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Important update! Action regarding Discovery Channel

Wonderful news! Update Dec 31!!! Discovery cancels Michael Jackson autopsy TV show (Reuters)

This has already been posted about on the forum and Facebook, but in case you don't know yet... Please read the message below for details about the scheduled mock autopsy television program set to air throughout Europe in January. [Also see from today: Jackson Estate Demands Cancellation of Autopsy Show] There is a worldwide joint effort by websites, forums and the estate to stop this program from going forward. If you are in agreement... please, we NEED YOU to help with this right away! Read the message below about steps to take TODAY. Please translate and alert fan sites in your own language if necessary. The program is set to air in two weeks on Discovery Channel in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It will air on DMAX in Germany and on Real Time in Italy.
No doubt you are aware that Discovery Communications intend to air a succession of programs that re-enact a mock autopsy of Michael Jackson, using a synthetic cadaver and a doctor who will perfom the mock autopsy. Scheduled to hit UK screens and a host of other countries throughout Europe, from January 13th through to the 16th, many people within the fanbase -- and elsewhere -- are naturally appalled by this prospect.

Advertised as a dramatic re-enactment of Michael's autopsy, recently released promo grabs of the imagery Discovery plans to use, reveal the obviously sensationalist intention behind the making of these shows. All members of this site are now asked to express their clear opposition to these programs. We are not deluding ourselves. These programs may indeed air, but to do nothing shames us as Fans -- and as people.

Everyone is now asked to do three simple things:

1: Express Your disgust in emails, calls and letters.

In the US, UK, and other countries around the world, people are writing, emailing and calling Discovery as often as they can ( preferably daily). How do you to do that? Details here: : http://tl.gd/7p3i3h

We need thousands of people, the like of whch has never been seen, to call the numbers contained within the above link. We are advising fans to prepare a written statement before they call so that they can express themselves clearly to the operator they reach -- or the recorded message they are directed to.People can then leave that message at Discovery's Viewer Relations phone line in the US, the customer service department in the UK, and the phone-line of Lucy Radciffe --- the senior assistant to Nicolas Bonard -- head of Discovery UK. That link also contains the email addresses of key Discovery executives and the email address of Dr Hunter who will be 'performing' the mock autopsy.

2: Block Discovery from their Cable viewing selection - and make sure Discovery know they have done so.

By calling their cable providers and requesting that the Discovery channel is removed or blocked from their TV line-up, and/or blocking Dscovery by using the parental controls feature on their Cable or Dish set-up ---and making sure Discovery know they have done this -- fans can easily but effectively put their protest to Discovery -- into action.

The most important point is this: -- that by making that call to their cable provider and asking that a log be made of their request for the removal of the Discovery Channel from their package, or informing their provider that they have blocked Discovery from their channel selection -- you will send a loud and clear protest to Discovery.

Simply blocking Discovery does not send a digital or automatic signal to them. It is when fans actually call their cable providers, then call Discovery, and send an email to Discovery's on-site complaints link -- that Discovery are immediately alerted that there is a serious problem -- and one that won't go away.

Details on how to block and inform Discovery are at this link: http://t.co/GOXyhLN

3: Help build a 'Discovery Protest Package.'

All fans area asked to send a copy of the emails they send to Discovery executives ( you can simply cc all of them in one email - see http://tl.gd/7p3i3h) and bcc (send a copy to) mjj@innocent.com . We are asking for this so that those emails can be added to a phsyical package that will be fedexed to Discovery in early January 2011.

Thank you everyone for your help. We all know why we are doing this -- and whatever happens -- Not trying wasn't an option.

P.S. Here's the Petition Against Discovery Show (but don't let that be a substitute for writing and calling - it's not a substitute for those very important actions!). Also, here's the December 27th blogradio show on this topic by Rev Catherine Gross (A Place in Your Heart): Urgent Call for Action (blogradio) -- Another news item, from LA Times Blog (you can view full scanned letter): An outraged Michael Jackson estate urges Discovery Channel to cancel broadcast

This topic is on our forum at:

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Prayer is TODAY ♥ 2pm PST!

Updated: THANK YOU for such a lovely and powerful prayer, everyone! And Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this holiday!

The December 25th worldwide prayer of HEALING and LOVE is today! Please read our important post about this month's prayer (Healing the World with Love) if you haven't already. And don't forget, you can discuss your experiences and thoughts about the prayer or other topics on our forum :)

Today's prayer is at the usual time, 2pm PST. There is a live countdown timer on this website (just beneath the main graphic toward the top of the page) and you can verify the time in your location on the time chart at timeanddate.com. Prayer instructions in 19 languages can be found here. We hope to meet you all very soon in spirit, to heal the world with love and create peace on Earth and inside each of our hearts. Love to all of you! ♥

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Healing the World with Love (MLP is TODAY, the 25th!)

Tomorrow is the 25th and as always we will be uniting across the globe to send out a major love! (2pm PST / 5pm EST / 22:00 GMT - Time Zone Chart). In many parts of the world people will be celebrating Christmas, which makes this prayer extra special for those who are.

The ultimate goal of Major Love Prayer is HEALING through love, and this 25th we'd like to really emphasize that. The love we're sending together is meant to really do something. It's energy and it's real. Many of you have said that this prayer has been very dear to you over the past 15 months since it began, helping you in your own healing process from grief. It has done this for the rest of us as well. Tremendously. It is not just transforming each of us, though. When we connect as one to send LOVE we are amplifying this energy within us, through us, between us, in the world and beyond the world. We are HEALING on multiple levels.

