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Daily Love Prayers *NEW & ONGOING* - Please join us daily for love!

This special love visualization is meant to be done daily (or as often during the week as you can) at any time you choose. We will be building this love energy, growing it inside us, holding the vision of a healed world, carrying the great wave of MAJOR LOVE forward, from one 25th to the next! (Each month on the 25th we join simultaneously worldwide to send out a major love!) For much more information, please see the text below these visualization instructions. Thanks and much love!

Daily Love Prayer: 'I Love You' Suggested Visualization

1. Prepare - Find a comfortable position in a quiet location. You may choose to light a candle or listen to special music, like something inspiring to get you into the right frame of mind (like Another Part of Me, We Are Here to Change the World, Heal the World, etc).

2. Light surrounds you - Close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths for a minute or two and see yourself surrounded by a beautiful, comforting gold or white light. If you can't "see" it, then say to yourself that it is there. Know that this light is divine in nature and provides you with total protection. There is nothing to fear. Optional: If you wish, say a prayer and/or ask for the presence/assistance of whomever you wish, such as religious figures, angels, guides, loved ones on the other side you feel may like to help, etc.

3. I Love You - Now bring your awareness to the area of your heart and say outloud or in your mind, "I love you". "I love you." Say it again, to anyone on your mind, to everyone on your mind, to yourself. We are all worthy. We are all made of love. Say it to as many or as few people as you wish. It's up to you. "I love you." Don't force it, but try to be sincere, so think of someone who you share a special connection with (Michael comes to mind), or a Higher Power or even a cause that you truly care about (dolphins, children, trees, those affected by a recent war or natural disaster, etc). If you feel any anxiety or sadness, don't judge it, just let it pass and focus back on the joyful and thankful aspects of love. Again, don't judge yourself. You don't have to get anything "right" or be "good at this" right now. Everything is practice. Just let it be as it is. It is right for you at the moment. You can try something different tomorrow.

4. All is full of love - Now picture/feel that a soft, warm light is beginning to glow in your chest area. It may be pink or green or even gold. Whatever color it is, just let it be. Know that this glowing light of love is within you at all times. It is within everyone at all times, even if we hide it or are afraid to express it. Try to imagine or simply know in your mind that all living things are filled with a glowing light just like you have. Everything is love at its source.

5. Glowing Earth - Now see our beautiful planet Earth from space in your mind. See that the whole planet is actually glowing with this love energy. We are one in love. Every day. You may choose to stop for now or continue for a few minutes with a chant/mantra or prayer of your choice, such as the Prayer of St Francis ("Make me an instrument of your peace", etc) or a phrase like "I am love, We are one." Just do whatever you feel comfortable with or is meaningful to you. When you are ready to stop for today, say 'thank you' to all you invited to be with you and slowly open your eyes. In the unlikely possibility that you feel 'spacey' after this, just do something totally 'normal', like have a few bites of food, wash the dishes, etc. You should feel fine.

Some of you will be quite experienced in this type of thing, while others are beginners. Feel free to expand it or shorten it for your experience level. It's ok either way. If you find it difficult, just know that with practice, things like 'feeling love' or holding pictures in your mind will become easier and easier. There's no expectation being placed on you. Just do what you can :) If we can all do this daily, or at least as often as our schedules allow, it will go a long way toward helping us on our shared journey of love. Thank you!

We're happy to announce that starting this month (April 2011) we are introducing an additional part of the mission to heal the world with the power of love, and we'd love for as many of you as possible to join us! Some of you have asked for something similar in the past and it seems that now is the time to move forward with it. What we are beginning this month will be an ongoing thing, but will also tie in with another very special Call for Love that begins this Sunday (details of that at the end of this post). But for now...

Starting today, all across the world, in every nation, we are asking that each of us takes five to fifteen minutes DAILY to participate in a "Daily Love Prayer" to raise the love vibration even higher within ourselves and throughout the world. Instructions are below above. The daily prayers can be done at whatever time you can fit it into your schedule, whether it's 6am on your back porch, on your lunch break or in the evening after putting the kids to bed - whenever you can take few minutes of quiet time from your day. We've all agreed that this energy is so very needed in our world today. And with as many of us as possible focusing on love within our hearts and consciousnesses on a more frequent basis, we'll be helping to essentially carry the Major Love Prayer energy forward to the next 25th of the month.

