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Reminder: This SUNDAY, March 25 is Major Love Prayer!

What if the WHOLE MJ FAN COMMUNITY joined together as ONE, in every nation around the world, all SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE at the exact same moment? Millions of hearts beating in unity, filling the field of consciousness throughout our planet with POSITIVE, HEALING ENERGY? What could we change? What could our collective focus, our caring and our love do? Each thought , each emotion, each action affects the subtle ocean of consciousness that is life. You may not see the ripples, but your love creates waves! And when we focus TOGETHER that wave becomes a MAJOR LOVE ... a healing light more powerful than the darkness of fear or hate. We are filling the field of life with LOVE and COMPASSION, raising heart consciousness to higher levels, to a place where we may all AWAKEN to the truth at the heart of creation: that we are LOVE. There is no reason to hate!

Will you please join us this 25th???

It's incredibly easy to participate!
Everyone is welcome, of all nations, all religions, all beliefs!
You can join from anywhere!
It's completely free!
It requires nothing of you except your LOVE and 10 minutes of your time!
It's easy to remember: Every 25th at the same time!
Just check your location on the time chart and follow the simple visualization instructions (available in 19 languages)

"There's a place in your heart and I know that it is LOVE .... Heal the world, Make it a better place, For you & for me & the entire human race, There are people dying, If you care enough for the living, Make a better place for you & for me" ~ Michael Jackson

♥ Major Love Prayer began in autumn of 2009 and has continued every single month since. Thousands participate every 25th, but there are still many who don't know. We can get the whole fan community to join, but WE NEED YOUR HELP to spread the word on forums, groups, social media and websites! If you can, please 'like' us on Facebook and Twitter and tell your friends. We would appreciate it so very much :) People can't participate if they don't know about it, and Major Love Prayer only exists if the community keeps it alive. Each of you IS the prayer. You ARE the wave. WE, together, are the LOVE ♥ Thank you so much, everyone! Much love to you! ♥ ~ The MLP Team

Michael's 'Army of Love' joined together via Major Love Prayer in November 2010 for the special video below. Lyrics and download are available here :)


♥ Please help MJ fans raise funds for the charity Children's HeartLink! Our group fundraiser is 13% of the way toward the goal of $2500 as of today. A donation of just $25 will pay for a month's medication for one child. Please give what you can to help precious children around the world ♥

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mike covan said...

What a great idea! Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great idea. Didn't miss a single prayer since January 2010. It gives me so much strength every month.I love to be a part of it.

BeGodsGlow said...

Oh, thank you so much for being here, you guys! Much love! ♥ ♥ ♥

raffaellabonini said...

ohhhhh thank you so much !

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