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Michael Jackson's "ARMY OF LOVE"! (the video is here!)

In November 2010 Michael Jackson fans all around the world contributed photos and artwork as 'soldiers of love' via MajorLovePrayer.org for this special short film, featuring the beautiful song "Army of Love" by Amy Grace. This is our global MJ-family. May we always be united. May we always remember the L.O.V.E. and learn to be God's glow, healing the world and spreading the message of love and peace for our families, our neighbors, for Michael and for the planet. We're sending out a major love! And this is our message to you: LOVE!

Thank you SO much to each of you who contributed to this beautiful project! Just like MLP, it couldn't exist without YOU! We are sending out a major, major love! Let the message be heard around the world...

Direct link to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ne_6KC3P6o

Update! You can now download an updated version of of the song 'Army of Love' from Amy Grace's website :) mp3 download page

© Amy Grace 2010
One by one, here we come
Marching out in troops
Nation to nation, there's no limitation
To what we can do

We were sent on a mission
Gonna hold our position
Until the job is done
A simple truth to deliver
Of what it means to surrender
And stand together as one

The world is turning to disaster
When will the fighting stop?
If it is peace that we are after
It starts with us

We're an army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
We've got to make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 loving just a little more
5,6,7,8 daring to make a change

One by one, marching toward the sun
We will show you the way
Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and brothers
We all are the same

And we're here to remind you
Of the light that's inside you
If you look within
We'll trade your hate for compassion
We are kindness in action
Inviting you in

The world is turning to disaster
We have the power to stop
'Cause if it's peace that we are after
It starts with us

Just join our army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
We can make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 let love in a little more
5,6,7,8 dare to make a change

All across the nation
We're extending an invitation
To join us in making change
To let love in today
Yeah let it in, 'cause in the end
We get only get back what we give
So come on in and...

Join our army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
Let's make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 let love in a little more
5,6,7,8 dare to make a change

Special thanks to all of YOU for your wonderful pictures, to Amy Grace (!) and to MJJC Legacy Project, MJ's Army, WithAChildsHeart's Blog, AllForLoveBlog, MJJ-777, Inner Michael and everyone else who helped us get the word out!

We love you, Michael. Forever. Thank you for everything.

Major Love Prayer is Thursday, Nov 25th! *Today*

Thursday is the 25th and once again time to send out a MAJOR LOVE! Hope to meet you all in spirit at the usual time: 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm in the UK / 23:00 CET and the morning of the 26th in Australia and Asia. (Time Zone Chart).

It's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., so many there will be busy, but we hope you can join us with your families. Last year on Thanksgiving my family started a new tradition I thought I'd share. Before dinner each of us must name 10 things we're THANKFUL for (without commentary or complaining, lol). Naming one thing is easy. Ten makes you really think! It's a wonderful exercise in gratitude and love. I know tomorrow that all of YOU will be in my list! Thank you, Lovelies, for continuing to work on healing the world and for keeping Michael's message and mission alive. Bless you all ~ ` ♥ ♥ ♥

If you're on Twitter, the #HoldMyHand Twitterthon is happening today as well :)

P.S. Putting the finishing touches on the 'Army of Love' video. Just waiting for a few things so we can can complete it. Still hoping it will be ready by tomorrow night!

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Words ... will you help make a change?

Here is a new video from Voices Education Program and Barbara of Inner Michael. Please watch, consider and help spread the word. Tweet the vid, Facebook it, get the "Words" out there where others can watch, consider and pass it on. We can heal and prevent the words and violence of bullying, harassment and lies if we join together to make a change and educate our children in the ways of integrity, empathy and compassion. It starts with us.

"In the summer of 2009 an event with a global impact caused people to begin weeping in the streets all over the world. By autumn of that same year, it was clear that something was terribly wrong-- a discovery revealed that words had been wielded deliberately and inhumanely within a very visible and global platform and had caused intractable violence. Humanitarians who championed humane initiatives and humanitarian efforts as advocates for social change and improving the human condition were bullied on a global stage and were harmed with the whole world watching. This curriculum is dedicated to them. People of conscience around the world began to examine this violence with words and expressed a desire to do something about it. The Words and Violence Curriculum... is that something."-BK

Free curriculum for middle schools, high schools, colleges and civic programs. Learn the power of words-- to hurt or to heal. Understand the magnitude of bullying and violence with words and how it affects our society. Featured by Voices Education Project- global humanitarian organization and pedagogical institute.

Words and Violence Curriculum
Voices Education Project

Friday, Nov 19th is photo submission deadline!

We've received such wonderful pics so far, everyone! Thanks! Deadline is this Friday! To be included in the 'Army of Love' music video all you need to do is:

1 ♥ Snap a quick picture (or 5 to 10-second video) of yourself, displaying a HEART shape for the camera
2 ♥ Send it to hearts@majorloveprayer.org or upload (photos only) to our Facebook page
3 ♥ Please, please tell us what country you are from with your email/upload!

Deadline for pic submission is Friday, November 19, 2010.

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MLP Website Turns One

Major Love Prayer started on a forum among a group of fans wanting to "send out a major love". Less than two months later this website came into being, to gather everyone in one place and to spread the word globally. We wanted to grow this energy, get the entire 'MJ family' (plus all others with the same goals) onboard to have the largest impact possible on the world, to heal the world with L.O.V.E. The day this site officially came online was November 13, 2009! :) You can read the first ever post about the purpose and plans here: "Sending out a major love..."

