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Light, Truth and Protection Meditation for Michael's Legacy 💜


Dear Ones... This is a special daily prayer/visualization/intention for the protection and upholding of Michael's name and legacy. It can be done whenever you like, as it fits into your schedule. You can add it to the daily "Change the World Initiative" if you are participating in that, too. May we all hold Michael in our hearts together always, and may the world as well 💙

1) First, fill up with LOVE. Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus your heart in LOVE as much as you can - breathing it, feeling it, allowing your energy to become one with PURE LOVE. Don't focus on worry, fear or anger. Try to let that go for now. Just be full of love - for Michael, your loved ones, a Higher Power. Invite LOVE, compassion, giving and truth into your heart.

2) Next, visualize Michael's NAME. Think of the letters, the spelling, the sound of the name MICHAEL JACKSON. When written, spoken or thought, a person's NAME evokes an entire world of related images, sounds, emotions, memories and ideas. In this world, in the realm of the public, the name is intricately bound to REPUTATION. It is LEGACY. Behind the name MICHAEL JACKSON is the real person, the private man and the public celebrity - and his name conjures up all that the world sees, hears, feels and thinks about him. For us it's much more personal, as we know much more and love him dearly, but everyone knows (or thinks they know) something about MJ. And right now, all of that - his name, reputation, memory and legacy (and thus his heart and all he is/was) are under attack. And we need the public to SEE THE TRUTH. We need them to see through the lies, past the false narratives and beyond the deception.

Therefore, with all the LOVE in our hearts and the highest of intentions...

WE NOW CALL FOR A BRILLIANT, UNWAVERING LIGHT FROM ABOVE (Higher Power/God/Christ Consciousness/Etc) to shine brightly with him, through his name, through his voice, through his music, his words, his image. Everything of Michael's carries this light, amplified so that he cannot be misread! VISUALIZE the name MICHAEL JACKSON in giant block letters made of LIGHT that emanates from within. This LIGHT OF TRUTH will now outshine all slander. The LIGHT OF TRUTH will now clear away all lies. Nothing negative can stick to his name or his legacy. It literally falls away. HE IS PROTECTED. HIS NAME SHINES BRIGHTLY WITH LOVE, PEACE, HOPE and INNOCENCE from this day forward. HE IS PROTECTED now and always, with respect and dignity. His name shines beautifully across time and space, continuing to inspire and delight, encouraging humanity to reach for our dreams and HEAL OUR PLANET. The real Michael prevails. ((💛))

May the highest good be done.
With gratitude and love, Amen. 🙏💜

#MajorLovePrayer every 25th 
Website: www.majorloveprayer.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/majorloveprayer
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Kerry Hennigan said...

Joining in... with L.O.V.E.

Unknown said...

Amen.whoever wrote this prayer - deep bow to you!

Unknown said...


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