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'We Had Him'

Thank you, Maya Angelou. And thank you, thank you, thank you, Michael Jackson.


anaamamj58 said...

I listened to this for the first time yesterday morning, Saturday 3rd July and the tears I wept were as if it were a year ago, and we had just lost Michael. At Michael's memorial we heard Queen Latifah read the poem, but to hear Dr. Maya Angelou reading those words....her own poem to Michael, gave it an extra special meaning. I have always loved and admired her work and this just epitomised her in my esteem. Thankyou Dr Maya Angelou, thankyou for your beautiful poem for Michael and thankyou for the beautiful things that you said about Michael after your dot was placed. We are the world and we had him....oh how we had him and I thank God every day for that privilige. I love you most Michael Joseph Jackson. Ana.xxxxx

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