If you have read any books by the likes of Gregg Braden or Bruce Lipton, studies by Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona, or in particular 'The Field' and 'The Intention Experiment' by Lynne McTaggart, you already know about some of the cutting edge research into consciousness. There is somehow a very real connection from one mind and heart to the next. So much is happening between us and the rest of the universe from one nanosecond to the next, and we are usually unaware of this in a normal waking state. Nonetheless, it is measurable. One thing long-espoused in mystical, especially Eastern, spiritual teachings is that we are all ONE, yet perceive ourselves as separate in this dimension. ("You and I were never separate. It's just an illusion, wrought by the magical lens of perception.") Scientific experiments are seemingly confirming this, or are on that track, at least. Quantum physics is trying to unravel this type of mystery, as it shows up in discoveries like the observer effect or in quantum entanglement, the instantaneous connection between two particles at any distance, faster than light and with no as-yet-known method of information transfer. That's not fantasy, but quite provable. How it works and how or if it applies to the macro-cosmic world is not yet understood. In fact, there are so many things we don't yet understand about this physical existence. One thing we should we all know, though, is that some things are true whether we believe in them (yet) or not.

One of these mysterious forces is prayer or focused intention, with or without a religious component. We'll hopefully talk a bit more about this topic in the future, but to be brief for the moment, many well-executed studies have shown there is an effect. Oftentimes the effect appears to be small, such as with a recent group intention experiment that affected the pH of water. Results like this are only observations in the material world, however, via experiments designed to have a direct and immediate physical effect. If a few thousands minds that are focused on turning water into wine can create even a tiny change in water pH for the duration of the 10-minute focus time, that's really significant. Physical matter doesn't generally change before our eyes in an instant, or we'd be living in Harry Potter world and outdoing Hollywood with our magic wands.

What if we do have magic wands in the realm of consciousness, though? How many times have you heard that your thoughts affect your reality? What exactly can we affect with our thoughts? And perhaps more powerfully, with our focused emotion? If thousands of minds can connect to the bliss and peace of LOVE, grow it and expand it through the plane of consciousness and feeling and out to the rest of the world, how would we even measure this? What study could prove it? All disease and war may not miraculously disappear by morning (although let's not dismisss from the realm of possibility ;), but could that love change these things over time by infusing the actions we and others take with just a little bit more kindness? Could this love be healing us all from the inside out, on another level first, trickling down into our 'reality' as the outer world rearranges itself to reflect the inner? As above, so below? Mind over matter? Heal the mind, heal the heart, heal the world?

To some that may sound like magical thinking, but magic and miracles are a part of the Christmas spirit, so let's take it to the max this 25th! Let's connect with JOY. Let's try to let go of any sorrow or anger for a moment, think of something or someone that makes us smile (!) and then send that out as a MAJOR LOVE that desires nothing more than to HEAL. When we visualize holding hands across the planet, if it's within your beliefs maybe you can even see not just us here in flesh, but all those you love who have passed and who have the same goal. Maybe you believe in angels. If so, do they join us? Is Michael with us? We are all connected by love, they as well! This love we are sending is HEALING to ALL; emotionally, mentally, physically. It is joyous and filled with light and all touched by it are radiant with this light. Love only seeks to give. It is going through you, through me, through every child, every adult, every animal, the water, the air, every blade of grass and grain of sand on a distant beach and beyond. It simply IS. And we are part of it, timeless, without borders, in peace. We are all ONE.

Let's heal the world and create peace on Earth. Thank you and bless each one of you! It's only together that this prayer can happen. And thank you, Michael. So, so much. You are forever and always in our hearts. We love you more. Happy holidays, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

(Thanks, xXUniqueDiamondXx, for compiling some of Michael's beautiful Christmas messages in this video.)

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Next MLP is coming up! December 25th!

Just a quick reminder that the next Major Love Prayer is December 25th at 2pm Pacific time. You can check for the time in your location on the Time Zone Chart and if you're new, check out the Guide to the Monthly Prayer (available in 19 languages). Hope to join you all this month to send a major love to the children of the world and to heal our fan community and the world with love! ♥

P.S. Spread some L-O-V-E and share the Army of Love video on your forum or website :)

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'Army of Love' marching around the world! (& German translation)

So many beautiful comments here and on YouTube, you guys! And thanks to a friend, we now have the lyrics to 'Army of Love' translated to Deutsch. Below is the video again and the lyrics in both English and German. Major thanks to all of our fellow soldiers of L.O.V.E.! Please feel free to embed the video on your own sites or forums -- let's spread the love around the world, to as many people as possible! (If there's a way to link back here so more people find the monthly prayer, that would be wonderful as well. :wink: - Next MLP is December 25.) ♥ ♥ ♥

The "Army of Love" music video premiered on November 25th in this post: Michael Jackson's ARMY OF LOVE

In November 2010 Michael Jackson fans all around the world contributed photos and artwork as 'soldiers of love' for this special short film, featuring the beautiful song "Army of Love" by Amy Grace. This is our global MJ-family. May we always be united. May we always remember the L.O.V.E. and learn to be God's glow, healing the world and spreading the message of love and peace for our families, our neighbors, for Michael and for the planet. We're sending out a major love! And this is our message to you: LOVE!

And you can now download a slightly different updated version of the song 'Army of Love' from Amy Grace's website :) mp3 download page

[Note: If you do not see the embedded lyrics above, please try this link instead.]

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Michael Jackson's "ARMY OF LOVE"! (the video is here!)

In November 2010 Michael Jackson fans all around the world contributed photos and artwork as 'soldiers of love' via MajorLovePrayer.org for this special short film, featuring the beautiful song "Army of Love" by Amy Grace. This is our global MJ-family. May we always be united. May we always remember the L.O.V.E. and learn to be God's glow, healing the world and spreading the message of love and peace for our families, our neighbors, for Michael and for the planet. We're sending out a major love! And this is our message to you: LOVE!

Thank you SO much to each of you who contributed to this beautiful project! Just like MLP, it couldn't exist without YOU! We are sending out a major, major love! Let the message be heard around the world...

