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Chile Earthquake Prayer and How To Help

Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims of the unimaginably powerful 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile and the surrounding area on Saturday. Many of us joined together on Twitter today to pray for them and also those impacted by the tsunami waves across the Pacific. (We apologize for not getting a message here in time to alert everyone!)

PLEASE JOIN US SUNDAY *and continuing, so join us any day this week AT THE USUAL TIME FOR A WORLDWIDE GROUP PRAYER/MEDITATION to send help, compassion and comfort to all those affected by this tragedy. The time is February 28th at 7pm (19:00) in Santiago and Concepción. In the US 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern and in Europe 22:00 UK/ 23:00 CET. (Time in other locations)

In addition to our love and well wishes, we can help in other important ways. Google has introduced a special page (Google: Support Disaster Relief in Chile) on which you can quickly donate needed funds to Unicef and Direct Relief International and connect with missing loved ones in the quake-hit area. CNN also has a wonderful list of legitimate charities acceptiong donations and other ways in which you can help at CNN Impact Your World. Let us impact our world by never forgetting to spread L.O.V.E. Thanks, everyone.

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BeGodsGlow said...
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ivajackson said...

Ho bisogno della tua voce per riempire i miei silenzi. Ho bisogno dei tuoi occhi per guardare la vita. Ho bisogno di te per sentire l'emozione dell'amore!! Ho bisogno di te per guarire il mondo !!! I miss you !!!!!

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