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Special Prayer/Visualization during trial - Please join us DAILY (see new schedule)

♥ Special Prayer/Visualization ~ DAILY 9amPT Mon-Sat ♥

Monday through Saturday
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

Dear #MJFam ~ We are joining together around the world today, as opening statements begin this morning in Los Angeles, to infuse some much needed LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH into the situation! Can you please join us and help spread the word? Thank you :)

As court begins every day (see schedule above), we will be visualizing the courthouse at 111 North Hill Street in L.A. and filling every single room inside with INTENSE WHITE LIGHT. This light will dissolve all negativity, fear or worry. See it leaving the entire building glowing with the light from above ~ a beautiful shimmering LIGHT that emanates pure LOVE. Within this LIGHT, only LOVE and TRUTH can be spoken, felt or heard. All things proceed with COMPASSION and the guidance of HIGHER WISDOM. All decisions made within the light will be for the highest good. We let go of our own expectations, anger, fear and pain and let ourselves KNOW that the best possible outcome for Michael's legacy will occur (given the circumstances). We ask that HIGHER GUIDANCE fills the hearts of the attorneys, the judge, the jury, all involved, including the MEDIA who are covering the trial. EVERYONE involved, no matter how remotely, is touched by this brilliant white light and is thus guided and motivated to work toward the highest good in the situation. We pray that this brightens up any dark places of greed, revenge, deception or falsehood and that it allows God/Source/Spirit to work LOVE'S MAGIC! We know this will be so and are grateful that things will work out better than we'd previously hoped for.

[Addition May 8th: In light of recent events, we feel it's drastically important to VISUALIZE MICHAEL and HIS NAME (i.e. his LEGACY, his name and reputation in this world) in this INTENSE LIGHT as well, clearing all untruths and negativity directed toward him. Please do so for some moments and then go on to the blessing of WHITE FEATHERS (see next paragraph).]

As we hold this vision of light, we now notice thousands of fluffy WHITE FEATHERS that are softly floating down from above. The feathers come to rest surrounding those we wish to PROTECT and COMFORT... like Paris, Prince and Blanket, like Michael's mother Katherine, like our global family of loving MJ fans who are in fear or pain about this trial, and also Michael's name and legacy in this world and his beautiful heart in the next. Each feather completely protects and comforts everyone it touches, like being enclosed within an angel's wings, so vividly visualize them floating to everyone you feel needs them. You can include your friends, family and anyone else you wish. Who they go to is up to you! When you are done, take another moment to reflect on the LOVE you feel and THANK everyone who has helped today and who is assisting us with their LOVE. Know that what we create in our minds becomes real in this world, and THE LOVE WE GIVE IS NEVER IN VAIN.

Thank you, lovelies! We'll continue this DAILY, Monday through Saturday, joining forces with other prayer groups online and on Twitter. (Use hashtag #PowerPrayer4MJ when tweeting :) If you simply cannot join at these times, please know that LOVE is never wasted! If possible, please do this on your own whenever possible ~ it will make a difference! :)

Major Love Prayer ~ www.majorloveprayer.org
Call for Love on FB ~  www.facebook.com/groups/callforlove/
MLP on Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/MajorLovePrayer

P.S. Some thoughts about this trial and our love ... If you remember, we did this together with many others at the start of the CM trial in 2011. Although this isn't quite the same situation, we are in similar circumstances. Many of us are already hurting from the stress of all of this... as it brings grief and pain back to the surface, not to mention recent tabloid stories and the fear of Michael's name being dragged through the mud all over again. Opinions are strong about who should prevail in the trial, or if this case should have ever been brought up at all. As a community we all worried about the effect on Michael's legacy and we are concerned about his children. While we have no direct control over the outcome of the trial or what it said therein, there are some things we can do. We can be selective about our news sources and maintain awareness that the coverage is often slanted (and consider carefully what links we share online, knowing many WILL click on them). We can educate ourselves and others with FACTS whenever the opportunity arises. And we can stick TOGETHER for support and maintain our FOCUS ON LOVE and the POSITIVE THINGS we are doing in Michael's name, for his legacy and future generations. Everything in life is an opportunity to decide on HOW we will respond, so let's do it WITH L.O.V.E., even as we walk through the fire. United we are stronger than anything that could happen. And we are ♥ UNITED FOR MICHAEL! ♥

~ Bless you and LOVE,  BeGodsGlow and the MLP team

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Midnite Boomer said...

This is difficult to read; looks like grey on black. Can someone fix, please?

Anonymous said...

Love you all...Katherine

Anonymous said...

I agree with the prayers. And ask God to bind ALL LIES, deception, evil workings, deceit, and people looking for fame or ill attention at the expense of the children. Let this be quick and to the point. That God allows the judge to keep fair order.

BeGodsGlow said...

