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Things I Learned from Michael Jackson #13: "One Person CAN Change the World"

Things I Learned from MJ #13: 'One person CAN change the world' (by Gerri Stone)

This installment of TILFMJ features a beautiful poem with accompanying video by Gerri Stone, the author of 'Freeing the Heart'. You will be able to hear Gerri and other wonderful MJ friends expressing messages of LOVE for Michael on the blogtalkradio show 'A Place in Your Heart' with Rev. Catherine Gross this Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 1:00pm US Pacific time (4pm EDT, 9pm UK, 22:00 CET http://timeanddate.com/s/28vp). 

YouTube link: http://youtu.be/alRkMv7mIpg 

One person CAN change the world.

Never underestimate the power of love.

Believe in the impossible,
dwell in the magical.

Be kind. It is the only response that will heal
a hurt, a wrong, an abandonment.

Stand tall. Walk through life with the
grace of a dancer.

Treat your voice like the treasure it is.
Remember to sing.

If God gives you a gift, share it,
give it away, allow others to thank you
for it through their words and gestures,
imitation of how you live and move
in the world.

Persist. Practice. Play.

Forget all you think you know and
just live by the beat.

Be original.
Be courageous.
Embody generosity.

Don’t let the world define you.
Be true to who you really are.

Own the stage.
Wow the world.
Live from your heart.

Out-pray and out-love
all your enemies.

Love the world and everything
in it with all that you have
and all that you are.

Be ready to be loved back.
© 2010 Gerri Stone

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We'd love to post your contributions to this series. If you'd like to write something, please consider thoughtfully something you've learned from or because of Michael (examples: about love or life, how to forgive, not to judge, how to follow your dreams, etc) and send your story to admin@majorloveprayer.org. Don't worry whether what you write is eloquent or simple, a full page or only a couple of paragraphs. The important thing is to just be yourself and share your insights in honor of Michael, to inspire others or just to empathize. The same lesson (like LOVE!) can certainly be written about more than once since we all have our own unique understandings. Thank you and much love! ♥

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Thank you so much, lovely Gerri ♥♥♥

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Thank you Gerri<3<3<3

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