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June 25th Major Love Prayer! ~ Simultaneous Global LOVE in Honor of Michael Jackson @ 2pm PT

On ✦June 25, 2013✦ we'll be sending out a MAJOR LOVE all around the world in honor, memory and with the deepest respect and gratitude for Michael Jackson. Friends will be joining you and us across the world ~ from Holly Terrace at Forest Lawn, from the gates of  Neverland, from monuments and statues in Michael's honor, MJ tribute events, special locations in every country and of course in our own homes. Anywhere we bow our heads in the name of LOVE, we are ONE in that LOVE, across distances, oceans, time and space. There are no barriers to a LOVE this major!

There is no specific religion or belief system you must have to join in this, for WE ARE THE WORLD! MJ fans are in every nation, of every spiritual practice, of every age, race, creed, color and ethnic background. We speak every language and cross all socio-economic borders. We are EVERYONE, and this should be ALL OF US ~ UNITED.

Wherever you are on June 25th at 2pm L.A. time please stop for a few minutes to join hearts and hands with your fellow "#mjfam" across the world. (2pm PT - 5pm ET - 10pm London - 23:00 CET - 0:00 Bucharest - 01:00 Moscow - 05:00 Hong Kong - 07:00 Sydney - see http://timeanddate.com/s/2c4n) Let us say a prayer of THANKS in our own way for Michael and ask that his LEGACY and his CHILDREN Prince, Paris and Blanket are protected, cherished and loved with truth and dignity. Hold this feeling and this prayer in deep peace in your soul. Next, WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE!... Let the feeling of LOVE grow within, as we focus in deep gratitude. The LOVE grows bigger, bigger, filling our hearts with bliss. Then we visualize it expanding... growing ... spreading out across the entire planet... from one of us to the next and filling all spaces in between with a glowing light energy of HEALING LOVE! See it, feel it, honor it. Let us ask that the WORLD... everyone and everything... be HEALED in honor of LOVE and of our shared mission with Michael. We send this MAJOR LOVE and our GRATITUDE to every continent! The Earth is glowing in the beautiful, positive energy of LOVE. See it in your mind's eye. May it reach the heart of every man, woman and child and invite them in a whisper from within to BE GOD'S GLOW in peace, harmony and joy. Nation to nation, as ONE, we know it shall be. It manifests NOW. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

We LOVE you so much, Michael. Forever. Thank you. You're always in our hearts. We promise. ♥

We will be posting more about this in the days to come and some of your beautiful poems and tributes to Michael on the 25th. We ask that you please share this message, friends! Thank you so much for always being there! ~ the MLP Team

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Kerry Hennigan said...

This will be a first for me... being at Neverland on 25th June. I'm sure I will meet other fans there.

Anonymous said...

I wish i could go anywhere he lived or where he is now. But Michael was here in Belgium and i never forget that. I am a fan for 31 years and i Always stay a fan. Keep dancing in Heaven MJ!

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