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Dear Michael, Thank you, every moment...

Dearest Michael,

Thank you so very much for all the beauty you've given the world. Thank you for sharing your talent, for the happiness, the excitement, the magic, the anticipation, the wonder, the mastery, for all that's shiny and sparkly and so splendidly bright. Thank you for the music, the words, the tunes that will never get old. Thank you for singing to us with that beautiful voice. Thank you for the emotion, the elation and all that was such a true revelation. Thank you for the dance, the dance, wow - the dance! Thank you for the energy, the beat, for the movement you channeled from God to your feet. Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the joy of life that shone in your eyes and went straight to our hearts. Thank you for your daring, your innovation, for keeping the world on its toes with cutting edge inspiration. Thank you for the dreams, the surprises, the fantasy and the hope. Thank you for the adventure and for challenging the status quo.

Thank you for your strength, your courage, for never giving up, even when it seemed the whole world was against you. Thank you for not giving in when you knew you were right, for standing and fighting for truth, without spite. Thank you for your determination and endurance, although we'd have given anything if only it hadn't been needed. Thank you for living from the soul, for your kindness and caring, for trying to make a difference, for letting your light shine and brighten so many lives. Thank you for not being afraid to cry, to show us we could really try to be who we are inside, for making it cool to be God's glow, hold hands and heal the world. Thank you for never letting us forget the children of the world, our future, so desperately in need of love and protection. Thank you for reminding us that we are the children, that innocence will guide us in the right direction. Thank you for always being so gorgeous inside and out that we couldn't help but chase you. Thank you for the hugs, for loving us more, for your patience with we who intensely adore. Thank you for the comfort and gentleness you radiated from within. Thank you for the gift of awakening, to each other and to the heartbeat of the planet. Thank you for all the wonderful things I've forgotten in this moment that I'll think of later and wish I'd added to this list. Thank you for all the years, even the ones in which we shed tears, for in the end it was all for LOVE. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the LOVE. Love is what matters and we understand this so. But for the world to know it... did you really have to go??? My God, we miss you.

Michael, you are so loved. You know that, don't you? You can feel it. We can feel it. And thank you for that as well. The only one who could get us through this first year without you is YOU. Thank you, Michael. We will remember you always, celebrate you always, love you always, stand by you always. We promise. May you be surrounded in love, peace and light for all time. You're forever in our hearts, reminding them to beat with L.O.V.E. Bless you, Michael. And see you again someday, beautiful angel! ~ BGG, June 25, 2010

♥ Michael Jackson 1958 - Eternity


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. :'( Love love love

Anonymous said...

There are no words to describe how I feel inside. Speechless. And silently I pray.

LeneJ said...

Beautiful, and oh so true.

one of Michael Jackson's million of fans said...

Thank you, Michael. You are gorgeous.
You are here with us. All around us.

Thank you for these wonderful lines.

Fares, a french fan. said...

Une année est passée, pourtant j'ai l'impression que c'était hier...

Tu es parti si vite, toutes ces belles choses qui nous attendaient, cet
espoir qui était en nous de te revoir après tous ces sacrifices et
toutes ces peines que tu as endurées...malheureusement le destin en a
décidé autrement.

Michael Jackson, tu as été, tu est, et tu seras à jamais une légende
pour nous tous. Tout ce que je peux te souhaiter, ce que nous pouvons te
souhaiter à présent, c'est de reposer en paix, et que ta mémoire
perdure à travers le temps.

King of Pop FOREVER, tu nous manques tellement, j'espère que tu est bien
là où tu est.

Merci pour tous ces bons moments, moments parmi les meilleurs dans nos


A year has passed, but i'm feelin like it was yesterday...

You went so early, all these great things that you prepared for us, that
hope we felt to see you again after all these sacrifices and all these
pains you sustained...unfortunately destiny decided it on another way.

Michael jackson, you were, you are, and you will be forever a legend for
all of us. All i can hope, all we can hope now, is that you are resting
in peace, and that your memory will cross the time as longer as

King of Pop FOREVER, we miss you so much, i hope that you are well where
you are

Thank you so much for all these great moments, ones of the greatest of
our lives.

"Michael always wanted to heal the world, now we are trying to heal our pain and sharing his love all over the world."

Anonymous said...

My dearest Michael,Everything about you is so beautiful! This just brings tears for you of love, joy, best friend, soul mate,my man,we are one,devotion, trust, honesty,our life, happiness, our babies, and my gorgeous husband. You will always be my sweet angel and mo other man could ever take your place.I want you to know I will always be faithful to you, and cherish you for the rest of my life.May god bless our love and our beautiful future together,thank god for when you find me you must take my hand,I will never let this love I have for you slip away no matter what rough roads we cross,we are a match made from heaven. I love you my darling from the bottom of my heart.God will take care of us and keep us safe from any harm, you are my king and I am your Queen!!I love you so very much from my heart and soul and you are the best person that happened in this world!!I hope this brings you joy and comfort knowing how I feel for you!!

wednesday55 said...

I'm here with all of you, sending my love.

anaamamj58 said...

My thoughts on Friday went all around the world, as I stood in the centre of London, together with a huge group of fans. We moonwalked; we wrote teardrops of love and pledges to Michael; then we lit our candles and stood in silent thought and prayer. You were there Michael, you were with us, you were and will forever more be in our hearts. From the bottom of my heart I pledge to you my dearest one, a lifetime of care and humility to mankind and the planet. Humility of course does not mean weakness, but I shall strive to be strong and courageous as you always were. You are my inspiration for all time. I send my love to all of Michael's dear fans around the world. Remember that we are ONE in love, that is our strength. Whatever you do, do it with love and for love as Michael did. L.O.V.E. Ana.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

On 25th of June, two candles out of my window said : "I love you and I miss you so much, Michael!". I wish you could see how much you are loved and missed all over the world... We'll never forget you, because, as I always think, you are and you'll always be our Humanitarian Hero!
Maria Grazia - Italy

Anonymous said...

No words, only pain and tears!

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