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Light, Truth & Unity for Michael Every Day

Daily #PowerPrayer4MJ ♡ Let's keep the LIGHT of TRUTH shining for Michael and his children ~ protect them, hold them in peace and LOVE. ♡ Please help spread the word on Facebook, forums, on Twitter, etc. We need UNITY in the fan community and this is something we can ALL do together! See Special Prayer/Meditation During AEG Trial 

Monday through Saturday
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

No matter what our individual opinions are about the AEG trial, the Jacksons, the Estate, other fans, etc, I think we can all agree on the following:
♡ We ALL want Michael's legacy & genius to shine brightly forever.
♡ We ALL want the media to stop portraying him wrongly.
♡ We ALL want the public to understand who Michael really is.
♡ We ALL want Prince, Paris & Blanket to be safe, healthy, happy, loved.
♡ We ALL want Michael's messages to be heard and understood.

So for a few minutes each day, let us focus as ONE on sending/calling upon positive energy for these purposes, for the higher good, without trying to fight our way through the details as we personally see them. Let's keep our hearts on the goal... ♡LOVE♡ ...the most important thing in the world!

Thanks so much to all of you for being there for him and loving him so passionately and forever ~ Sending you major LOVE! --bgg of the MLP team

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BeGodsGlow said...

For those who don't know...

Judge Beckloff did not rule today on whether or not Wade Robson can file the late creditor's claim against the estate. The judge decided that it first needs to be determined if certain portions of the claim should be sealed or unsealed if filed. So it drags on ... next hearing on this issue is, unbelievably... June 25th.

Portions of Jackson Abuse Claims May be Unsealed (AP)

Unknown said...

This is a tragedy that needs to stop! I wish the trial had never existed! Let Michael rest in peace!!

Unknown said...

This is a tragedy that needs to stop! I wish the trial had never existed! Let Michael rest in peace!!

Kerry Hennigan said...

Thank you for the update, I pray this all is resolved quickly and truthfully. I pray for poor Paris, being made fun of in the media for being a 'drama queen' and other inappropriate name-calling by people who should know better. And at the same time she has to deal with the family's civil trial and this rubbish from WR. We know how painful it is for all of us, imagine what it must be like for her, knowing how much she loved her Dad (and he her). Dear God, please make the pain end!

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