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Is there such a thing as real magic?

"Out of the bliss comes magic, wonderment, and creativity."

"My idea of magic doesn't have much to do with stage tricks and illusions. The whole world abounds in magic."

"Being onstage is magic. There's nothing like it. You feel the energy of everybody who's out there."

"I'm pretty simple... I love to create. I love to make magic. I love to create the unexpected."

"These men [Wright Bros, Edison, Disney, Ford] shaped and changed our culture, our customs, the way we live, the way we do things. And I think God plants those seeds through people on the earth. And I think you're one, I'm one to bring some bliss and escapism, some joy, some magic."

"We spent five days out there at Neverland with him, just talking to him. I went up the mountain out there and just the two of us talked and his question to me was, “Is there such a thing as real magic?” and “What is it?” and “How do I get it?” and “I want to know about it”. And he so was so filled with excitement about this. // This was the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful human being and I trusted my children with him obviously. // So I know for absolute certain that this is a man who could never have done anything that would be harmful to anyone. He was very much a child himself. He was as kind and decent and spiritual a human being as I ever had the pleasure of spending any time with. I dedicated one of my books to him. // This was a beautiful, beautiful human being – someone who would go down in history as one of the greatest entertainers EVER, but more than the great entertainer this was a great man... // So these kinds of accusations, these kind of things that people say – be very careful about that and knowing in your hearts, if you trust me, that my time with him and those five days with him back in 1991 solidified for me that this was a transcendent being who had not only enormous talent but a heart as big as the sky." ~ Wayne Dyer, about Michael Jackson

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