Direct link to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ne_6KC3P6o

Update! You can now download an updated version of of the song 'Army of Love' from Amy Grace's website :) mp3 download page

© Amy Grace 2010
One by one, here we come
Marching out in troops
Nation to nation, there's no limitation
To what we can do

We were sent on a mission
Gonna hold our position
Until the job is done
A simple truth to deliver
Of what it means to surrender
And stand together as one

The world is turning to disaster
When will the fighting stop?
If it is peace that we are after
It starts with us

We're an army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
We've got to make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 loving just a little more
5,6,7,8 daring to make a change

One by one, marching toward the sun
We will show you the way
Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and brothers
We all are the same

And we're here to remind you
Of the light that's inside you
If you look within
We'll trade your hate for compassion
We are kindness in action
Inviting you in

The world is turning to disaster
We have the power to stop
'Cause if it's peace that we are after
It starts with us

Just join our army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
We can make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 let love in a little more
5,6,7,8 dare to make a change

All across the nation
We're extending an invitation
To join us in making change
To let love in today
Yeah let it in, 'cause in the end
We get only get back what we give
So come on in and...

Join our army for peace
Armed with L-O-V-E
'Cause it's the only thing that will set you free
Together holding hands
Let's make a stand
And bring salvation back
1,2,3,4 let love in a little more
5,6,7,8 dare to make a change

Special thanks to all of YOU for your wonderful pictures, to Amy Grace (!) and to MJJC Legacy Project, MJ's Army, WithAChildsHeart's Blog, AllForLoveBlog, MJJ-777, Inner Michael and everyone else who helped us get the word out!

We love you, Michael. Forever. Thank you for everything.

Major Love Prayer is Thursday, Nov 25th! *Today*

Thursday is the 25th and once again time to send out a MAJOR LOVE! Hope to meet you all in spirit at the usual time: 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm in the UK / 23:00 CET and the morning of the 26th in Australia and Asia. (Time Zone Chart).

It's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., so many there will be busy, but we hope you can join us with your families. Last year on Thanksgiving my family started a new tradition I thought I'd share. Before dinner each of us must name 10 things we're THANKFUL for (without commentary or complaining, lol). Naming one thing is easy. Ten makes you really think! It's a wonderful exercise in gratitude and love. I know tomorrow that all of YOU will be in my list! Thank you, Lovelies, for continuing to work on healing the world and for keeping Michael's message and mission alive. Bless you all ~ ` ♥ ♥ ♥

If you're on Twitter, the #HoldMyHand Twitterthon is happening today as well :)

P.S. Putting the finishing touches on the 'Army of Love' video. Just waiting for a few things so we can can complete it. Still hoping it will be ready by tomorrow night!

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Words ... will you help make a change?

Here is a new video from Voices Education Program and Barbara of Inner Michael. Please watch, consider and help spread the word. Tweet the vid, Facebook it, get the "Words" out there where others can watch, consider and pass it on. We can heal and prevent the words and violence of bullying, harassment and lies if we join together to make a change and educate our children in the ways of integrity, empathy and compassion. It starts with us.

"In the summer of 2009 an event with a global impact caused people to begin weeping in the streets all over the world. By autumn of that same year, it was clear that something was terribly wrong-- a discovery revealed that words had been wielded deliberately and inhumanely within a very visible and global platform and had caused intractable violence. Humanitarians who championed humane initiatives and humanitarian efforts as advocates for social change and improving the human condition were bullied on a global stage and were harmed with the whole world watching. This curriculum is dedicated to them. People of conscience around the world began to examine this violence with words and expressed a desire to do something about it. The Words and Violence Curriculum... is that something."-BK

Free curriculum for middle schools, high schools, colleges and civic programs. Learn the power of words-- to hurt or to heal. Understand the magnitude of bullying and violence with words and how it affects our society. Featured by Voices Education Project- global humanitarian organization and pedagogical institute.

Words and Violence Curriculum
Voices Education Project

Friday, Nov 19th is photo submission deadline!

We've received such wonderful pics so far, everyone! Thanks! Deadline is this Friday! To be included in the 'Army of Love' music video all you need to do is:

1 ♥ Snap a quick picture (or 5 to 10-second video) of yourself, displaying a HEART shape for the camera
2 ♥ Send it to hearts@majorloveprayer.org or upload (photos only) to our Facebook page
3 ♥ Please, please tell us what country you are from with your email/upload!

Deadline for pic submission is Friday, November 19, 2010.

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MLP Website Turns One

Major Love Prayer started on a forum among a group of fans wanting to "send out a major love". Less than two months later this website came into being, to gather everyone in one place and to spread the word globally. We wanted to grow this energy, get the entire 'MJ family' (plus all others with the same goals) onboard to have the largest impact possible on the world, to heal the world with L.O.V.E. The day this site officially came online was November 13, 2009! :) You can read the first ever post about the purpose and plans here: "Sending out a major love..."

We want to again say THANK YOU to all of you who've carried this on! Really, really, really, thank you! There's no monthly prayer without YOU. As Michael sang, "I can't do it by myself." In the year since this site began we've had 100,000 visitors, we've added features such as a forum, a Facebook page and Twitter, and YOU have added beautiful poems, essays and 19 different language translations of the prayer instructions, plus hundreds of lovely comments expressing your love for Michael, for each other and for the world. And this is just the beginning, you guys!

As we enter the second year, it's unfortunately a difficult time for the fan community (due to the controversy over three tracks on the upcoming album 'Michael') and we want you to know that MLP is here. It continues. This is a place for everyone, no matter what you believe about songs or theories or what's happening. On November 25th (our next global prayer), please put all that aside and join us. Please help us spread the word and remind everyone that we're ONE and only as ONE will we triumph over this adversity or any other that confronts us. This is something we can all do together, in unity, with our hearts connected and with the spirit of L.O.V.E. Love is what brought us together (thank you forever, for SO much, beautiful Michael!) and love is what will hold us together. Through love we can change the world, with focus, with energy, with action. Please never forget that. "Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand."

