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Michael, thank you for everything... (June 25, 2012)

Dearest Michael ♥ Thank you so very much for all the beauty you've given the world. Thank you for sharing your talent, for the happiness, the excitement, the magic, the anticipation, the wonder, the mastery, for all that's shiny and sparkly and so splendidly bright. Thank you for the music, the words, the tunes that will never get old. Thank you for singing to us with that beautiful voice. Thank you for the emotion, the elation and all that was such a true revelation. Thank you for the dance, the dance, wow - the dance! Thank you for the energy, the beat, for the movement you channeled from God to your feet. Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the joy of life that shone in your eyes and went straight to our hearts. Thank you for your daring, your innovation, for keeping the world on its toes with cutting edge inspiration. Thank you for the dreams, the surprises, the fantasy and the hope. Thank you for the adventure and for challenging the status quo.

Thank you for your strength, your courage, for never giving up, even when it seemed the whole world was against you. Thank you for not giving in when you knew you were right, for standing and fighting for truth, without spite. Thank you for your determination and endurance, although we'd have given anything if only it hadn't been needed.

Thank you for living from the soul, for your kindness and caring, for trying to make a difference, for letting your light shine and brighten so many lives. Thank you for not being afraid to cry, to show us we could really try to be who we are inside, for making it cool to be God's glow, hold hands and heal the world. Thank you for never letting us forget the children of the world, our future, so desperately in need of love and protection. Thank you for reminding us that we are the children, that innocence will guide us in the right direction.

Thank you for always being so gorgeous inside and out that we couldn't help but chase you. Thank you for the hugs, for loving us more, for your patience with we who intensely adore. Thank you for the comfort and gentleness you radiated from within. Thank you for the gift of awakening, to each other and to the heartbeat of the planet. Thank you for all the wonderful things I've forgotten in this moment that I'll think of later and wish I'd added to this list. Thank you for all the years, even the ones in which we shed tears, for in the end it was all for LOVE. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the LOVE. Love is what matters and we understand this so. But for the world to know it... did you really have to go??? Oh God ... Michael, we miss you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥

~ by BeGodsGlow ~ Michael, I love you beyond all measure
originally posted at http://www.majorloveprayer.org/2010/06/one-year.html


faeraemae said...


Anonymous said...

So true!!!!!! every single word.

Myrna Ramos said...

Beautifull without words. Totally true in each word!
Thank you for speak my heart. Myrna Ramos

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words we have so much to thank Michael for he will always be our inspiration.

CassieforMaxwell said...

That is so beautiful and nothing but the truth. And thank you God for lending him to us if only for a while. Thank you for allowing me, the world, the honor to have lived during his lifetime to experience all the magic, all the wonder, and all the glory. He was truly God’s gift to humankind. Of that I am completely sure.

Emma said...

Truly beautiful.This echoes my feelings.So many mixed emotions today : joy,love and gratefulness,but sadness,ache and longing still.It made me shed tears,just like the first time I read it.
Thank you,dearest Michael ♥

Anonymous said...

Really true words...Beautiful words as the photo that means a lot too. I am proud of living during his lifetime and belonged almost the same generation.
Michael is in my prayers. I'll never forget him.
And...thank you Michael for everything.

Solange (Brazil)

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