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Join us TODAY, JULY 25 to send out a MAJOR LOVE

At 2pm Pacific Time today, July 25, 2011, people will be joining hearts simultaneously around the world with the conscious intent through spirit to fill our planet and everyone on it with a MAJOR LOVE!

michael jackson major loveWherever you are at that moment, if you can, please close your eyes and quiet your mind. Please take a few minutes to focus on the most loving feeling you've known, deep in your heart. Next connect your loving energy with that of the thousands of others doing the same across the globe. Together as ONE we will grow this web of love over all continents, across oceans, expanding it until all of planet glows and is permeated by the healing energy of LOVE.

We will send angels of comfort and strength to the victims and survivors of the horrific attacks in Oslo and Utoya, NORWAY (if you are in Norway, please join us at 23:00 CET). We will send extra prayers to the HORN OF AFRICA, where millions are in desperate need due to famine in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and surrounding nations. Please visualize all needed humanitarian aid (food, water, medical care, sanitation) reaching them all NOW, today. See the children smiling and being well cared for as the opposition groups put aside their fight to allow convoys of aid to safely reach those in need. We will visualize all the children of the world happy and healthy, as conflicts are ended peacefully (such as in Syria, etc) with weapons being lowered and LOVE replacing hate. We will then hold this energy, as Earth's inhabitants, forests, oceans and all life glow in the healing light of love, as we ask that it remain at all times and that we remember this feeling always. We are connected always. We are one.

To be sure we're all in sync, please see the countdown timer at the top of this page or verify the time in your location on the World Time Chart. We will again join together next month, on August 25th and every 25th to send out a major love. Thank you so much, everyone. Please help us spread the word!

Please help the millions affected by drought/famine in the Horn of Africa
UNICEF | World Food Programme | Mercy Corps | Save the Children | World Vision | Doctors Without Borders | Shelter Box | Catholic Relief Services | Oxfam America | Int'l Rescue Committee | Int'l Medical Corp

The One Rose for Michael Facebook group is raising funds for UNICEF for Michael's birthday. Your $2 donation, sent in Michael's name, pays for a child's vaccination against tetanus, measles and polio.

Heal the World for Children is again holding festivals in cities around the world for Michael's birthday (August 29). A $20 donation will also enter you into a drawing for an autograph Michael signed in 2009. Please see their FB page for details.

Michael Jackson Birthday Charity is a fan group that is organizing for everyone to donate to Orphan's Lifeline of Hope International on August 29th in honor of Michael.

A Million Trees for Michael asks you to donate via American Forests. Over 20,000 trees have been planted through them in Michael's name already! Please be sure to read the details to make sure the donation is credited appropriately.

And the group 2300 Make A Pact recently reached the deadline for donations for the Dresses from Neverland campaign, that is providing dresses to girls affected by the tornado outbreak in the US earlier this summer.

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BeGodsGlow said...

Everyone, you can share your prayer experiences on our forum (guests are welcome to post in this special thread):

JULY 25th PRAYER EXPERIENCES: http://forum.majorloveprayer.org/t187-july-25-2011-prayer-experiences

Anonymous said...

Thank you. It's all for L.Ö.V.E.

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