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How to feel the ~ L.O.V.E.~

~After the prayer you can share your experiences & discuss MLP with others on the Major Love Prayer Forum~

Welcome to Major Love Prayer! As we prepare to heal the world with LOVE, we'd like to offer a couple of pointers for making the experience more powerful and effective. The suggestions below are meant to enhance the Guide to Monthly Prayer visualization. As always, just know that any loving and healing thought, emotion or energy you are able to send is helpful, so if you find you are only able to pray or focus for a minute, please just do so and know you are making a difference. Every little bit counts! ♥

Startin' Somethin' - If possible, we've found it really helps to start a couple of minutes before the prayer time. Take some deep breaths and calm your thoughts. Just relax. If you follow a particular religious or meditative practice, now is the perfect time to say a personal prayer to God and/or call in angels or guides to assist and protect as we spread love to the world.

Loving each other wholeheartedly - The more love we can each feel, the more we have to give to the world in unity. As the prayer begins, the instructions have asked you to focus on love, on the feeling of giving and receiving love. A wonderful way to do this is simply to think about WHO you love. Who do you love in a deep, joyful and unconditional way? Who do you wish all the best for and want only happiness to surround? Who fills your heart full? Who do feel compassion for? There's no right or wrong here, for it's all love. Just feel it. Is it a religious figure or a deep sense of the divine you can feel down in your soul? A feeling of connection with nature? Could it be your children? Your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? A best friend or dear pet? Could it be our beautiful inspiration for this prayer, Michael Jackson? Maybe it's a combination of many people, like your family or a closeknit group of likeminded people. Who do you love deep inside so much that you can't imagine you could love them more? Just feel it right now, without judgement. Let the love flow through you, in whichever way it does and for whomever it does.

Once you are in the feeling of this love it is time to expand it past the personal and to the global. There are other people all over the planet who are feeling this right now, who are doing the same thing at this moment. We're all here for the same reason, with the same intention. We want to heal the world with you, to make a little space, to make a better place. We want peace. We care about this planet too. We are willing to set aside our differences, our fights and disappointments. We feel it inside. Can you feel it? Let us reach out to each other. Hold my hand. You are not alone.
Together we can make it happen. If we all cry with joy at the same time tonight we can change the world. With focus and a desire for harmony we can affect global consciousness. We can awaken hearts to the inner truth that we are all ONE... one people, one planet, one global heartbeat, united and whole. See how our little glowing dots of energy on the globe have connected and how Earth is now bathed in love. Know that everything and everyone is ONE and healed.

Together we'll cry happy tears (post-prayer) - After we've expanded the love and held it for as many minutes as you feel comfortable (5 to 10 minutes is a good target if you can fit that into your schedule), please remember the last part of the instructions, to thank everyone in your heart and wish all your fellow participants health and happiness. We've been doing Major Love Prayers since autumn of 2009 and have heard many experiences. Sometimes it can be intensely cathartic with tears. Sometimes it's purely joyous and even euphoric. Sometimes it can be very emotional as we are also remembering Michael on the 25th. It could even be that you feel next to nothing. There can be many reasons for this, such as mood, environment, etc. Don't let it bother you. It is what it is, and there's always next month! If you feel jittery or spacey afterwards, please take a moment to 'ground' yourself. Place your feet on the ground and really feel the floor under your feet. Shake your hands toward the floor ("shake your body down to the ground" ;), like you're shaking excess energy off. You can also visualize vines or cords connecting you to the Earth that allow excess jittery energy to drain off for a minute. Then take a deep breath and feel that breath all the way to your diaphragm. You are centered in your body and ready to go about your day.

Bless you and thank you so much for helping to change the world and continue Michael Jackson's legacy of L.O.V.E. ♥

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BeGodsGlow said...

Another way of thinking about this is the Patronus Charm in 'Harry Potter' (which many of you have no doubt read or seen on screen). In the stories you must find the key feeling or memory of happiness or joy deep inside you that is so strong and so positive it will repel the despair of the Dementors. Not that what we're doing is fantasy; no, this is very real, but perhaps that idea will resonate with some of you ;) Or like finding your HAPPY THOUGHT -- that's the LOVE we're sending to the world <3

humannature said...

Beautiful and perfect specification!
You can feel the L.O.V.E.! just by reading it - words are so powerful! And so are we when we feel our true LOVE inside, giving free space to it for expanding ... Again we are united as one. Let us keep growing together in LOVE ... more and more ... until there is only ... L.O.V.E.!
Thank you so much!
... from the bottom of my heart.

Robin said...

I can already feel the love, because I know many people are waiting for the Love Prayer time. This is such a good way to remember Michael and at the same time heal the world, heal people, this really really helps for me a lot, even though I know I'm going to be so intensely emotional and I will be crying a lot, but crying isn't always a bad thing. Crying will help to process your emotions. Whoever thought of this idea, thanks so much, I seriously don't think I could've handled this without this monthly global love spreading.

Good luck tonight, I'll be there.

one of Michael's millions of fans said...

"I can already feel the love, because I know many people are waiting for the Love Prayer time." (Robin, the poster above me)

That's exactly how I feel today! :-)

I felt and feel the excitement and the preparedness everywhere.

We are just waiting for the moment where we can fully open our hearts and pour love all over the world like MJ did in Can You Feel It.

I love you, MJ.

wednesday55 said...

I'm here. And I'm so grateful for all of you.

romfiren said...

I'm here...

Anonymous said...

My goodness look at our numbers growing!.......

MiMi said...

I'm here, and I L.O.V.E. you all.

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