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Things I Learned from Michael Jackson: #7 "We are given gifts"

Michael drawn by Sue S
Things I Learned from Michael Jackson: #7
"We are given gifts"
(by Sue)

I have thought a long time about whether to submit my feelings on what Michael has taught me. There are times when one wants to hold on to those feelings tightly, especially now that he is no longer with us on this plane. I decided that perhaps my thoughts might help others. I have loved Michael since I first saw him – it was 1969 and he was 11 years old. I watched that beautiful little boy, with the big brown eyes and enormous, unprecedented talent, grow into one of the finest people the world has ever known. I celebrated all of his professional and personal triumphs, and cried and prayed at the pain and sorrow that was inflicted upon him. Throughout those ensuing 42 years, Michael has been a spiritual guide for me, and taught me invaluable lessons about life.

Michael Jackson taught me that each of us are given gifts by our creator. Gifts that we must recognize, hone and cherish, and use for others. That each of us hold the divine within us, and that each of us are worthy and worthwhile. And he continued throughout all of those years to remind me that we are a human family, that labels and names and boundaries are dividers of humanity that only serve to separate us from love and understanding. Michael Jackson taught me that strength of character is also a precious gift from our creator. That honest character and truth of character cannot be compromised by anyone or anything. Through all of the pain and sorrow, he never wavered, but stood tall and firm, with grace and dignity. I have often thought long and hard about whether I could have withstood the onslaught he was subjected to, and I come up far short. But Michael taught me to never give up trying to do what is right. It is a lesson that I lean on daily.

Michael Jackson taught me that love is the only constant in our crazy mixed up world. That we must live from the heart and love each other unconditionally. He taught me that the only way we will save our world and each other is to hold each others hands and help one another. Michael taught me that giving and extending help - in whatever way we can - is our duty and responsibility to ourselves and each other.

Michael Jackson taught me that our beautiful planet Earth is also a responsibility that each of us must assume in our daily lives. We cannot sit back and expect others to save her, it must be a daily commitment from each one of us, to whatever degree we are able.

Michael Jackson taught me that forgiveness is the ultimate act of love. That instead of lashing out with hurtful words and violence, love and understanding can touch the hearts of perceived enemies and change their perspective. Michael taught me that we all must strive to live in the light, and to shower our inner light on everyone daily. Darkness can only take hold when the light wanes.

There are so many more lessons, but not enough space to list them all. Michael was an extraordinary gift to the world. A beautiful human being who gave his entire life to show us LOVE and how to LOVE. His life is one to celebrate - an extraordinary, important life well lived. And his gifts to all of us are immeasurable. I cannot imagine the past 42 years without his guidance and loving heart. He is with me every moment of every day. ♥ ~ Sue S.

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We'd love to post your contributions to this series. If you'd like to write something, please consider thoughtfully something you've learned from or because of Michael (examples: about love or life, how to forgive, not to judge, how to follow your dreams, etc) and send your story to admin@majorloveprayer.org. Don't worry whether what you write is eloquent or simple, a full page or only a couple of paragraphs. The important thing is to just be yourself and share your insights in honor of Michael, to inspire others or just to empathize. The same lesson (like LOVE!) can certainly be written about more than once since we all have our own unique understandings. Thank you and much love! ♥

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one of Michael's millions of fans said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with MJ, Sue. It resonates with me.
I liked this sentence especially: "
Michael Jackson taught me that love is the only constant in our crazy mixed up world."


MJEverAfter said...

How wise you were to see the truth about Michael so early in his life. Isn't it amazing what a beacon he was and is. Thank you for deciding to share with us.

Monica said...

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What you write is very true. I wish I had known him better earlier in my life. Everybody should know him and then everybody would experience what you did and will do forever : "LOVE" is the answer.

tin3zenit said...

yes "Love " is the answer.
That's wath I learned from Michael!

Daz said...

wow that's awesome 42 years filled with Michael's Magic GOSH... but indeed, I feel BLESSED too with Michael in my life for 30 years now. Thanks for sharing your story, Sue and please keep spreading the message of Michael... The Message of L.O.V.E

Unknown said...

I love this. Thankyou for the post

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