Midnight, can you tell me which browser you're using? It's displaying fine on my computer and my mobile (black text, white background). I don't know what the problem would be, but at least one other person is also having trouble viewing it. Are all our posts looking like that for you, or just this one??? Thanks <3 ~ bgg

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this, thank you BeGodsGlow and the MLPteam, thank you all the MJ-followers who join,thank you Michael for guiding us in LOVE.

Kerry Hennigan said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God bless us all and bring this trial to a swift, painless conclusion, with the best outcome for all concerned - but especially MJ's kids and his legacy of L.O.V.E.

Midnite boomer said...

BGG...all of your pages are looking this way, and that is not usually the case. I use Mozilla; couldn't even get your page to open in IE. Is there another browser you'd recommend?

BeGodsGlow said...

Hi Midnite,

I'm very sorry, but I can't imagine what the problem is! I just checked in IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and two mobile browsers and everything loads just fine for me. Apparently many others have read this page, so it must load ok for them as well. Geeez, this is so strange. I wonder what's wrong? (P.S. Is this Diana? You can pm us on FB if so. I just want to double-check. Thanks :) ~ bgg

Aurora said...

Your posts are so well-thought-out and exquisitely phrased that I would love to HEAR them; that would be a beautiful guide for us in our meditation. Is there any way to record and publish them? If I knew how, I'd do it myself for all to hear...

BeGodsGlow said...

Oh thank you, Aurora :) That's a great idea. Something we've considered before, but just haven't done ~ Thanks for the reminder! Hopefully we'll have a video up for this by next week ... working on it :))) ~bgg

Admin said...

Debbie, Pls see Private message on your FB page.

Anonymous said...

God Bless You Major Love Prayer! As MICHAEL said "let love be your weapon to conquer any evil". So here we go!

Kerry Hennigan said...

"All decisions made within the light will be for the highest good." This is as it must be, regardless of our own expectations. I pray for an outcome for BOTH cases (this one and the WR one) for the highest good for all concerned, and especially for Michael and his legacy. I know, I am putting my own intention to it rather than as God will's it, but He also said: "Ask and it shall be given to you." So I'm asking Lord. Boy, am I ever asking. (Thank you for being here, MajorLovePrayer!)

BeGodsGlow said...

Yes, Kerry, I totally know what you mean. I see that there's a slight dilemma when it comes to asking for Michael's legacy to shine (something specific) and asking simply that the higher good be done, since in the first version we're implying we know what the higher perspective is and pushing our own agenda in a sense. But I'm with you on that... "So I'm asking, Lord ~ Boy, am I ever asking"!!!! I cannot bear the pain of letting it be otherwise. Michael is such a LIGHT in my heart and he worked so hard to change this world, put so much LOVE into all his did, and suffered so deeply for it. I cannot bear to see his legacy damaged more. He left this for the world, the generations of children to come, to inspire, to bring joy, to change hearts and thus the world. It hurts so much :'(

As for the prayer, I've considered also that we are not asking that anyone be harmed or that real truth is suppressed... only asking for greater love, out of love, with our hearts focused in love. I don't see it differently than asking for the protection and health of any loved one. In that instance we are asking for what WE want, what we think is right, although we have to admit that we cannot see the bigger picture from here. But it's something POSITIVE coming from a place of LOVE. So it's like state what you wish, while centered in love, and let it go, allowing God to work it out if it's part of the higher good.

That's always a question with prayer/magic/intention... how much of a say do we have, what can we really affect? That really bothered me some years ago. Like, if you ask and beg for a specific job and then don't get it despite your whole focus being on attaining it, what does it mean? I felt: why bother praying/etc if what's "supposed to happen" will happen anyway??? But that's where specifics come in. Maybe getting that particular job wasn't the best thing, but maybe you'd gotten NO job if I hadn't put that intention out there. Always best to add "or something better" and "for the greater good", leaving room for God to walk in. Our free will seems to function within the greater plan. We are certainly able to direct the sail by ASKING ~ ask and you shall receive! Although often it will come to you in the most unlikely way possible, lol (in my experience, anyway!). But what if you ask for nothing? Are "just" accepting the default? Or simply trusting in God with full faith without attachment? This is a very deep question with many schools of thought. Perhaps the truth is in the middle... that we are co-creators of a grand plan, perfectly directed by a Higher Power much wiser than our physical selves. We can ask with all our hearts, and when we're focused in love it shall be given... albeit in the way that best fits into the plan for EVERYONE involved... which is all of us ~ WE ARE ONE ~ ... for the highest good. So yes, have full faith in the Higher Power, that the highest good will be done, but don't just sit back and watch? Well, that's a sort of rambling summary of my current take on it. Hope that's somewhere around the truth zone. ;) In any case, as long we we're focusing on love and positivity and not prescribing negatives, I feel we're alright <3

THANK YOU, Kerry, for always being there! It means so much to all of us that we know we're not alone in this. MJ fans may not always agree, but we are united through LOVE and truly are a FAMILY. I really appreciate your support <3

Thank you and LOVE,
Debbie (BeGodsGlow)

BeGodsGlow said...

