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ONE IN LOVE: Michael and His Fans

Originally published May 12, 2010
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One in Love: Michael and His Fans
- (c) 2010 by BeGodsGlow / www.majorloveprayer.org / May 12, 2010

Something that has always puzzled the media and others, but which fans completely understand, is just why those of us who love Michael Jackson have remained steadfastly loyal to him throughout it all, over all the years of ups and downs, and even now we will defend his legacy through thick and thin. The short answer is just one word: LOVE. The long answer would probably fill the Library of Congress a few times over. Of course, love doesn't require an explanation to anyone, but for the sake of celebrating it and hopefully awakening others to it, I'd like to give the world a tiny slice of my insight into the beautiful relationship between Michael and his fans.

First, the word "fan" (coming from "fanatic", for you non-English speakers) never seemed like the right word to me. If you really like a sports team, a television series or the newest trend, you say you're a big fan of it. The word often carries with it a sense of the frivolous, sort of a roll-your-eyes patronization. Dictionary.com defines a fan as "an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer". Enthusiastic is definitely a word I'd use to describe MJ fans! But if you ask us how we truly feel about Michael we'll tell you immediately that it goes much, much deeper than that. We can explain to you that we're not celebrity-chasing simpletons bedazzled by rhinestone socks ("Oooo, sparkly man!") or swept up in a momentary hysteria of paparazzi and the crush of the crowd. And we aren't just dedicated to Michael for his music, his moves, his art or performance. (Although we'll certainly point those things out. He's a groundbreaker, a trendsetter, a unique, beautiful one-of-a-kind, record-holding phenomenon, channeling cosmic creative energy through stunning talent, perfected through a lifetime of hard work and discipline. Michael is amazing. And when you experience something amazing you want to share the joy, hence our occasional near-proselytizing ;)

Behind all of this awe and excitement, though, those of us who love him found someone even more amazing... someone everyone could have found if only they'd looked a tad harder to see through the tabloid headlines and the "shocking, startling, disturbing!" plugs for 'news' segments. If you're still believing that garbage, I can only implore you to read between the lines and seek out facts, not sensationalism shamelessly concocted for profit. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but LOVE trumps them both and Michael's millions of fans are hard proof of this.

The person, the amazing human being behind the talent, was a caring man, a wonderful father and a humanitarian whose heart bled for the children of the world. He was a man who, despite being repeatedly attacked, belittled and subverted, was able to retain a childlike innocence and kindness about him that most adults aren't even clever enough to envy. Even after suffering through the unwarranted 2005 trial and the lead-up to it, with month after agonizing month under threat of what would amount to death if disbelieved, of being accused of hurting those he cherished most (imagine that pain, if you dare), he was still able four years later to speak of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to continue the mission of healing the world and spreading kindness with "L-O-V-E".

Did you know that while on concert tours, even when he was already donating all his profits directly to charity (see Victory Tour and Dangerous Tour for examples of this unparalleled generosity), he visited orphanages and children's hospitals everywhere he went? Most of these visits went unnoticed by media outlets and he wasn't asking for publicity. Kenny Ortega told the following story (video on left): "I was with Michael in Eastern Europe and we got off a plane and he said, 'Do you want to go to the hotel or come to the orphanage with me?'" Kenny chose to go with Michael directly to the orphanage. Once they arrived they found the conditions were quite grim and he observed Michael whispering to a couple of people. Later Kenny learned what Michael had whispered - "This orphanage will be turned around. There will be new beds in here, there will be clean sheets in here, there will be more people in here taking care of these children by tomorrow or I'm not going to go on stage." The situation was turned around in 24 hours. This was how Michael lived and what he stood for. And he visited places like this everywhere he went. How many of us would truly take the time and make the effort to do the same? I mean for real, not because it was just pointed out to you.

Neverland is another case in point. Time and again we have seen programs showcasing the "eccentricity" or "extravagance" of the place, with its Disney-like themes, sculptures and artwork, movie theater, train and amusement park. Now question how often we are reminded about the constant stream of sick kids, underprivileged children and those who were near to their last breath who were entertained and given moments (sometimes stretching into months) of joyous sanctuary at Neverland. Fans were sometimes welcomed onto the grounds to ride the rides and have some ice cream as well! And these things happened whether or not Michael was there. Neverland wasn't only for his own amusement and it wasn't just his attempt to make up for a smidgen of his missed childhood - it was also a gift to the inner child of the world. It was a place for healing and delight, created by a genius of innocence. Thank you so much, Michael. You're Peter Pan in our hearts too.