LOVE. That is Michael's message; yesterday, today and forever. Thank you, everyone! ♥

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♥ ♥ ♥ Tune in to the love vibration ♥ ♥ ♥

Hello, lovely Army of Love! We'd like to share with you this wonderful, beautiful new video, about the powers of LOVE and ONENESS and some awesome ways to connect for Major Love Prayer (or any prayer) with chanting, rhythm and music. "There's an ocean of love all around us, all the time. We just have to tune into it..." So let's jam! ♥

Major L.O.V.E. and thanks to our friend 'TuneinToBliss'!!!! :)))

From Youtube video description: When thousands of people across the world send out love at the same time , Others will resonate to our vibration Thats why a global prayer/Chant/intension is necessary to heal the world. At 2PM Los Angeles Time ( Check your timezone here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock... ) a houndred thousand people from 64 countries are already joining in to the MAJOR LOVE PRAYER ,http://www.majorloveprayer.org . This number has to rise everyday ! This global prayer was started by MJ fans in purpose to heal the world , you don't necessary have to be a fan of Michael Jackson to join , if you are a spiritual or religious person or just a loving and kind individual I strongly advise you join us too. You can feel the effect yourself when you start chanting or jammin' along. There are lots of positive (prayer) songs in my playlist , pick one & pick up ! have a nice jam !
L.O.V.E. = Living One Vibrational Energy !!!!!!"

Announcing the 'Army of Love' Video Project!

Video was completed November 25th! :) See 'Michael Jackson's Army Of Love' to watch! ♥


First posted October 25 / updated November 4th
This is for our entire MJ family, so feel free to post on your forums and blogs. Please help us spread the word :) THANKS to the wonderful people of MJJC Legacy Team, WithAChildsHeart's Blog, AllForLoveBlog and MJJ-777.com ♥ ♥ ♥

We have exciting news about a new collaborative creative project we hope you'll all be a part of!!! Musician, artist and Major Love Prayer participant Amy Grace has recorded an original song inspired by Michael Jackson called 'Army of Love'. It's a wonderful, mid-tempo tune completely infused with the spirit of love and unity ... about joining together as one to make a change and heal the world! Some of the lyrics are: "One by one, here we come, marching out in troops, Nation to nation, there's no limitation to what we can do, We were sent on a mission, Gonna hold our position until the job is done.... We're an army for peace, armed with L-O-V-E."

Now here's where YOU, as a Soldier of Love, come in! We're creating a special video for this song to spread love and show the amazing strength & number of our global MJ-family; Michael's inspiring Army of Love! To do this we need to enlist the help of our fellow 'soldiers'! For the next couple of weeks we'll be accepting photos for inclusion in this video, showing Michael's worldwide, united 'Army of Love', from all sites, all forums, ALL of us :)

To be included in the video all you need to do is:

1 ♥ Snap a quick picture (or 5 to 10-second video) of yourself, displaying a HEART shape for the camera

2 ♥ Send it to hearts@majorloveprayer.org or upload (photos only) to our Facebook page

3 ♥ Please, please tell us what country you are from with your email/upload!

Deadline for pic submission is November 19, 2010*. If possible, we'd love to be able to have this video ready by the end of November. Note: If we receive too many photos for the song we may need to cut the deadline short, so please get your pics to us as soon as you can. :) When completed, it will be uploaded to Youtube and Facebook for sharing.

* - Deadline extended to 9pm EST (2am GMT) Tuesday, November 23rd

Heart Photo Tips: The heart shape in your picture could be anything - a cut-out heart sign, a love-themed poster for Michael, clothing with hearts, a heart-shaped mudra with your hands, holding a heart pillow or balloon, etc, etc - be as creative as you like, but please show YOU somehow in the pic. We're representing one soldier at a time, after all. JPG or PNG format, please. Videos should be very short (5 to 10 seconds max) and 'landscape' oriented (like a normal youtube video) and not the tall, narrow 'portrait' format that some cell phones take, please. Audio might be used, but not likely.

Notes: Your email address will only be seen by me (BeGodsGlow) or Amy Grace for the sole purpose of collecting photos for this video and replying to you if there is a question. After completion, your emails will be deleted. By sending us a photo or video you are declaring that you have the right/permission to send it to us for this purpose (to be used in a a publicly displayed video). Names will not be included in the final video, but please do give us your country's name so we can show how global MJ fans are! We do have the right to disclude any photos or videos that we feel are not appropriate, are in an unusable format, do not meet guidelines or won't fit due to time constraints of the song. This is absolutely a not-for-profit MJ fan production (no money involved) and will be created simply for upload on Youtube and Facebook for the purpose of spreading love. Thank you, everyone and thank you, Michael! ♥

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...you hear a creature creeping up behind!

Happy Halloween ... for you kids of all ages who celebrate the day :) Have a safe and spooky night ~ ` `

... and now we shall never grow apart

Once We Had A Judgement
by Zenab (c) 2010

Once we had a judgement
More so wrong than right
We couldn't eat bread with our brothers without a fight
We tore at hearts with all our might
For no foolish reason save to convince that we were right
And slowly we pushed out of our lives our very light.

Adamant was our signature
We knew it better than we knew ourselves
For we cared for no other being
And we behaved like Gods without realising that someday our bodies will quit breathing.

We all looked at God in so many ways
We fought ourselves to the grave
To be the conquerors of his love we killed our neighbours
Never knowing that God doesn't preach that either
Insight failed us
We never look around to see that we truly are one family
We stood centuries, side by side, before we decided to grow apart.

Then, once again, they decided to reach to us,
The Lord and his universe too
And take us to the times when love was all we knew
We thought it strange
We tried to disobey by letting our minds take flight
But we were soon to learn that love was the strongest of all the fights.

Love began to take over
Day by day
A little girl gave a soldier a rose to make his heart not go astray
Hope began to take over
Hour by hour
And the prayers of the sick and the healthy alike became louder and louder
It was the beginning of the journey for our eternal souls
It was the beginning for the universe to take us back home.

