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Earth Day with our MJ-family

April 22nd is Earth Day, originally begun in 1970 as a way to inspire ecological awareness and appreciation of our beautiful planet. It is an annual global event, celebrated in over 175 countries. In addition, in 2009 the United Nations designated April 22 'International Mother Earth Day'. So, what will you be doing for Earth Day this year to help heal the world and educate? There are loads of possibilities, as many companies and communities hold special events around the world. Here are just a few ideas gathered so far from our MJ-family. If you know of others, please feel free to add more in comments!

Major Love Prayer - Please join as at any time on April 22nd as we dedicate and concentrate healing love energy via our Daily Love Prayers for Gaia/Mother Earth. (And don't forget that 3 days later is our global prayer 'sending out a major love' on the 25th!)

A Million Trees for Michael - This is a lovely group that asks us each to donate to the organization 'American Forests' to plant trees in Michael's honor. You can donate at any time. See their website or Facebook page for details.

Heal the World for Children has events scheduled around the world throughout the month. Check out their latest newsletter (pdf) for further info. You can contact them at info@healtheworldforchildren.org
-- France / April 22: Joint event with “Human Tree” organized by children TV channel “Gulli” in Bordeaux
-- Italy / April 16: Educational event with the kids emphasizing the importance of ecology, Michael’s message/Planet Earth poem and planting a tree.
-- London/ April 21: HTWFC will plant trees with children at a playground. A design competition for Earth Day will also be held.
-- Los Angeles / April 30: Joint event with Tree People.
-- Mexico / check for details: HTWFC volunteers will clean up a park and plant trees.
-- New York City/ April 16: Joint event with NYCares. HTWFC will
revitalize a playground in Bronx together with 12+ year old kids.
-- Romania / April 13: HTWFC will plant trees, watch educational movies and
organize a drawing contest with kids at a kindergarten.
-- Spain / April 30 or May 1: Our volunteers will clean up a park area and plant trees.

What else are MJ fans doing? Please comment if you'd like to add an Earth Day idea!

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Lene Jacinta said...

Plant trees, of course :)

Kerry Hennigan said...

Promote MJ's Ëarth Song through links on Facebook and Youtube to help spread his message. I would love it if some day Michael's song could be recognised as the world-wide anthem for Earth Day.

Cynthia Kent said...

I so agree with you Kerry. I believe "Earth Song" should be a required video! Michael loved this planet and cared deeply for everything in it...from the forests to the oceans. Michael created some of his most beautiful music from his "Giving Tree" at Neverland. The picture of him sitting on one of it's branches speaks volumes to how he was connected to all things "nature".

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest an idea. What about
litterpicking?. People are still throwing their
rubbish on the ground. I see it almost all of the
time, particularly on public transport. So if i can, i will take bottles/cans home with me to recycle myself. I think what it all boils down to is; education and awareness of the importance of

Anonymous said...

What a great idea in the post above this one! :-)

And everyone can do it.

Right now, I'm thinking about a Michael Jackson litter-picking day/event once a year at least.

Great idea.

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