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August 25th MLP & charity projects for MJ's birthday

We are here to change the world! And change begins within. By focusing on unconditional love, we strengthen its power within ourselves. By connecting to each other with unconditional love, we foster the spirit of understanding and forgiveness within our community. By consciously encompassing our planet within a global web of unconditional love with our united hearts, we help awaken compassion within ALL. Let us continue to join together, to help give a glimmer of hope on that deep level within, so that it may continue to rise to the surface of awareness all across the world, so that humanity can turn to each other with greater light. As the darkness of fear and ignorance is expelled by the light of compassion, we naturally take action to end the cycles of violence, oppression and suffering. But it starts within. With LOVE.

Imagine the power of the WHOLE MJ fan community joining together as ONE; all religions, all beliefs, all nations ... for LOVE ... love, pure and simple... every month, all around the world! We've been gathering like this EVERY MONTH since September 25, 2009, but we still need your help, as there's no MLP without YOU! Please help us spread the word by linking to this page, sharing/tagging this photo on Facebook, updating your MJ forums and reminding your friends. Thank you all SO much and much love to each of you! ♥ ♥ ♥ We send out a major love every 25th at 2pm Pacific Time, which is 5pm Eastern, 10pm in the UK, 23:00 CET in Western Europe, 01:00 in Moscow. (See global time chart).


And just a few days after our August prayer is Michael's birthday. There are several amazing charity projects by fan groups, so please check out the links below! (And feel free to add more in comments if you know of others, thanks!)

  • ♥ 2300 MAKE A PACT http://www.facebook.com/2300makeapact recently collected donations for the Dresses from Neverland campaign, that is providing dresses to girls affected by the tornado outbreak in the US earlier this summer. The latest project is to send a child to the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour Cirque du Soleil show via Make A Wish!

[Note: MLP is a fan-created and maintained group project and is entirely not for profit. Our only purpose is to continue Michael's legacy of love via the monthly prayer, by helping to promote charity projects and by sharing your creative works that emphasize the power of love. The prayer/meditation is entirely adaptable to your own spiritual or other beliefs, as we are a global community with thousands of members and do not therefore try to promote a specific belief system... other than LOVE.]

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