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Child of innocence, messenger of joy...

♡ This September 3rd, we pray that Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine and our 'MJfamily' worldwide are embraced with love, comfort & healing... and that Michael's kind and glorious heart shines forever bright, forever joyous, through us and through eternity... where we shall all be together again. Amen. ♡ We love you, Michael. So very much.

Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days 
We joyously frolicked in extended plays
Ever since you've left the scene
the streets are lonely, dark, & mean

Child of innocence, return to me now
With your simple smile show them how
This world once again can respond to your glance
And heartbeats flutter to the rhythm of your dance

Child of innocence, your elegance, your beauty
Beckons me now beyond the call of duty
Come fly with me far & above
Over the mountains in the land of love

Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You've touched my heart without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change the world is my deepest desire

['Child of Innocence' by Michael Jackson]

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Kerry Hennigan said...

Thank you for highlighting this beautiful poem of Michael's. I really believe that his stories and poems as presented in the beautiful book 'Dancing the Dream' have been so over-looked by the mainstream public, media and entertainment industry. They tell us a lot about him, his loves, his fears, his beliefs, and his beautiful soul. Thank you for highlighting 'Child of Innocence'. Hugs and Prayers - from Kerry (and little 'MJ'0

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for posting this in preparation for the upcoming prayer on September 25th! This is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Again the world is besieged with violence and the threat of violence. And while we are at it, I finally want to share again about Max. I just can't get this out of my mind. How the police shot down a Rottweiler, and I know that is a dangerous dog, but could there not have been a better way? I feel so bad for animals that are the victims of human issues. All of this comes to mind as we prepare for prayer on the 25th. I realize this is a global affair, so we are focusing on energy and the positive, healing powers. It is just that we do have a very troubled world and only God can heal it. The prayers are a powerful reminder that we are "all part of God's great big family..." (ref. We are the World). Let's head into this with the awareness of the world's needs and the suffering of the children, the helpless, the elderly, and the poor, as well as the animals and the environment.

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