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Global 'Birthday Prayer' in Michael's honor ~ Fri Aug 29 #MJBdayPrayer #HonorMJbday

♥ Global #MJBdayPrayer ~ Friday, August 29 ♥
@ 2pmPT / 4pmCT (Gary, IN) / 5pmET / 10:00 UK
23:00 CET / see http://timeanddate.com/s/2qpp

In celebration of Michael Jackson's birthday this Friday, we will be joining with other fan groups here and on Twitter in a very special GLOBAL PRAYER/MEDITATION! We will honor Michael in JOYFUL GRATITUDE by uniting hearts across the planet at the same moment in every nation to fill the world with LOVE and PEACE in support of ALL THE WORLD'S CHILDREN. ♥

First, let us take some moments to calm our minds and breathe deeply, focusing our hearts in JOY and GRATITUDE for and to Michael! Let us then reach out with our hearts and 'hold hands' in spirit all across the world! Next, envision our planet glowing in beautiful light, as we send our deepest WISHES of LOVE and PEACE to every continent, from conflict zones to peaceful villages, through oceans and forests, through every molecule of air and earth, and to every human heart! Let us picture in our minds all the CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, of every race, color, religion, nationality and creed. See them SMILING and completely CARED FOR, loved, fed, healthy, educated and happy, growing up with all the hope and support in the world, inspired to go for their dreams! We ask with all our hearts that this is so.... right NOW! May we join together to HEAL THE WORLD and create a BRIGHTER, PEACEFUL tomorrow ... for EVERYONE! ♥

May we all be guided by compassion and respect as we honor Michael's legacy in truth, unity and love. And may Prince, Paris and Blanket feel his presence with them always, and may they be granted all the strength, wisdom and courage they need to follow their own dreams. Dear Michael, THANK YOU for being here, and thank you for being you! You're wonderful, beautiful, incredible... we love you so, from the bottom of our hearts, forever ~ Happy Birthday! ♥♥♥

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