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Special June 13th 'Vindication Day' Meditation/Prayer #ComeTogether4MJ ~ Noon PT / 3pm ET / 8pm London

We hope you can take a couple of minutes to read this whole post. If you really cannot, here's the REAL QUICK VERSION ;) .... Imagine Michael's name in giant golden letters like the Hollywood sign. Examine each letter and clean off any gunk/negativity with a cloth made of LOVE. Image his name in all forms around the world clean and glowing in light. Ask for protection of his name, his legacy and all things that are his. Extend this love and protection to Prince, Paris and Blanket. Thank you & much LOVE♥

JUNE 13th @ noon PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK / 21:00 CET
timeanddate.com/s/2puv (Or any time you can today!)

Each year on June 13th we have joined together around the world in a special meditation/prayer/visualization for the protection of Michael Jackson's legacy and children. On this ninth anniversary of 14 NOT GUILTY verdicts in a trial that never should have happened, we ask you to join with us as we seek in UNITY to transmute remaining negative energy in the collective consciousness (false perceptions, hatred, lies and injustice) into TRUTH, LOVE and POSITIVITY, and surround Michael's name, image and art (as well as his dear children) with a PROTECTIVE SHIELD of LOVE. We do this with gratitude and faith in a beautiful future, where Michael's legacy will shine ever brighter, inspiring and healing the world. Thank you! ♥

1) Relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply...

2) In your mind picture the name M-I-C-H-A-E-L  J-A-C-K-S-O-N in HUGE golden letters (like the Hollywood sign) standing upon a beautiful hilltop.
This serves as a symbol/representation of his LEGACY in this world. His NAME is attached to everything he left here, from his music to his image, every recording of his voice or person, his artistry, his dreams, his words, his love, his humanitarianism, his aspirations. And it is connected to every word written about him, from books and magazines to the internet. His name is on the tongues and minds of those who speak of him, and in the hearts of people across the world when they feel for him. See his name in your mind's eye if you can, standing tall.

3) Next, imagine (just let yourself daydream like a child :)) that you are walking around this gigantic MICHAEL JACKSON sign. Examine each letter as you go, starting with "M". His name should be golden, sparkling, shining. If you find anything negative "stuck" to his name (maybe something you heard or read, something that was said), simply wipe it away with the soft cloth in your hand. YOU have the power. The cloth is infused with LOVE, and any graffiti that you find will come off with a quick scrub and a smile! Just go from one letter to the next and gently buff and polish them with LOVE until they shine even brighter. Take as much time as you need. Know that as you do, it is happening for real in the realm of thought, where reality is first created. You are helping create a more beautiful future! These tiny acts of LOVE are helping to CLEAR MICHAEL'S NAME OF ANY NEGATIVITY in our collective consciousness.

If you believe in God or a Higher Power, ask that this is please so, and always will be, in accordance with the Divine Plan. Ask with your heart that Michael's legacy will shine untarnished and beautifully, TODAY and for all future generataions. It shall be, and this fills your heart with GRATITUDE! Feel the JOY and THANKFULNESS! Everything is going to be alright!

4) As the giant "Michael Jackson" letters shine brighter, you begin to see that EVERY instance of his name... from his album covers to articles about him, from the title of a youtube video to a court document... EVERY instance of his name EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD in ANY FORMAT now SHINES with brilliant white/golden light! His name just lifts off the page and rises above, surrounded in the WHITE LIGHT OF PROTECTION. This protection surrounds ALL things that are his. We ask Divine Source that Michael's name, image, art, memory and legacy are FULLY PROTECTED from harm. May Michael Jackson be forever untouched by lies, corruption or greed, and may his legacy stand strong in truth forever. We let our hearts join in this protective light... let our LOVE and DEDICATION be one with his legacy, to keep it strong.

5) And now, please say a prayer in your own way that this same joy, strength and protection surrounds Prince, Paris and Blanket at all times. We ask that they are FULLY PROTECTED in accordance with their life plans. May they hold together as a family with their daddy's LOVE. May they find true happiness and the faith and support to follow their own dreams. May they grow with wisdom and LOVE all the days of their lives, knowing that they are NEVER ALONE. Hold this request and knowing in your heart for some moments, extending your good wishes to Michael's children. May this lift them up when they are down, and give them strength. Thank you / Namaste / Amen. ♥

Also, we send our gratitude to Tom Mesereau, Susan Yu and everyone around the world who supported Michael through thick and thin. Bless you! Thank you, Lovelies! May you also be healthy, happy and LOVED and allow LOVE to change your heart and the world. Many blessings & gratitude! ♥ Michael, we are always yours. And although we are missing you dearly, we thank you with all our hearts that you were here. We are honored and humbled to have loved you. And we will love you and stand by your side for always. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Reminder: Major Love Prayer is this June 25th at 2pm PT ~ Sending out a MAJOR LOVE from Forest Lawn and all across the world at the same moment, as ONE ♥ www.majorloveprayer.org

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Kerry Hennigan said...

I'm sorry, I missed the synchronized prayer time by a few hours because I've only just seen the email notice. However, I believe it's never too late, too soon or too often to give thanks for Michael's vindication and send out positive vibes to reinforce his innocence so that some day SOON, everyone will know it!

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