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Major Love Prayer for June 25, 2011 (please read)

♥ This is today's very special visualization ... please read just before prayer time ♥
Don't forget there's a live prayer countdown at the top of the page and special tribute posts, too.

1) 2pm L.A. time (time chart)... As we close our eyes and bow our heads, take some deep breaths and picture yourself glowing in light. Feel its warmth surrounding you. With all the love in your heart, reach out to Michael with deep gratitude for the life he shared with us. Tell him all you need to say, with love and with thankfulness. Thank him for everything... for the beautiful gifts of his love, his music, his inspiration, for the joy, the magic, the wonder, for his strength, his kindness, for all stood for and gave to the children of the world and so much more... Express it all, give him your love with as joyful an intention as your heart can bear. He can hear you. You are not alone. You are embraced in love.

2) After a few minutes, please become aware of all the others just like you across the world who are doing the same. We are all together. We reach out for each other and connect, all of us and Michael. WE ARE ONE IN LOVE. It's as if we are all held in a hug together within Michael's arms, he within all of ours, all of us together within the divine. This is pure healing, for every one of us. Ask that we all be healed now of the pain of Michael's passing, of regrets over his life, of any regrets we may have in ours related to him, of the pain of arguments or rifts within the fan community. Ask that we be strengthened with love and forgiveness for all that is to come. We are never alone. The universe is awash in light and unconditional love and those we have lost are never lost. They live within our hearts for all time and they live within that light, surrounded by love, surrounding us. "I am here with you..."

3) As a group now, operating as one glowing energy of love, let us reach out to others. Reach out with caring and comfort to Prince, Paris and Blanket, to Katherine and the family, to friends and our own families. Everyone needs healing. Everyone needs our love. Our love extends out to everyone. See our group's light expanding, expanding ... expanding as it grows across the world, encompassing everyone and everything within our embrace. WE ARE ONE PLANET, ONE IN LOVE. All are enveloped in a major, major love. See the Earth as if from space, glowing in pure love and light. You can feel this as long as you wish. When you are ready to end your prayer/meditation, thank everyone for their love and then feel the glow around you softening until it becomes a small, soft and warm energy just at the level of your perception. This gentle glow you will take with you in your heart always. Thank you and ~L~O~V~E~.

Thank you, Michael. You are so loved. Always. Forever. We are yours.

Note: If for any reason you are not comfortable with any part of this suggested visualization experience, please continue as you normally would each month. Any love you can send into the world and grow within your own heart is 100% worthwhile. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

"We are all together. We reach out for each other and connect, all of us and Michael. WE ARE ONE IN LOVE. It's as if we are all held in a hug together within Michael's arms, he within all of ours, all of us together within the divine. This is pure healing, for every one of us. " ... Thank you Michael .. for your love!! for YOUR PUREST REFLECTION OF THE DIVINE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE !!! ~~ S

CassieforMaxwell said...

The light of the world was completely lost when Michael went away. But God has given us a new way to shine. By bringing us together, one to the other, in a unified plight for peace and understanding, we each add our own magnificent glow to the universe. And as we continue to uplift each other, God gives us strength and courage to continue to shine so that the light so magnificent that was started by Michael Jackson, has an everlasting glow and continues to light the world. In this hour of sadness and reflection, God grant me those things instrumental in instituting the changes that your serveant, Michael Jackson, started on its way so many years ago. He has left us physically, but he lives forever in the hearts of those people he shone that light upon during his lifetime. With courage and dignity let us continue to walk the same path that Michael trod. He was the pied piper of compassionate humanity. God sent him here to do just what he did and he did it perfectly. Thank you God for lending him to us and allowing him to show us the way, if only for a little while. I will always strive to honor his memory. And I will love him with every beat of my heart. These things I promise in you name, Amen.

via contact form - Arlette said...

Dearest Michael, thank you just for being YOU, that was the most important.
Love you for all eternity. No more words needed, simply THANK YOU !

via contact form - Bev said...

My candle I light for you Michael in rememberence of everything good and compassionate you did for this world.
You dedicated your life to us and served with honour and perfection in every endeavour you embarked on.
What a wonderful example you have been.
It has been two sad years & we miss you so much ... but I must believe that you have now been granted by our Heavenly Father .... Eternal Love, Peace and Rest after a life well lived.
You remain treasured in my ♥ Sweet Angel.
To Team Michael .... I felt you all from around the world with our Love Prayer.
Stay strong and keep holding hands in UNITY for Michael, as that was his greatest desire.

Maria S* said...

Dearest Michael - I am forever grateful for all you gave us and still are... When I feel touched by your spirit of Love I am speechless, I just feel a tumbling joy and happiness. You inspire me of wanting to make a difference for something better, and I believe you are showing us the way, bye uniting people all over this planet in the name of LOVE.
You will stay in my heart forever!♥

To all friends in this wonderful organization, let's connect in next monthly prayer. Love you all ♥

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