Pens returned to paper to write songs of truth
And paintings drew themselves with the hand only there to move
We were returning there but had not yet arrived
Our hearts were in the middle of two worlds
Our minds were still not at home
Until we glanced at the moon for the first time since separation filled all we had.

Finally we have reached home
We are one with our Earth
We look at the crimes we used to commit,
The stealing, the murders, the pain, the tears and the cheating
And praise ourselves that we won against it
Day by day
Because we now know we are all people and that is all life has to say
We woke up before it was much too late
We let go off all the wars, poverty, lies and hate
In the very end, we have healed the world
For we let our mouths be quiet and listen to Love's sound
We finally landed our feet on the ground
We are one and now we shall never grow apart.

Thank you for the Love (Monday Oct 25th)

THANK YOU, EVERYONE for such a beautiful experience. The October 25th prayer was very touching. We were ONE in LOVE, with each other, with the world, with all, radiating compassion and light, healing the world one energy wave at a time, until all consciousness on Earth awakens to the "ultimate truth at the heart of all creation": LOVE! ♥

See you all again soon :) Our next prayer is November 25th! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, RSS or Friend Connect/OpenID to get updates of new posts and the latest activities. Please keep spreading the word. We love you! Thank you, MJ-fam!

Please check out our latest post, too: http://www.majorloveprayer.org/2010/10/announcing-army-of-love-video-project.html This is an exciting new project that everyone can become involved in with a simple photograph. It's a music video about MJ's 'Army of Love'! :)

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Every act of kindness, Every prayer of love

We recently ran across this beautiful story online and want to share it. What you will read below is simply magical and is one of countless stories like it that now live in the hearts of so many across the world. It's a story of LOVE, CARING, COMPASSION and MIRACLES. Oh Michael, thank you and bless you! You continue be an inspiration to us and a shining light of hope, and will be through the rest of our days ... and beyond. We pray that we can all find it in our hearts to emulate you, even in some small way, through whatever gifts we have been given in this life. Even if our way of doing so may seem insignificant to us at the time, every act of kindness and every prayer of love leaves a lasting impact on our world and for the future. And Michael is always there to remind us. ♥

Posted in comments on oprah.com October 18, 2010 by 'SwiftHearts': -- "I recently heard of this interview airing and decided to get more information about it on Oprah's website. This is when I stumbled across this discussion and decided to share my story. I was diagnosed with a rare form of child bone cancer in 2000 at the age of fifteen. I was to start chemo therapy in August of that year. Not many people know this but Michael opened up Neverland several times each year for anyone to come and enjoy the park. Everything was free. Rides, games, food. A friend of mine who was a regular at Neverland called me one night and told me the park was going to be open for two weeks at the beginning of August that year. I asked my parents if they would take me the week before I was scheduled to start chemo. My doctors all advised against saying they feared I was too weak but I eventually talked my parents in to it. We had to drive what seemed like several miles after we went through the front gates of Neverland to get to where the actual park was with the rides. As we were driving down the winding road something came over me that I can't explain to this day. It was almost a feeling of peace.

When my family and I stepped out of the car we weren't sure if we should check in with someone or really what to do. A man finally walked over to us and introduced himself and then explained to my parents how everything worked. We signed in with our names and other information and were given matching wrist bands and told we could ride anything we wanted, eat anything we wanted, play any of the games, etc. The man mentioned that on occasion Michael would come outside and say hello to everyone there. My parents thanked the man and within minutes I was at the top of the ferris wheel with my Dad. We rode it three times in a row and then it was on to the swings. We rode the rides for hours before getting in line to get some cotton candy and popcorn. As we sat down at a table with our snacks we noticed a crowd of children running all in one direction. I stood up on the seat of the table we were at but couldn't see anything. Several minutes later the crowd began moving towards us and it was then that I saw Michael. Standing under a huge umbrella and laughing as children were pulling at his arms, legs, and hugging him.

My Mom then grabbed my hand and we made our way over to him. We introduced ourselves and my Mom told him what a wonderful time we were having. She then told him about my cancer and that I would be starting chemo the next week. When she said that Michael put one hand on my head and said, "God Bless you." When he touched me I felt the same feeling of peace and comfort that I did as I had when we drove through the gates of Neverland. He stood there and talked to us for a couple more minutes and then he left. I continued riding rides with my family and the other children but I couldn't stop thinking about meeting him. As we were leaving that night the man who we spoke to when we arrived stopped my dad and handed him a note. The note was from Michael and it was inviting the three of us to have dinner with him. Without hesitation my Dad accepted the invitation and the man then directed us to through another gate which led to the main house. I was surprised once we were in front of the house. I expected it to be this huge mansion but it wasn't. It wasn't small but it certainly wasn't huge. Several people who worked for him greeted us when we pulled up outside. We had dinner with Michael and his children that night and to this day it was the best night of my life. After dinner he asked my parents if it would be ok if he prayed with us and of course they said yes. I had never and still to this day have never heard anyone pray the way he did. At fifteen years old it made me cry.

After he finished praying I opened my eyes and looked to each of my parents who were in tears as well. Michael was gracious enough to give us a tour of some of the things we weren't able to see earlier in the day. He showed us the arcade and the movie theater. The movie theater at Neverland was not your typical theater. Not only were there seats like a real theater, there were also beds for the children who were too sick to sit up. After showing us around we said goodbye to Michael and thanked him for everything. Imagine my Mother's surprise when she received a call from him several days later! We assumed he had obtained our number from the sign in sheet that we filled out upon arriving at Neverland. He asked her how I was doing and she told him I would begin chemo on Monday. He then gave her a number in which to reach him directly and asked her to please call him and let him know how I was doing around the middle of the week. She agreed. I went that Monday morning to the hospital prepared to begin chemo. When the doctor walked in the room he asked both of my parents to sit down. The three of us feared he was going to say the cancer had spread. They had run blood work and some more scans on me two days prior which is typical prior to beginning treatment.

