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Michael Jackson's "ARMY OF LOVE"! (the video is here!)

In November 2010 Michael Jackson fans all around the world contributed photos and artwork as 'soldiers of love' via MajorLovePrayer.org for this special short film, featuring the beautiful song "Army of Love" by Amy Grace. This is our global MJ-family. May we always be united. May we always remember the L.O.V.E. and learn to be God's glow, healing the world and spreading the message of love and peace for our families, our neighbors, for Michael and for the planet. We're sending out a major love! And this is our message to you: LOVE!

Thank you SO much to each of you who contributed to this beautiful project! Just like MLP, it couldn't exist without YOU! We are sending out a major, major love! Let the message be heard around the world...

Direct link to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ne_6KC3P6o

Update! You can now download an updated version of of the song 'Army of Love' from Amy Grace's website :) mp3 download page

© Amy Grace 2010
One by one, here we come
Marching out in troops
Nation to nation, there's no limitation
To what we can do

We were sent on a mission
Gonna hold our position
Until the job is done
A simple truth to deliver
Of what it means to surrender
And stand together as one

The world is turning to disaster
When will the fighting stop?
If it is peace that we are after
It starts with us

We're an army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
We've got to make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 loving just a little more
5,6,7,8 daring to make a change

One by one, marching toward the sun
We will show you the way
Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and brothers
We all are the same

And we're here to remind you
Of the light that's inside you
If you look within
We'll trade your hate for compassion
We are kindness in action
Inviting you in

The world is turning to disaster
We have the power to stop
'Cause if it's peace that we are after
It starts with us

Just join our army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
We can make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 let love in a little more
5,6,7,8 dare to make a change

All across the nation
We're extending an invitation
To join us in making change
To let love in today
Yeah let it in, 'cause in the end
We get only get back what we give
So come on in and...

Join our army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
Let's make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 let love in a little more
5,6,7,8 dare to make a change

Special thanks to all of YOU for your wonderful pictures, to Amy Grace (!) and to MJJC Legacy Project, MJ's Army, WithAChildsHeart's Blog, AllForLoveBlog, MJJ-777, Inner Michael and everyone else who helped us get the word out!

We love you, Michael. Forever. Thank you for everything.


Amy Grace said...

It's perfect. ♥

Manouche said...

The video ''Army of L.O.V.E.'' and the song are amazing!I feel so good to be part of this army and every day I try to be a good soldier of L.O.V.E. and spread L.O.V.E. around me.BRAVO! to everybody who has made this project possible.xxx

one of Michael's millions of fans said...

Thank you for this amazing video!!!

And thank you to Amy Grace, you sound wonderful! :-)



anaamamj58 said...

Thank you Amy Grace. I was not able to get my photo and heart to you in time to be part of this beautiful video, but i was there in my mind. Thank you for creating this. It's all for love, L.O.V.E. Ana

Fred said...

Very proud to be a part of this, thank you for this great idea, thanks to Amy for her beautiful song.
L.O.V.E. to all His Soldiers.

Fred from France.

Unknown said...

Wow what a brilliant sweet idea! Great video! I'm kinda late just joined in now but I am very honored to be a part of this site for our MJ!!!

We' re altogether and not alone! GOD BLESS!!

L.O.v.E. from Germany!

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! :) So glad you all like it! Let's spread it and the L.O.V.E. across the world... ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi friends, this became a wonderful video with a beautiful song. I am happy that I'm part of it.
Sending major L.O.V.E. from Germany

MJLover said...

I like how the video gives me a sense of togetherness in love for and because of Michael.

Worldwide people do know and love him. In masses. Isn't that just great about our Michael?

He is so much loved on a daily basis. And imagine, he was just one human being. Just like us. How much could we do for the world, for others and ourselves if we would begin to love and care more? If we stopped being impolite before something un-nice was being said for example.

Let us love more and think more before we answer.

Unknown said...

WorldShift: Michael Jackson's Vision December 21 2012
December 21 2012.
..~``~``~``~``~``WHAT IF WE ALL **CRY** THE SAME TIME THAT NIGHT??~``~``~``~``~``


I believe not in just the end of the world, but instead the end of the world as we know it to be. Michael said this was it, and I remember seeing him in one of his video snip-its in the the "this is it" video saying (at the time it was 2009) that we have about 4 years to get our act together then thats it....That would lead up to about the dawn of 2013 So MJ was right on time. MJ was a spiritual anomaly to this world point of view. A child prodigy and a genius of music and sound. I feel like all of our loyalty to what is right is being tested, for ALL of us. All I know that MJ has messages in his song, He said we could change the world, that he cant do t by his self, and if we would cry at the same time. Cry not just in tears...But cry out to the heavens, (a higher power greater than us and our superficial material allegiances) at the same time...all over the world...something like the idea of the power of prayer/concentrated thought/meditation...whatever term you want to use.

Come out in your Hood, Ghettos , Your Streets, even private in your home if its more comfortable for you... Just Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are. Don't be afraid to show it. And don't let mainstreamers dismiss you and make you feel as if you are the weird one when there is nothing wrong about acknowledging OUT LOUD WITH CONFIDENCE. Tell me, what is weird about that?


Michael Jackson's Army Of L.O.V.E.® said...

I'm sorry but Michael jackson's army of love is a copyright sobjected. It's an international GNO. I'm sorry

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