And now, back to those fans, of which I have been one for over 26 years. Michael's love was not reserved only for the lucky few who were closest to him, but was freely given to the huge crowds who attended his concerts and who gathered in loving frenzy wherever he appeared. (For better at times and for worse at others, one can't very well be the King of Pop without a whole kingdom of followers, right?) What may seem from the outside like a one-way fantasy affair, the relationship between Michael and his fans was anything but. Despite the stresses and pressures of fame, Michael dealt with those who loved him with a calm grace that can only be described as angelic. He would be present in the moment with us, would hug, blow kisses, he would reach out his hand... at least as much as he could, given safety concerns. He frequently expressed admiration for posters and artwork made for him and would thankfully accept these and other gifts from fans. He was patient with autograph seekers and gracious with the hysterical and crying (you know who you are ;) who only wanted that one sublime moment of contact, that one blessed chance to tell him "I love you" in person, and be heard. And isn't that what love wants most... to be expressed, to be given? And hopefully welcomed? Michael must have understood this, for he gave it, accepted it and validated it. "It's all for love."

And after the television crews went home and the crowds thinned, another side of this partnership could be experienced. Groups of admirers would camp outside hotels, waiting for any glimpse of Michael and for one more chance to declare their love. He frequently rewarded them with waves and smiles from his hotel window or balcony. Sometimes his personal videographer would film messages for him from people in the crowd. When it was cold Michael would send down blankets via security personnel. When they'd been waiting outside for hours, singing him songs or cheering him on, he would order a big stack of pizzas just for them. If they stubbornly stayed throughout the night he was known to send down pillows. He would play what fans call "window games" with them, like playful sessions of peek-a-boo behind the curtains in response to their calls. When they held up elaborate signs and posters they'd made for Michael, he would send someone down to pick the items up. If his room was close enough to the ground floor, he'd been known to talk with the remaining fans on occasion late at night. And a great many of them over the years were invited up to hotel rooms to meet with Michael personally.

When fans would hang out in front of Neverland's gates it wasn't so unusual to be given food, drinks, treats and sometimes a welcome to come in for some hours to enjoy the rides. In 1999 Michael personally met and spoke with a whole group of very lucky fans for an entire hour outside a friend's home in London. He also personally attended parties and events organized by fans, such as his 45th Birthday Party and the Killer Thriller Party. And he always showed great concern for individuals in potentially dangerous situations, always watching out for everyone, not wanting anyone to fall and get hurt or be injured by one of the vehicles. There are so many stories and videos demonstrating these moments. One I'd like to share is found in the book "It's All About LOVE". In 2002, a woman named Marjorie, who was receiving chemotherapy treatments at the time, was waiting in Pasadena for the American Bandstand 50th Anniversary taping. The gathering of fans was fortunate to be very close to Michael for some moments. He accepted the artwork Marjorie had made for him and then, to her surprise he reached out and pulled her into a tight hug and whispered, "You should have stayed home. You look very sick." This is but one example of the caring gestures so many received. How many celebrities would notice, and care and hold her in their arms without even receiving any word about her condition? But then he had seen enough sick and dying children in his life to know what someone in the midst of chemo looks like. And he cared.

Another not widely known show of affection from Michael to his fans was the written word. Besides the many personal notes and autographs that exist out there in the world, there are many that were simply written to us, his fans at large. He would often write little love letters on papers, on pillows or whatever was around at the time. Sometimes given away by security, sometimes dropped from hotel windows or handed out of car doors, these tokens of love are sweetly meaningful. Some of them have been compiled in the video to the left (Letters of Love). And Michael always did this. He did this many years ago, all the way up through 2009. Some of them show a vulnerable side ("Please love me always") or contain a plea for us to help him heal the world ("Remember to love the children", "Always help the children. Love them."), while in others he promises to do his best for us and expresses things such as "Thanks for all your loyalty and support" and "You make me so happy, I can feel your energy through the walls". Mostly, though, they were all about LOVE: "I love you", "I will always adore you all", "I truly miss you all and love you from the bottom of my heart", "I love you so much", "Just know that I truly love and appreciate all of you", "You are my life always", "I am recording tonight, for all of you. You are my true inspiration forever", "I truly love you all forever, I promise."