When the doctor began to speak he looked at my parents and said, "I don't know how to tell you this. I don't know how to explain this but Danielle no longer has cancer. There are no signs of it on any of the scans we just took." My Mom, my Dad, and I sat there and just stared at him and finally my Mom burst in to tears. We left the hospital and the first thing my Mom did when we got home was call Michael. I was embarrassed because she was crying on the phone but then she handed the phone to me to speak to him and it was obvious he had been crying as well. Through the years Michael remained in touch with my family and would call us several times a year on the phone to say hello. He would sometimes send us gifts and cards. I have been cancer free for ten years now. I can't explain what happened when I went to Neverland. It's defies explanation. I want people to know that I am not the only one who visited Neverland very sick only to become well after my visit. There are hundreds, if not thousands of us. Our stories were never made public because Michael didn't want that. He was a wonderful man. I have never met anyone who cared so deeply about not just children but people in general."
Thank you so much for sharing this story publicly, Danielle. I hope it's alright that we reposted it here. We originally found it on mjjc.com and mj.com. Please feel free to comment or contact us if you like. Thank you, really. And love to you and your family. ♥

We're sending out a major love *Monday* Oct 25th

Hello LOVEley Ones! Monday, October 25th is our next Major Love Prayer to heal the world with L.O.V.E.! You can find instructions in 19 languages (see Guide to the Monthly Prayer) and be sure to check your time zone so you're in synch with all of us around the world (see Time Zone Chart). There is also a live countdown timer at the top of our page so you'll always know when we're about to begin. And you can stay updated with us on Facebook, via Twitter, RSS feed or with Google Friend Connect.

We've had a few basic questions on Facebook this week, so here's a quick overview for the new folks:

The prayer is open for everyone of all faiths and all belief systems. This is why we also refer to it as meditation or intention-sending. Being religious is not a prerequisite to prayer, so if you're not, don't let the word 'prayer' scare you ;). Most of the power comes from our ability to feel the emotion and inner knowing of unconditional love and compassion. That is what we are giving to the world. If you would like to say a prayer yourself as we begin, by all means do so, in whichever way you like. We will then focus on LOVE and feel the love as intensely as we can. It may help you to think for a moment of those you love (family, friends, Michael, spiritual figures, the children of the world who need our assistance) in order to get the feeling going within you. Once you can feel the LOVE, fill your heart and your body with it so that you're glowing with love. Reach out with this feeling to all the others across the planet who are doing the same. Just visualize streams of love energy, like gorgeous beams of light, going out into the world and connecting. We are holding hands with love energy, covering the Earth in a grid of compassion. Once you feel this, visualize this energy expanding until no part of our planet is untouched by this love. The oceans, the forests, all life is within our globe of love. Know that this love is healing the world, opening hearts to compassion and peace and uniting us as one. Stay in this feeling, hold the vision, for a few minutes if you can. The goal is 10 minutes, but some of you may be at work, making that a bit difficult. Just know that even a short prayer of a minute is better than nothing. Anything you can send from your heart will join the mass wave, the major love, and reverberate around the world. Can you feel it?!


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'Global Oneness Day' is Oct 24, 2010

global oneness dayThis coming Sunday (the day before our next Major Love Prayer) will be a brand new event called 'Global Oneness Day' (also on Facebook). Their website states: "Oneness is more than a beautiful word. Science increasingly shows it is our true nature – that life is a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other. Beyond that, Oneness is the key to peace." What a beautiful movement, and so in line with what we believe here! It says that this special day began after U.N. envoy Anwarul K. Chowdhury (U.N. Culture of Peace initiative) said this past May that an annual Global Oneness Day should be declared to recognize the inner unity of humanity. The group Humanity's Team picked up the ball and declared October 24, 2010 the day.

The Global Oneness Day website has many suggestions and ideas for celebrating the event on Sunday, such as prayers and meditations or the ringing of bells at 11:11 (or other convenient time), lighting a candle for unity, practicing kindness, drum circles, placing signs declaring oneness in car windows or carrying them outdoors, planting a tree, or doing anything that is meaningful in this regard to you or your family.

Since regular participants of Major Love Prayer are well prepared to pray for and with oneness, it would be so wonderful if we could join in on this at 11:11 in our own time zones! Thousands of others across the world will be doing so throughout the day, so join in whenever you'd like! Then on Monday the 25th we will continue this vibe when we send out a major love as ONE! ♥

"The time has come. It is now I see and feel that calling once again to be part of a music that will not just connect, but make all feel ONE, one in joy, one in pain, one in love, one in service and in consciousness."
- Michael Jackson, 2009

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No mere mortal can resist! (Thrill the World this weekend)

Just a little reminder that the yearly Thrill the World global Thriller dance is this weekend (Oct 23)! Folks in 29 countries have registered official events, so there should be one somewhere near you (unless you're freezing in some ice station at the South Pole - seems they're still looking for someone to thrill Antarctica! ;) You can find dancing zombies near you by checking their Join an Event page. Be sure to verify the time with your individual event's website or contact.

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Making Way for Miracles

'Making Way for Miracles' (c) B. Kaufmann of Inner Michael
(Read to the end for a special new meditation exercise :)

A little miracle happened yesterday. Michael Jackson’s name reappeared on Gardner Elementary school in Hollywood. Having his name covered on the auditorium after being falsely accused of unspeakable acts against children must have hurt Michael deeply. That wrong has now made right by a Principal and Superintendent who were courageous in a move that was bold. Congratulations to everyone who lobbied for this symbolic humanitarian act. And major congratulations to those with open hearts—those whose hearts opened and those who opened them. There is nothing so powerful as a grounded “no” said with an open heart. “No” to an injustice from a heartspace that’s open makes miracles.

If Michael was here what would he say? I think he would be grateful. I think he would humbly thank those whose hearts had opened and those who were instrumental in opening them. And I think he would forgive. Because that forgiving would be so very Michael.

