poses at 0:58 and 2:49 ♥


♥ "This song was written the day Michael Jackson died in memory of him. "

♥ "Clare wrote this song in mourning for Michael Jackson; after reading on the Internet some "distasteful comments" about one of her childhood heroes the day after he died, she went to her studio with one of the best songwriters and producers an artist can get these days - Fraser T. Smith - and wrote the lyrics in ten minutes. Evidence of that is clear - "You were the first man to move me", "I wasn't ready to lose you", referencing the sudden shock of Jackson's passing."


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Chantal said...

It's so beautiful, I couldn't stop singing this song all the day long ! Thank you for sharing, we all were not ready to lose Michael....

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