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Please join us daily during the trial...

We are stronger than war,
for we are for PEACE.
We are stronger than lies,
for we are for TRUTH.
We are stronger than revenge,
for we are for JUSTICE.
We are stronger than name-calling,
for we are not bullies.
We are stronger than hate,
for we are for LOVE.
~ A Call for Love during trial
Dear MJ-family, September 25th's Major Love Prayer and visualization was so powerful and it was an honor to join you all in filling the courthouse with light! If you can, please join us and other groups between 7:30am to 8:30 am Pacific Time daily starting on Tuesday September 27th (time chart - or if this does not work, whenever your schedule permits) for a group prayer vigil, joining together all of our collective prayers and again holding the vision below of the courthouse filled with LIGHT. Please keep your thoughts focused on unity, harmony and truth and your heart centered in love and the faith that the highest good will be done. If you have not read the collective Call for Love during the Murray trial, please do so, and help spread this message where you can.

Daily 'Light of Truth Courthouse Visualization':

Note: Other special prayers will be posted when possible on our Facebook page.

1) Please begin by visualizing the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on Temple Street in Los Angeles. In your mind's eye, see the crowds of media and fans who have gathered. Imagine that you are standing there with them, for we all are in spirit. Let us all reach out and take each others' hands so that we may be united as ONE FORCE. We bow our heads in thankfulness as we acknowledge this gift of LOVE that is in our lives forevermore, within our hearts and our souls. We are so blessed to have been here in this time, to have known Michael and to be part of his global family brought together through love. Let your heart fill with gratitude and love. Feel this in the hearts of all others gathered, physically or in spirit. We may have our disagreements sometimes, but in the end there is one truth: we are UNITED FOR MICHAEL, no matter what.

2) Fill the courthouse with Light! - Now we ask that the LIGHT OF TRUTH please fill this space (..from God or other higher power, if that is within your beliefs). Visualize an intensely bright, but gentle light filling the entire courthouse building, as if a cosmic spotlight has been switched on from above. This light is the pure energy of LOVE and TRUTH. No walls can stop it, nor barriers contain it. Every room, from Judge Pastor's chambers to the courtroom to the hallways, clear down to the parking garage and throughout the surrounding courtyard and sidewalks where fans and media will gather daily is within its glow. No millimeter of space is left in the darkness of hatred, fear, vengeance or lies. All is illuminated. KNOW that this light dispells all negativity and fills this space with enduring love, truth, wisdom and the HIGHEST GOOD. This light changes everything it touches with sacred truth and goodness. KNOW that this light is so powerful that its effects will last for the entire trial, even though we may choose to enhance it with ever more love daily or weekly (as you wish). Any lie told in this space will be seen through. Any hate, deception or malice brought into this space will evaporate. This light radiates the HIGHEST GOOD and only the HIGHEST GOOD may be done in this space. And it will be done.

3) The light remains - Hold this visual and knowing as long as you can, maintaining love and gratitude within your heart, as if you're looking at this scene from a future time and know that justice has already been done. It is already the end of this year and you are as satisfied as you could be with how the trial went. Thank Michael again, and all who have been there for him, all who love him and all who continue to work for the truth. Thank you, bless you, and LOVE. (This visualization can be repeated as often as you'd like.)

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And if you are in Los Angeles on September 27th, the 'Sunflower Stand' for Justice for Michael will be taking place also at 7:30am in the courtyard in front of the building, in prayerful solidarity. To participate, just be there, ready to RISE ABOVE and represent Michael in UNITY with ONE VOICE! Sunflowers (a symbol of peace, strength and oneness) will be handed out to all who wish to be a part of this show of unity. We love you, MJ-fam!


Brenda Beazley said...

I could never hope to express my own emotions and desires so clearly as those shared here in the "Light of Truth Courthouse Visualization"....and so I am eternally grateful to MLP for giving so much so freely to guide us in our quest to secure ultimate truth and justice for Michael, his family, and all of us who love him all around the world.

Kerry Hennigan said...

My thanks and best wishes to the fans who turned up at the courthouse and maintained a peaceful and loving presence for Michael. You did us proud. I hope others learned something from your example. This is a very painful, heartbreaking process we are all enduring, we need our love and solidarity in Michael to see it through. Let's keep this visualisation going - it is very powerful.

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