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This SATURDAY is May 25th! We're Sending Out a Major Love in honor of Michael Jackson! Pls help spread the word!

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This SATURDAY is May 25th! #MajorLove4MJ •♥• WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE all across the world at the same moment in honor of Michael! At 2pm PT - 5pm ET - 10pm UK - 23:00 CET (time chart). This will be the 45th monthly MLP since 2009, united as ONE in all nations, for one purpose: LOVE! And this month is SO IMPORTANT, dear friends! Please help us spread the word! May's special MLP has 5 easy steps!

♥♥♥ADDENDUM!... May 25th is also *National Missing Children's Day* ~ Let us begin with a sincere prayer with all our hearts that all LOST CHILDREN around the world are safely found and brought home in joy and health to loving parents' arms!

•♥• Step 1: We are beginning this month's prayer/meditation with our daily "#PowerPrayer4MJ" visualization ~ We are meeting (holding hands in spirit) at the courthouse in Los Angeles. Feel free to call upon any Higher Powers you wish to join us! As you do, see in your mind's eye that a tremendous, iridescent LIGHT grows brighter and brighter shining from above through all the walls of the courthouse, filling every room and touching all hearts that enter the building with the desire for Truth, Compassion and the Highest Good! This building is not only the location of the AEG trial, but we've been told it's likely also where the MJ estate's probate and civil proceedings are held, so this also applies to next month's Wade Robson hearings. Let's shine that LIGHT so brightly that any greed, deception or darkness stands no chance against the power of this LOVE!!!! Visualize this and KNOW it as clearly as you can. Put your heart into this, focused in LOVE and in POSITIVE energy. Don't try to control or define the outcome, for we cannot see the whole picture ~ just let the LIGHT clear the darkness so MIRACLES can joyfully be!

•♥• Step 2: Now visualize MICHAEL ~ and see his IMAGE and his NAME in big capital letters (i.e. representing his LEGACY in this world) ~ See his name shining in intense, brilliant, beautiful LIGHT! He and all his work, all his love, is protected, shining, inspiring, filling the world with LOVE for generations to come! Completely PROTECTED!

•♥• Step 3: Now it is time to EXPAND this emotion into a very MAJOR LOVE for the whole planet and EVERYONE in it! Let us HEAL THE WORLD in Michael's honor, with LOVE. See the light growing ~ feel it ~ think of how much you LOVE your family, friends, Michael, Higher Power ~ FEEL THIS LOVE ~ And it expands, glowing energy that spreads between us like a grid across the planet, covering the whole Earth, filling it with LOVE. All are touched, all are HEALED! We ARE a MAJOR LOVE! It is us ~ we are ONE in LOVE! See the planet in your mind, the whole world GLOWING in LIGHT & LOVE! Hold this feeling and this image as long as you can ~ ` `

•♥• Step 4: And finally, like in our daily prayer, see now thousands of fluffy, white ANGEL FEATHERS floating from the clouds down to Earth. These feathers are complete PROTECTION. They provide a shield of love, peace and strength to all who are surrounded by them. Direct them now to our loved ones... to anyone and everyone you wish... to Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine, friends, family... everyone.

•♥• Step 5: And THANK your fellow pray-ers who have joined you from every time zone in the world to make this a reality! Together we can call upon a LOVE that is the weapon to overcome any evil ~ We can call a LIGHT that conquers any darkness ~ And we can know that TRUTH will win in the end! Thank you sooooo much, dear ones! LET'S SHINE!!!! :))) http://www.majorloveprayer.org/

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Kerry Hennigan said...

This reads as a very powerful meditation. I will be there - 6.30 am on 26th Adelaide time, and every night for the daily prayer. <3

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you & love

BeGodsGlow said...

This was so very beautiful, dear ones! Thank you so much for being there ♥

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