The things fans can take to heart here are: 1) He really meant it, and 2) He wrote these things to ALL of us in the larger sense, you and me as well. Although we may not have been there at the hotel window that night, we could have been. You could have caught that pillow. I could have caught that note. Perhaps you hadn't discovered Michael yet. Perhaps some of you hadn't even been born yet when a few of these things were written. It doesn't matter. As the message from Michael declared on michaeljacksonlive.com for the 'This Is It' announcement: "It is now I see and feel that calling once again to be part of a music that will not just connect, but make all feel ONE, one in joy, one in pain, one in love, one in service and in consciousness." This is echoed in the film when he's again heard saying, "We're all ONE".

So now we are back to the original question of why Michael Jackson fans stuck by his side through it all, why we seem so crazily devout to those on the outside who can't catch the vibe. I'm sorry for those who can't, really. To truly understand, I suspect you simply must catch that wave. But rest assured, there really is thought behind our fanhood. For some of us, the many years since falling for Michael have given us enough time for a great deal of thought, in fact. To be rational, we intensely enjoy with the utmost zeal what he shared with the world, his talent, the joy we get watching him, listening to him, and we respect the discipline and time it took to become that great. But it's so much more than that. We also supremely appreciate that someone this amazing, the biggest superstar in the world with the biggest selling album in history, could still be such a loving and kind person, someone who cared for the sick and needy and the Earth and actually tried to do something about it again and again and again. And he didn't stop there. He wanted us ALL to heal the world. That must be a quality in the heart, in the soul. You can't fake that, at least not for 50 years. But it's even more than that, isn't it? We all basked in the blissfulness of joy and the certain thrill of excitement together with Michael, smiling and innocently flirting through the windows of our souls. We have missed him while he missed us. We have laughed with him while he laughed with us. We have felt that burst of transcendent emotion that blazes through us and crescendos in a divine moment of oneness ... at a concert, who would have figured? We have prayed for Michael and supported him through his struggles, and whether known or not, he was there for us through his music and inspiration when we needed him most. And his continual courage in the face of opposition cannot go unrecognized! For Michael we have cried our happiest tears... and our most devastating. In the end I don't think any of us could explain in a way that wouldn't involve a knowing in the deepest part of who we are, which is something we fans can share at our core. And at that core is love. We just love Michael. Period. As a human being and forever in spirit. So yes, it's all for love. L.O.V.E. And as I said in the beginning, that doesn't require an explanation. ♥

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'Eins in Liebe' (Deutsch/German translation)
'Uno Sólo en el Amor' (Español/Spanish translation)
'Jedno u Ljubavi' (hrvatski/Croatian translation)

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Anonymous said...

Michael's message: PEACE, UNITY, & LOVE....

That's what he wants.... And we need to spread the his message all over the world... We need to help him before it's too late... Let us HEAL THE WORLD now... Let's help, support, unite & LOVE each other, so we can make this world a better place... And wherever Michael is now... I know He will be VERY HAPPY & PROUD FOR ALL OF US!!!

It's all for love- L.O.V.E.

Longtime MJ fan said...

This is a very inspired and true essay on Michael, his fans and the most important quality that we should seek and share in our lives: LOVE

I feel totally blessed by just being a fan of his for it was always the right way to be a fan of his - other than the media wanted to portray him.

We love you, Michael Jackson. And thank you for having been here on Earth for the time you had.
We truly miss you but we also truly want to spread the love you gave us in the first place.
You woke up so many hearts that were sleeping.
You installed joy in us and we want to give it away now knowing it will just grow and grow.

Peace be with you always.
Thank you for your caring.
You have our hearts.
LOVE to you ~ ~ ~

Anonymous said...

I am stunned by how perfectly you explained all of it, all of it. I hope every non-fan reads this, and the next time my love for Michael is questioned by those who don't "get" it, I will certainly direct them here. Because it's all here. Superb. Thank you.

Amy Grace said...

Oh my God...this is an AMAZING post. I applaud you for your eloquence and pin pointing the many facets of our love for Michael, and who he was. It's pure poetry. Thank you! ♥

Char said...

