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Come Together: Healing the Child Within with "Kick the Can"!

Lovely Ones... As you probably know, MajorLovePrayer has been joining other fan groups across the world each month for the COME TOGETHER INTENTION CAMPAIGN, created by wonderful spiritually-minded friends of ours. Everyone in these groups do what we can to take a little time each day to 'intend' (i.e. pray/meditate/visualize) to change the world with a very specific focus. Each month has a new targeted focus that we work on daily. We then begin Major Love Prayer with this same focus on the 25th, as we expand our energy out to encompass the world in a major love! Last year we focused on silencing guns, feeding children in disaster zones, providing medical care and education, etc. Corresponding actions like charity donations or things you can do in your own community are encouraged!

This year, 2013, has been declared the YEAR OF THE CHILD. Our first focus, lasting for two months (January - February), is to HEAL THE CHILD WITHIN. To heal the world's children, let us first heal ourselves; free ourselves to feel, create and express our own childhood dreams and joys.

Perhaps this can help! Kick the Can! ... Michael is said to have loved a particular magical episode of the television show The Twilight Zone entitled "KICK THE CAN". He even used a sample of it in his song "The Lost Children". In honor of Michael and the Come Together Intention Campaign's focus on healing our inner child, we're encouraging everyone this month to please watch this beautiful story about keeping the magic of childhood alive in your heart ... no matter what your age! Let yourself be young! Smile! Laugh! Feel the joy! Sing like no one's listening ~ dance like no one's watching ~ and never forget how to PLAY! :) ♥ ♥ ♥

The video should begin playing smoothly after the first minute. 
Note: This is not our upload, nor are the links below!
Here are some other links found which may work for you:
US-only http://video.tvguide.com/Twilight+Zone/Kick+the+Can/17730418
US-only http://www.zimbio.com/watch/r_9GEjYfOL7/Kick+the+Can/Twilight+Zone
French  http://www.indavideo.hu/video/86_-_LA_QUATRIME_DIMENSION_-_EPISODE_86_-_THE_TWILIGHT_ZONE_-_KICK_THE_CAN_2

Thank you so much, dear MJ-fam across the world! See you each month on the 25th to send out a major love!

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