We want to again say THANK YOU to all of you who've carried this on! Really, really, really, thank you! There's no monthly prayer without YOU. As Michael sang, "I can't do it by myself." In the year since this site began we've had 100,000 visitors, we've added features such as a forum, a Facebook page and Twitter, and YOU have added beautiful poems, essays and 19 different language translations of the prayer instructions, plus hundreds of lovely comments expressing your love for Michael, for each other and for the world. And this is just the beginning, you guys!

As we enter the second year, it's unfortunately a difficult time for the fan community (due to the controversy over three tracks on the upcoming album 'Michael') and we want you to know that MLP is here. It continues. This is a place for everyone, no matter what you believe about songs or theories or what's happening. On November 25th (our next global prayer), please put all that aside and join us. Please help us spread the word and remind everyone that we're ONE and only as ONE will we triumph over this adversity or any other that confronts us. This is something we can all do together, in unity, with our hearts connected and with the spirit of L.O.V.E. Love is what brought us together (thank you forever, for SO much, beautiful Michael!) and love is what will hold us together. Through love we can change the world, with focus, with energy, with action. Please never forget that. "Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand."

LOVE. That is Michael's message; yesterday, today and forever. Thank you, everyone! ♥

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♥ ♥ ♥ Tune in to the love vibration ♥ ♥ ♥

Hello, lovely Army of Love! We'd like to share with you this wonderful, beautiful new video, about the powers of LOVE and ONENESS and some awesome ways to connect for Major Love Prayer (or any prayer) with chanting, rhythm and music. "There's an ocean of love all around us, all the time. We just have to tune into it..." So let's jam! ♥

Major L.O.V.E. and thanks to our friend 'TuneinToBliss'!!!! :)))

From Youtube video description: When thousands of people across the world send out love at the same time , Others will resonate to our vibration Thats why a global prayer/Chant/intension is necessary to heal the world. At 2PM Los Angeles Time ( Check your timezone here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock... ) a houndred thousand people from 64 countries are already joining in to the MAJOR LOVE PRAYER ,http://www.majorloveprayer.org . This number has to rise everyday ! This global prayer was started by MJ fans in purpose to heal the world , you don't necessary have to be a fan of Michael Jackson to join , if you are a spiritual or religious person or just a loving and kind individual I strongly advise you join us too. You can feel the effect yourself when you start chanting or jammin' along. There are lots of positive (prayer) songs in my playlist , pick one & pick up ! have a nice jam !
L.O.V.E. = Living One Vibrational Energy !!!!!!"

Announcing the 'Army of Love' Video Project!

Video was completed November 25th! :) See 'Michael Jackson's Army Of Love' to watch! ♥


First posted October 25 / updated November 4th
This is for our entire MJ family, so feel free to post on your forums and blogs. Please help us spread the word :) THANKS to the wonderful people of MJJC Legacy Team, WithAChildsHeart's Blog, AllForLoveBlog and MJJ-777.com ♥ ♥ ♥

We have exciting news about a new collaborative creative project we hope you'll all be a part of!!! Musician, artist and Major Love Prayer participant Amy Grace has recorded an original song inspired by Michael Jackson called 'Army of Love'. It's a wonderful, mid-tempo tune completely infused with the spirit of love and unity ... about joining together as one to make a change and heal the world! Some of the lyrics are: "One by one, here we come, marching out in troops, Nation to nation, there's no limitation to what we can do, We were sent on a mission, Gonna hold our position until the job is done.... We're an army for peace, armed with L-O-V-E."

Now here's where YOU, as a Soldier of Love, come in! We're creating a special video for this song to spread love and show the amazing strength & number of our global MJ-family; Michael's inspiring Army of Love! To do this we need to enlist the help of our fellow 'soldiers'! For the next couple of weeks we'll be accepting photos for inclusion in this video, showing Michael's worldwide, united 'Army of Love', from all sites, all forums, ALL of us :)

To be included in the video all you need to do is:

1 ♥ Snap a quick picture (or 5 to 10-second video) of yourself, displaying a HEART shape for the camera

2 ♥ Send it to hearts@majorloveprayer.org or upload (photos only) to our Facebook page

3 ♥ Please, please tell us what country you are from with your email/upload!

Deadline for pic submission is November 19, 2010*. If possible, we'd love to be able to have this video ready by the end of November. Note: If we receive too many photos for the song we may need to cut the deadline short, so please get your pics to us as soon as you can. :) When completed, it will be uploaded to Youtube and Facebook for sharing.

* - Deadline extended to 9pm EST (2am GMT) Tuesday, November 23rd

Heart Photo Tips: The heart shape in your picture could be anything - a cut-out heart sign, a love-themed poster for Michael, clothing with hearts, a heart-shaped mudra with your hands, holding a heart pillow or balloon, etc, etc - be as creative as you like, but please show YOU somehow in the pic. We're representing one soldier at a time, after all. JPG or PNG format, please. Videos should be very short (5 to 10 seconds max) and 'landscape' oriented (like a normal youtube video) and not the tall, narrow 'portrait' format that some cell phones take, please. Audio might be used, but not likely.

Notes: Your email address will only be seen by me (BeGodsGlow) or Amy Grace for the sole purpose of collecting photos for this video and replying to you if there is a question. After completion, your emails will be deleted. By sending us a photo or video you are declaring that you have the right/permission to send it to us for this purpose (to be used in a a publicly displayed video). Names will not be included in the final video, but please do give us your country's name so we can show how global MJ fans are! We do have the right to disclude any photos or videos that we feel are not appropriate, are in an unusable format, do not meet guidelines or won't fit due to time constraints of the song. This is absolutely a not-for-profit MJ fan production (no money involved) and will be created simply for upload on Youtube and Facebook for the purpose of spreading love. Thank you, everyone and thank you, Michael! ♥

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