BeGodsGlow - thank you for this amazing gift!!! Beautifully written and perfectly expressed from the heart!

It is so hard to explain sometimes to those who don't understand the depth of him, the vibe that we are so blessed to receive, so mostly I just don't even try. You have given me hope in your expression of how I feel, and I know that represents everyone else who knows and understands why we feel the way we do!

I was feeling very lost today, floating around the internet looking for something to fill this hole in my soul, but not quite hitting on it, no matter where I went. Feeling very much alone (even though I have many wonderful MJ friends), sometimes a feeling just takes over - that huge sense of loss and the sadness it brings - and tears flow freely. It's times like this that I want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the world. Then I landed on your site and found this wonderful message that touched me at my core and brought some light back into that dark hole in my soul!! I can't thank you enough! This was truly a labor of LOVE! God Bless You!

May I share with you an excerpt from a poem I wrote called "Michael Forgive Us"?


All who love you are joining hands
A gesture of unity among your fans
creating a new community
With love at the center of all we do
Your lessons remembered, this is our cue
To make the world a better place…for you!

Let us not forget, always respect
Your example was perfect
No need to change it…dissect it…or reject it

May the Force of Love continue in your name, Dear Michael...
One who is most like God


My LOVE and gratitude to you, dear friend.

(from Inner Michael)

Iwillbethere said...

Thank you very much for this beautiful post. It says it all, really.
Cheers from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

All that is written here seems to come directly from my mind. Even the part about the word Fan, the explanation given about why we love him, everything. It seems like people like us that know, really know facts about Michael can't help but thinking and feeling alike. I truly appreciate your time and effort to write this and I will be more than honored to participate in this monthly spiritual activity. Thank you so much. Love and peace to all. Heal the world

Melvy said...

michael jackson was the inspiration of my life since I was four years full of magic and love that man so full of love was like a ray of light in the dark now at 26 I can not understand why? snatched from us to the only thing some of us have a pain for your departure I can only say thank you michael for all you gave me love you forever god bless you



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your beautiful, touching post. He was an Angel. Thank you, Michael for your charity work. I'll always miss you.
Maria Grazia from Italy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you very much for this article. It's great to see others feel just like me about Him.
It helped me to understand more my feelings, connection with Him. He does unite us. :)
all for Love Natalie

venezuelanmetalmom.blogger said...


What a beautifull Post!
I am asking your permission to make a translation in spanish because I think this is a very important writing that you did.. and I would love that other people non english spoken.. could read it..
its about spreading the word..
PLEASE .. let me know..
Thank you much in advance..
you can mail me to :

vleon said...

My MJ sister Gisela Conte Soriano, asked me to translate this beautiful aeticle to Spanish. Below is the translation.
Do I need to say I translate it all for L.O.V.E. ? Do I need to say I feel fully identified with many of the reflections of this article? and..needless to say either I cried a lot, becasuse Michael is not here anymore...He was murdered!!

Enjoy it


valeria galindo said...


Anonymous said...

My family and I began a Novena(nine day prayer) yesterday on wednesday June 16th June in memory of Michael Jackson. We are praying 50 decades of the divine mercy chaplets and also a the St Theresa prayer for departed souls. We will finish on the 24th and celebrate the 25th as a major feast Day. We will not go to work and our children will not attend school on that day rather we will attend a few of the many masses we have requested to be celebrated in his honor and we will generally have a holiday. If he were catholic, I would seriously begin the cause for his beatification. There have been many secular modern day saints and who better than michael deserves to be cannonized? Certainly the Lord will continue to glorify him now that he is with him even more than he glorified him while on earth.

Xenedra said...

I too am catholic. And...not to sound hysterical or anything...

But he's already a saint in my eyes.

LoveMJ4Ever said...

^^ I'm not Catholic and he is in my eyes as well. Or an angel. One of the two. I love you Michael. Forever. Thank you! <3

Brenda Foster said...

Well I can say that Michael allowed me to have happines with his music and his smile. GOD please allow Michael to have peace at last.

Meg said...

Through my weeping eyes I am reading such beautiful, truthful, comforting and loving words beyond description. I ask myself why Michael had to be taken for us to improve ourselves, reach out to each other with such love, and for such poets of love to be born? Is he smiling from the arms of God to know that he is finally at peace, and that his work will be carried on as he wished?