One way to think of how this could work is illustrated in the bar graph on the left. Each month on the 25th we connect with thousands of others globally at the same moment to send out a major love. This is like a huge wave of love energy, a high bar on the graph. As many of you who've participated in this know, the energy can be quite intense, but can also bring such a sense of peace and divine love. Some of you have written about your MLP experiences and the stories are just amazing and often so spiritual and beautiful. One can't help but smile :) We wholeheartedly thank the fans who originally began this idea and everyone who keeps it going each month, for it's meant so tremendously much in the past year and a half. We had considered adding more frequent MLP-like prayers before, but it wasn't practical for most of us to connect at the same time more often, simply because of schedules and time zone differences. The MLP's on the 25th will always be special in that regard and we ask you to please, please continue to join us for each Major Love Prayer. In addition to this, though, if enough of us can spend just a few minutes each day holding andhigher consciousness always love michael jackson letter note growing Michael's vision of a healed world in our hearts, this 'love consciousness' that we are a part of can grow even more. The 'major love' can 'flow' better, connecting each prayer to the next like a bridge of light, giving our love energy momentum to carry on through the month. If you look again at the bar graph above, the shorter lines in between the big ones represent a minimum representation of our new Daily Love Prayers -- that's us (you, me, all of us) visualizing and feeling this love on a regular basis and keeping that energy moving. It's a bit like a river, with love energy weaving its way around the world in between the MLPs. As each of us lights up, we keep it alive and ever-present in our collective love consciousness, bringing us to higher and higher levels. We are ONE, after all. Separation is illusion.

On a more personal level, daily meditation and/or prayer has been shown to improve health and overall wellbeing, and even creates dreamatic and beneficial changes within the structure of the brain itself *. In addition, it helps awaken us to deeper levels of compassion in our relationships and strengthens our sense of unity with whatever Higher Power we may believe in (which is not a prerequisite for participation, of course). We become explorers of our own hearts and minds and learn to reach out to others with more understanding and patience. As we move together further into our new sense of oneness, we're literally changing the world by becoming better people ourselves and spreading this love not only with energy, but with our inspired actions. And of course... don't forget that "practice makes perfect"! The more we do this, the better at it we get, the faster we can get into the right frame of mind, the longer we can stay in it and the better at sending out a major love on the 25th we become. It all comes together nicely :)

As with monthly MLPs, we must acknowledge that we are a diverse group of people from all around the world, so please know that you can always adapt any visualization we suggest to fit into your own personal belief system. It would be great if we could all focus on basically the same thing, but we understand if you need to do it a little differently. The suggested visualization will also change as the months go by as we all progress and grow. We'll keep you updated here and on our Facebook page and don't feel shy about sharing your experiences either.

Additional resources/info:
love is my message michael jacksonThe new Facebook group 'Call for Love' is a growing movement of fans that need your help. Our goal is to encourage the spirit of love, truth and prayerful calm to surround the upcoming trial of Conrad Murray. (<- If you just cringed or felt anger when reading his name, it goes to show you how difficult this may be for some initially.) We want to demonstrate to the world that Michael's fans have learned to embody his MESSAGE of LOVE. We will be particpating together in special visualizations (some similar to our Daily Love Prayers here) on SUNDAYS between 7pm and 9pm your local time (but check group for details, as this may be updated - we'll update you too as soon as we can) throughout the month of April. Starting in May this group will progress to specific actions and visualizations daily throughout the trial that you should be able to combine freely with our Daily Love Prayers. More details will be available in the next days to weeks.

We'd like to thank Jan of With A Child's Heart Blog for her inspiring "conversations" series, where we first read the term "love consciousness" and thought... yep, that's it!

* "How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist"
-- by Andrew Newberg M.D. & Mark Robert Waldman

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Lene Jacinta said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I have already meditated today, but will do this one as well - it's really cool that this message was posted on Michael's daughter Paris' birthday :)

one of Michael's millions of fans said...

This is just the right step to do, I think.

Love is what counts in life.

Thank you.

Kerry Hennigan said...

Thank you so much for suggesting this. I used to meditate regularly some years ago, but lost the habit for one reason or another. With Michael as my focus and our collective cause, I am inspired to start again, with the purpose of raising some positive energy and sending healing and love wherever it is needed. Thank you and L.O.V.E. you all.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful. It reminds me Michael's poem "Angel of Light" of "Dancing the dream"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful power of prayer, love,light shine,what a wonderful positive energy, thank you Michael for your wonderful message. Love is magical, I love you all, I love you Michael my heart and soul belong to you.


Anonymous said...

A culture based on true love is the best inheritance
the present generation can leave for the future
generation of the unborn.

Wednesday Jan.17,2013

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