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'Army of Love' marching around the world! (& German translation)

So many beautiful comments here and on YouTube, you guys! And thanks to a friend, we now have the lyrics to 'Army of Love' translated to Deutsch. Below is the video again and the lyrics in both English and German. Major thanks to all of our fellow soldiers of L.O.V.E.! Please feel free to embed the video on your own sites or forums -- let's spread the love around the world, to as many people as possible! (If there's a way to link back here so more people find the monthly prayer, that would be wonderful as well. :wink: - Next MLP is December 25.) ♥ ♥ ♥

The "Army of Love" music video premiered on November 25th in this post: Michael Jackson's ARMY OF LOVE

In November 2010 Michael Jackson fans all around the world contributed photos and artwork as 'soldiers of love' for this special short film, featuring the beautiful song "Army of Love" by Amy Grace. This is our global MJ-family. May we always be united. May we always remember the L.O.V.E. and learn to be God's glow, healing the world and spreading the message of love and peace for our families, our neighbors, for Michael and for the planet. We're sending out a major love! And this is our message to you: LOVE!

And you can now download a slightly different updated version of the song 'Army of Love' from Amy Grace's website :) mp3 download page

[Note: If you do not see the embedded lyrics above, please try this link instead.]

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Anonymous said...

great song!

Anonymous said...

toller song, einfach nur tun, was da angesagt ist.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song, great performance ;-)

BeGodsGlow said...

Thanks so much to everyone who helped with this, to all of you for your wonderful photos and all the L.O.V.E. The Army of Love video shows soldiers of love from Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Surinam, UK (England), Ukraine and the United States. We are the world ♥ ♥ ♥

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