If you could do something for Michael to restore justice to his name, would you? Michael donated money to the school he attended, the Gardner St. School in LA. In a ceremony where he was present, and the children sang "We Are the World", the auditorium was dedicated to him, and his name was placed above the door. See how happy he was (in the video at the site below). In 2003, they covered up his name and refuse to uncover it. There is a team of wonderful people trying to get his name uncovered. If you want to help Michael by sending an email letter or signing the petition to have his name uncovered, please see: www.facebook.com/UncoverMJ Michael will know what you have done for him.
(For you science students, you know that life is energy, and energy can never die; it only changes form. Michael's spirit is very much alive.) In answer to his song "Will you be there?" Let's show him how we are there for him.
Remember his words:
"In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?"

I don't know any of you, yet I feel like I do know your hearts, and on some level we do know each other through love, the love that Michael gave to us to share. We are sending the energy of our love all around the world.

Let's please, as many as possible, be there for our Michael, our angel of love now that he needs us to do what he cannot; help restore his name and dignity, not only for him, but for his children in a world in which they will experience their father's reputation. Let's lift our Michael up! This is yet another connection between us with love. Again, that is:


You can have your picture and message on their facebook if you like, which will be presented to the school. You can have an official (or unofficial) part in doing something for Michael.
(As far as religion, maybe God only cares about the faith in our hearts, and not what we call our religion. He welcomes all of our prayers.)

Bless you all,

My Taste Heaven said...

i love MJ and i miss him lots. thinking of his beautiful smile makes me cry.


Unknown said...

Thanks for expressing the feelings its been so hard for me to verbalize. People say to me all the time, he is dead in gone, get over it. They pity me for my devotion. These are the words I couldn't find to explain to them why I LOVE Michael so much.




Unknown said...

PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP******************Well.. I Am only 15. And I will admit I became his fan after he died. Well I wasnt into hollywood or songs even movies. Only cartoons when I was a kid. But uncle my was his fan. And I would listen to his songs ever since I was little. I was also very scare of Thriller when I wouldnt listen to anything they would scare me with Thriller. One thing. I would like to share is, As long as I could, when I came to my senses I remember that when I am in uncles car Especially at night when we r back from chinese (we often go to chinese lol) he would turn on "REMEMBER THE TIME" me and my cousin would stare out of window look at the peaceful stary sky ooo... The full moon. Such a good feeling. But I wasnt his fan. I was so small! After his death I was shocked!:-| then the memories all just came to me. YES I DO REMEMBER!!!:-O SO... But it makes me so sad... Now dat he is gone. He had a hard life. Which I understand. And I always try to explain this to others. Some of them says hes better off dead or I am not real fan but a hypocrite who became his fan after death. They dont understand! This really brings me down. I love him!;-( becuz I understood that he was such a nice person. But I had no one to share wit. Then behold and I found this lovely website:-) I am glad to share my love wit all my equally minded friends!:-D so plzz dont leave me alone...****************I BEG FOR A REPLY TO THIS COMMENT, CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A SOLUTION. I EARNESTLY WANT TO SHARE THIS COMMENT. Plz... "Love you Michael"

BeGodsGlow said...

Hi Mayeesha :) I'm so glad you found our website and hope you can join us for the prayer in the future. First I can say that you don't have anything to feel bad about, becoming an MJ fan recently. It doesn't matter in the end if you've been a fan for 40 years or for 4 months or what you may have believed in the past before you had more real information. The vast majority of MJ fans will agree on this point and will gladly welcome you into the family. I'm sorry if you've encountered someone who said otherwise or tried to play that "real fan"/"fake fan" thing on you. We should all recognize that Michael's legacy depends on new generations forever discovering him and falling in love. We should hope that when we're old and gray his music will be played joyously by all ages and the world will know the truth about him. We're the ones who can make that happen. We may have different experiences depending on when we became a fan, but can still unite in our appreciation, respect and love of Michael. We should celebrate this amazing soul, not fight over him, so please don't let anyone else make you feel bad about what you know to be true in your heart. Being a teen is confusing enough without adding more drama to it ;) Just live from the heart and try to walk with L.O.V.E. and you'll be fine. Sometimes it feels like our present situation in life is the entire world and thus how it will always be. (Like if you're having problems with school or friends or feeling insecure about yourself.) But rest assured, it is VERY temporary, so don't take it too hard. As for people to talk with, I would highly recommend googling "Michael Jackson" and "forum" to find a fan forum in your language/country to share your feelings with. There are many who will be able to relate with what you feel. You can also find some fan forums (by no means all, though) in the links at the top of this page. Again, so glad to have you here :hug: L.O.V.E., BGG

Unknown said...