Those people who worked for that simple justice are to be commended not just for their accomplishment but for how they went about it—with diplomacy. It is diplomacy that is so sadly lacking in the world and it is diplomacy that is so badly needed. At the same time these miracle workers were firm and resolute, they were respectful, informative, kind and diplomatic. They made friends with those who could have been made the enemy.

Gardner Elementary school and the world aware of it just witnessed the deconstruction of an unkindness, a demilitarization of something that might have become militant, the decommissioning of a weapon that harmed. Gardner School, its leadership and faculty are to be commended. What a marvelous demonstration of willingness to do the right thing and reconsider a hardened cerebral attitude and replace it with a softened and willing heart. What a beautiful demonstration of generosity for the world. We see and appreciate your courage and your respect for humanness and humanity.

Yes, people are human. People often act in haste without considering the long term consequences of their actions and how they speak to the future. Sometimes those who act from the desire to prevent harm may actually and unintentionally create more. The people who covered up Michael’s name did it because they thought they were protecting the children at Gardner Elementary School. We would all agree that a person who truly commits crimes against children should not have their name on a school building where children gather, are housed and are supposed to be nurtured and safe. The sentiment behind that act of obscuring Michael’s name is understandable. It’s very human.

Unfortunately though, it violated some important principles. It interfered with the assumption of innocence inherent in the law and insulted the U.S. Constitution that insures innocence until guilt is proven, due process and equal treatment under the law. An accusation is not guilt although our culture treats some crimes it deems unforgivable and those accused as guilty immediately upon accusation. That is understandable and that is human. But it is wrong. I wonder if there is a way we can repair that broken part of the system? Actually, it’s not the system, it’s a people thing.

Furthermore, an acquittal means “not guilty.” The eyes of the law are not always the eyes of everyone. And eyes can play tricks on people; so can perception. So why is it so hard to change perception? Especially when there is enough evidence to show that the accusations in Michael’s case were motivated by attempted extortion?

We know that keeping the name covered was a violation of many things: principles, the Constitution, sensibility, due process and the violation of decency especially after the man was found not guilty; however we all know that there are places Michael is still severely judged to this day. It is an injustice and yes, it is time for that to end.

Many were angry about it. Some still are. Most were sad. Many considered it a slap in the face to a man who embodied only love and generosity. Many have been unforgiving of those who covered Michael’s name and kept it covered. And some will insist that the uncovering is not enough—they will want a pound of flesh. Yet isn’t that the same thing they did to Michael? I know we have asked ourselves how many chunks of flesh can be excised in a living being before he or she starts to die from bleeding? How long can anyone survive the theft of so many pieces? How long can a being withstand that pummeling and not die from the inside-out? We all have asked those questions And I know most of us never want to ask it again.

There is an invisible cost to all this judging and angst and longing and demanding the punishment that exacts that pound of flesh. There is an energy that surrounds every incident, every circumstance and every event in reality. Each occurrence is like a little mini-universe. It has a center issue that is an attractor field and everything that orbits that central issue has charge. (I mean that in the sense of getting charged up about something.) And those charges create a field- negative or positive- just like electrical charges create a field and magnetic charges create a magnetic field & so on.

Great news! MJ's name uncovered on school auditorium!

gardner school 2010Absolutely wonderful news tonight from the Uncover Michael Jackson's Name (The Gardner St. School Issue Campaign) Facebook page! Michael's name has finally been uncovered!!! (Photo to the left is from today, from the campaign's FB profile. Please check them out and leave your comments!) This is truly something to celebrate!!! Victory for justice and for Michael! Please help us trend #MJsNameUncovered on Twitter! Thank you @HelpUncoverMJXx!

If you are unfamiliar with the history of this, here's a brief summary: In October of 1989 the Gardner Street School, where Michael once attended sixth grade, officially named and dedicated their auditorium to him in a ceremony Michael personally attended to accept the honor:

And thus it was the Michael Jackson Auditorium for many years. That is, until 2003, when the allegations against him were made and the strange decision was made to cover up his name on the building (just based on accusations, in a country where one is supposedly "innocent until proven guilty"). Even after Michael was acquitted entirely of ALL charges in 2005 it remained covered. It was a sad statement, sending a terrible message to the children and the community ... i.e., if you are ever accused, even if you are found innocent, your name will carry shame? It made no sense.

And then (finally!) came today: October 15, 2010! This uncovering of MJ's name is the culmination of a worldwide effort by our MJ fan family, such as those behind the campaign (God bless you, Jennifer, Karla, Ariel, Blessy, Melissa, Michelle, Nathalie, Sahar and Rev Catherine Gross), and every single person who promoted and/or participated in the effort. THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your patience, your perserverance, your belief and your love and respect for Michael and his family. Thank you Taj, thank you Jodi Gomes, thank you Katherine!!! (Read this post on mjj-777 for more info on how this came about! Thank you, Seven!) And thank you even to those fans who didn't know about this campaign in time or who hadn't yet contributed, but wanted to ... for you also love Michael and have faith in the truth, and the truth will prevail! It's up to all of us to take these steps to clear Michael's name in the eyes of a misinformed public. This is one first step, but a hugely important one! I can feel Michael smiling right now, can't you?! :) And a big THANKS as well to the current staff at Gardner St School and the school board who finally listened and did the right thing.

Welcome back, Michael Jackson Auditorium! We love you, Michael!!!!!!!! This is just the beginning! ♥ ♥ ♥

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable
faith in their mission can alter the course of history."
- Gandhi

If you were waiting for a sign...

... this is it! Now is the time. It's up to us. L.O.V.E. is our message.

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We Are One: ♥ Bright Angel ♥

"Bright Angel" by Jan

What forged this bond?
Did you need me
Or the other way round?

Did you know I was here?
How could I help you?
So far away
How could I reach out
Beg you to stay

We met in the music
Our souls embraced
We danced in the rhythms
never face to face.

The words you had written
entered my heart
Was it my imagination?
Was it just art?