^^^ I hope that makes sense. I just *wrote* without censoring, so it's kind of rambly, lol ;) Sorry for the typos ;)

Kerry Hennigan said...

I understand and agree with you totally! Sharing the prayer and message links on FB and Twitter and hoping others will join.

BeGodsGlow said...


Please note, everyone that we have joined with another prayer group on Twitter and OUR SCHEDULE IS A BIT DIFFERENT because of this combining of forces, but it means bigger, more powerful LOVE & LIGHT! :) The schedule is the same except Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
11am PT - 2pm ET - 7pm UK - 20:00 CET

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

Thank you, everyone! Blessings and LOVE!

Jacinta said...

I will join in as best as I can - is it allowed for me to use another type of visualization if I find that more easy to use? I'm not that skilled with meditation...

Kerry Hennigan said...

The 9 am time slot (1.30 am next morning here in South Australia) is OK for me as I am often awake still watching TV/DVDs or reading a book in bed at that hour, and now I just make sure I am, and take time to prepare for the global prayer/meditation.

However, the 11 am time equates to 4 am in the morning here, and if I'm going to keep my strength up and sustain the daily prayer over the period of the trial(s) I have to be reasonable about getting a good night's sleep.

I trust you will all forgive me if I maintain the original schedule?

I know I should - and certainly WANT TO - give my all for Michael, but being in a very different time zones does create some problems.

Does the Twitter MJ prayer group have a specific meditation the use? I am curious to know, but am mostly avoiding twitter (except to share links to my account) because I don't want to keep following the trial reports - they make me far to ill and depressed. I would be interested though to know more about the group.

BeGodsGlow said...

Hi Kerry :) I know the time isn't always ideal for everyone. So sorry the M, W, Fri time won't work out, but yes, of course ... anytime we can do it we make a difference! The other prayed group is headed up mostly by twitterers @RealJustice4MJ, @MJAllForLove and @joih4. Many have been joining them since just before the trial began with the hashtag #PowerPrayer4MJ (theirs was 1pm US Central Time, i.e. 11am Pacific). I'm not aware of a specific visualization. They said they are essentially doing the same thing as us with the same goals ... highest good and truth and protection of Michael's legacy, his children, his mother. There was some confusion on the use of the hashtag (someone tweeted us asking us to use it and help trend it, but it was actually the tag being used by the other prayer group and so we were tweeting that tag unawares with the 9am time, they were tweeting it with the other time, aghh!...) ...long story short we therefore talked and agreed that the most wonderful thing is UNITY, that if we can get the whole fan community to join as ONE we could all be a uniting force of prayerful LIGHT together! Beautiful, and just what we're all about! :)) Since they had many doing 11am PT and we had many doing 9am PT, we compromised and combined it all into the alternate day schedule to hopefully fit at least some days with the most people.

I hope that helps answer some questions. If you can join the big wave 3 days per week and be the first water on the beach ahead of it the other days, ... wonderful! Thank you so much for your commitment and love for Michael and his message! We are ONE <3

Love to all of you Soldiers of Love and Truth,
~ bgg, for the MLP team

Kerry Hennigan said...

Thanks for the explanation bbg - and am happy to be 'the first water on the beach' on the days when it would mean waking at 4 am to synchronise and, in my case, risk not getting any more sleep before having to get up and go to work! :( . I think the idea of ONENESS and UNITY amongst the fans is wonderful, and yes indeed, it is what we are all about, and, being Michael fans, what we SHOULD be all about. Sometimes it takes times like these for (some) people to realise what their priorities should be. I guess this is just another reminder that all things - including the 'bad' ones, happen for a reason, out of which great good can come. We just can't see it when we're in the middle of it. Hence the importance of FAITH. (I just wish some individuals on this planet didn't make it so difficult for us at times... but that's the test, isn't it? Just how much do we love Michael, and just how strong is our faith in the cause of the Light?)

BeGodsGlow said...


Lovelies~ From tomorrow on *‪#‎PowerPrayer4MJ‬* will leave behind the confusing split time schedule and will happen at the SAME TIME ~ 9:00am Pacific Time ~ Monday thru Saturday! (Time Chart: http://timeanddate.com/s/2ec9) This time was preferred by the majority of those who regularly join the daily prayer, and is the original time we began with back in April. We will continue filling the courthouse with LOVE and LIGHT every morning at 9amPT before testimony begins for the remainder of the trial, and calling the same divine healing energy for TRUTH in the media and for the protection of Michael's legacy, children and mother. We hope you can join us here and/or Twitter daily, whenever your schedule allows. Thank you SO much, much love, and have a good weekend! ♥♥♥ ~ the MLP & PP4MJ teams

We will update info on website, etc as soon as we can.


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