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The MAGIC begins with LOVE

[originally posted April 25th]
Dear lovely MJ-family ♥ Every 25th of the month we're sending out a MAJOR LOVE, all across the world, every continent, united in one purpose: to HEAL THE WORLD WITH LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥ Please join the global wave of healing on the 25th at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm London time / 23:00 CET (Worldwide Time Charts) and if you can, please, please help spread the word around the fan community :) The world needs this energy so very much. We all do. The more of us who send love, the bigger the wave, the more the effect. Our joined hearts and minds do make a difference. We just have to act in unity, as ONE and let go of our daily stresses, set aside anger and negativity, and for some magical moments focus on the truth at the heart of all creation: LOVE. If this is something we can give, let us give it freely.

It might sound cheesy at times (only because we've been made to believe it is ;), but when we look into our hearts, the truth of love will be there every time. Whenever in doubt, just look deep inside and follow that inner guidance from the heart. It's the seat of the soul, where we know all those things we sometimes choose to ignore. It's where we know that we're ONE in LOVE. But just knowing it isn't enough if we keep it locked up inside as a mere idea. It is in action and service that we take it to another level, where it becomes magical. When we really desire to put our hearts into this truth of love, the path of 'love consciousness' opens up before us. It's then (now!) that we stop just saying the words and we take our first steps into living "WITH LOVE" and making a conscious effort to act "WITH LOVE" (even in extraordinary circumstances). We can now begin sharing this truth with everyone we meet, with the world, spreading love by example. It doesn't necessarily happen overnight. It's a process. We're all a work in progress; a grand and beautiful work of art, forged from love, for the purpose of bringing joy and compassion ... a MAJOR LOVE ... to the world.

We can cover all bases and carry on Michael's legacy of love when we act out of love and in unity, from our monthly and daily prayers of love (changing hearts from the inside out with higher consciousness), to correcting lies and deception in the media, to giving to environmental causes, to helping the children of the world through volunteer work and charitable donations, to all the little opportunities for loving action presented to us each day. Even seemingly insignificant acts of kindness ripple out across the planet and touch more people than we could know. Nothing is too small. Say a prayer for the world, for a stranger, donate some toys to a local children's hospital, hold the door open for the person behind you, take some flowers to a friend, call someone in need or just to say hi. And please, if you're going to be at the courthouse for the Murray trial that starts May 9 (edit: now delayed until September), do so in a way that will show the world what Michael stands for. Show the world we've understood the message and that we're truly following the path of LOVE (even in extraordinary circumstances).

"You can change the world". You know you can! :)
Michael believed in us, his fans... in you and me, in every one of us, in the children of the world. Can we believe in ourselves and in each other? Can we reach out and take the hand of the person next to us in respect and with love? Of course we can ... when we act from our hearts anything is possible! That's where the magic begins.

Thank you so very much, every one of you who keep this prayer alive. We love you all so much, really.
Sending you a ~MAJOR LOVE~ ♥

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Elmira said...

You have just captured the ESSENCE of what Michael was alll about, living a life in Love and Unity, showing day by day what we, you and I and all of in the fan community, stand for. Isn't this what pulled us in to Michael in the first place ? Through the music, not only the lyrics but the melodies, our hearts were touched with a glow, a spark of hope, reigniting the belief we used to have that we really can change the world, when we all hold hands in our common purpose, living in Michael's example, the magic begins. Bless you for writing such an inspirational piece on this special day.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy and excited about today's MLP.
See you all there, MJ loving people!

Anonymous said...

Thank You or the wonderfuly writen article...so true from begining to end
I recommend all of you you to read Rhonda Byrne's book The Power, which gives you a better understanding how love works, as a power, and shows you the tool to change your life

MJEverAfter said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post! Yes we really can make a difference, we really can change the world. The power's in believing, and taking action as you said, however big or small that may be. It isn't cheesy at all, it's the true power of L.O.V.E.

Jacinta said...

I am SO sharing this link!!!

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