Thank for your comment:-) I really appreciate your answer! And also thanks for supporting me. Now that I know.... I will try my best to improve this situation. And I feel that I have a lot of friends out there, and I am not alone.

Thank you BGG:-P


BeGodsGlow said...

Below are excerpts about fans taken from "MY CONVERSATION WITH DIETER WIESNER" BY BEEN TOLD (Copyright Jacksonvillage, translated to English by Monika van Riesen). Sorry for taking only snippets, but these are the parts relevant to this post, and the entire translation is far too long to post here! You can read the entire interview/article at Facebook, MJJC.com and the original (in German) at Jacksonvillage.

“Michael’s strength and comfort came from his fans”

„He was a proud man, with much dignity and decency. To see him being totally exhausted and all in – it was hard to bear. After we got certainty that he will be prosecuted, he was totally down to the ground at first. He was left in disbelief that they would do this to him. But after this time of depression, he actually took a grip on himself and he changed his attitude. He again became the fighter and he was prepared to attack the whole matter. But despite all of this it was an incredibly hard time for him.” Wiesner got emotional, when he declares:”If he wouldn’t have had his fans, it would have been almost impossible for him to find a further meaning of life.”

„If he felt bad and down we cheered him upwith fan gifts and letters. And he loved it from his very heart. First and foremost the paintings. Not only in those hard times, but always. No matter where we’ve been – if fans were around and he saw drawings and paintings, he always said: Get me the pictures, get me those pictures! , recalled Wiesner and gesticulates how Michael underlined this request.

What did the fans mean to Michael?

Everything,“ said Dieter without hesitation. “They were his family. They were his crutch and they gave him strength. More than any other thing. And he loved them above all things for that. And he told this to his children too. Every time, in any place where we stayed in hotels etc. He showed his fans to his kids and explained to them, what the fans mean to him and how much they love him.“

And we will love you ALWAYS, Michael. Thank you, from our hearts, from our souls. Love always. ♥

mjangel said...

Dear prayer group... I truly need all of your prayers as soon as you are able... my daughter, Abbie learned last night, that one of her dearest friends was in a critical car accident. She is not conscious and underwent brain surgery. I know no other details. Her name is Erika and she needs the power of Michael's angels' prayers right now. So please, would you pray for her...she is 19 years old. This happened while she was at college. I will keep you informed as I learn anything.. Thank you so much. just keep it going and also please, if we could all be together at the same time...even just praying at the same time each day at 2 pm LA time..like for the world, that would be very powerful.

BeGodsGlow said...

Dear dlwz - I've reposted your message on our Facebook page, as many more will see it there today, right away. May Erika be healed quickly and recover fully. She has all our prayers. Please let us know how she's doing. MajorLovePrayer on Facebook L.O.V.E. ♥

One of Michael's millions of fans said...

I prayed for Erika.

May she be well.
May God protect her.

Unknown said...

hola tal vez no entiendas español
apelo a que si porque...
acabo de toparme con tu espacio
dejame felicitarte por hablar tan hermosamente de Michael
yo tambien tengo un espacio donde siempre trato de recordarlo como la persona maravillosa que fue siempre
gracias por tan lindo articulo

Anonymous said...

Excelente articulo. Expresa exactamente lo que los fans que hemos investigado y de verdad sabemos sobre la vida de Mike sentimos por el.
Es tan gratificante poder sentir esta comunidad de ideas y sentirse en familia alrededor de este vinculo en comun que es el amor por ese maravilloso ser humano que es Michael Jackson y digo es porque no ha muerto, vive dentro de nuestros corazones y nuestros recuerdos.

Anonymous said...

He loved his fans and we loved him more. Someone told me that his real fans were the fans, I agree.
We'll never forget Michael Jackson.
He will live forever as he wanted.

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