Closer and closer
Becoming so fond
I felt your pain
Heard the sound
Of your anguished cry
From across a world
I wept with you
As their weapons unfurled

Not separate
No space between us
Your pain in my heart
Your tears burning my eyes
Closer than my skin
my heartbeat, my breath
I longed to touch
To hold
When darkness closed in
To comfort
Against the gathering din

Did you need me?
Of what use was I?
Did you give me the words?
Did you hear my cry?

Our lives were joined
From that day to this
Hand in hand
Each following our bliss
You with your music
Your dance, your creating
Me with my stories
My articles berating
The blindness, the iniquity
The hatred, the insanity

I watched in amazement
Your comet blazing ‘cross the skies
Until one day last summer
They said you had died

My heart stopped
How could this be
That you are not
Here with me

Then I remembered
A thing you had taught me
Love never dies
In the place you had sought me
In our souls we are one
And once joined this way
I never have to
Beg you to stay

For we are together
Still hand in hand
‘Tho our feet do not touch
The paths or the sand

In our hearts we have bonded
Never to sever
In our thoughts of healing
We will not waver

You continue to shine
In the sun’s bright beams
We reflect your brilliance
Dimmer, it seems

You told us
We’re just another part of you
In the space where we meet
We learn that it’s true

So, Bright Angel,
Lead on
We follow behind
Help us to be
Loving and kind
by your example
ever present in our minds


This beautiful poem was reprinted
with permission from the author.
Please visit her amazing site,
Withachildsheart's Blog.
Thank you so much for sharing
what so many of us feel, Jan! ♥
~ Major L.O.V.E. ~

We're about to send out a Major Love!

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith
in their mission can alter the course of history."
- Gandhi

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ONE IN LOVE: Michael and His Fans

Originally published May 12, 2010
[DE] Deutsche Übersetzung
[ES] Traducción al español
[HR] hrvatski /Croatian translation
One in Love: Michael and His Fans
- (c) 2010 by BeGodsGlow / www.majorloveprayer.org / May 12, 2010

Something that has always puzzled the media and others, but which fans completely understand, is just why those of us who love Michael Jackson have remained steadfastly loyal to him throughout it all, over all the years of ups and downs, and even now we will defend his legacy through thick and thin. The short answer is just one word: LOVE. The long answer would probably fill the Library of Congress a few times over. Of course, love doesn't require an explanation to anyone, but for the sake of celebrating it and hopefully awakening others to it, I'd like to give the world a tiny slice of my insight into the beautiful relationship between Michael and his fans.

First, the word "fan" (coming from "fanatic", for you non-English speakers) never seemed like the right word to me. If you really like a sports team, a television series or the newest trend, you say you're a big fan of it. The word often carries with it a sense of the frivolous, sort of a roll-your-eyes patronization. Dictionary.com defines a fan as "an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer". Enthusiastic is definitely a word I'd use to describe MJ fans! But if you ask us how we truly feel about Michael we'll tell you immediately that it goes much, much deeper than that. We can explain to you that we're not celebrity-chasing simpletons bedazzled by rhinestone socks ("Oooo, sparkly man!") or swept up in a momentary hysteria of paparazzi and the crush of the crowd. And we aren't just dedicated to Michael for his music, his moves, his art or performance. (Although we'll certainly point those things out. He's a groundbreaker, a trendsetter, a unique, beautiful one-of-a-kind, record-holding phenomenon, channeling cosmic creative energy through stunning talent, perfected through a lifetime of hard work and discipline. Michael is amazing. And when you experience something amazing you want to share the joy, hence our occasional near-proselytizing ;)

Behind all of this awe and excitement, though, those of us who love him found someone even more amazing... someone everyone could have found if only they'd looked a tad harder to see through the tabloid headlines and the "shocking, startling, disturbing!" plugs for 'news' segments. If you're still believing that garbage, I can only implore you to read between the lines and seek out facts, not sensationalism shamelessly concocted for profit. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but LOVE trumps them both and Michael's millions of fans are hard proof of this.

The person, the amazing human being behind the talent, was a caring man, a wonderful father and a humanitarian whose heart bled for the children of the world. He was a man who, despite being repeatedly attacked, belittled and subverted, was able to retain a childlike innocence and kindness about him that most adults aren't even clever enough to envy. Even after suffering through the unwarranted 2005 trial and the lead-up to it, with month after agonizing month under threat of what would amount to death if disbelieved, of being accused of hurting those he cherished most (imagine that pain, if you dare), he was still able four years later to speak of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to continue the mission of healing the world and spreading kindness with "L-O-V-E".

Did you know that while on concert tours, even when he was already donating all his profits directly to charity (see Victory Tour and Dangerous Tour for examples of this unparalleled generosity), he visited orphanages and children's hospitals everywhere he went? Most of these visits went unnoticed by media outlets and he wasn't asking for publicity. Kenny Ortega told the following story (video on left): "I was with Michael in Eastern Europe and we got off a plane and he said, 'Do you want to go to the hotel or come to the orphanage with me?'" Kenny chose to go with Michael directly to the orphanage. Once they arrived they found the conditions were quite grim and he observed Michael whispering to a couple of people. Later Kenny learned what Michael had whispered - "This orphanage will be turned around. There will be new beds in here, there will be clean sheets in here, there will be more people in here taking care of these children by tomorrow or I'm not going to go on stage." The situation was turned around in 24 hours. This was how Michael lived and what he stood for. And he visited places like this everywhere he went. How many of us would truly take the time and make the effort to do the same? I mean for real, not because it was just pointed out to you.

Neverland is another case in point. Time and again we have seen programs showcasing the "eccentricity" or "extravagance" of the place, with its Disney-like themes, sculptures and artwork, movie theater, train and amusement park. Now question how often we are reminded about the constant stream of sick kids, underprivileged children and those who were near to their last breath who were entertained and given moments (sometimes stretching into months) of joyous sanctuary at Neverland. Fans were sometimes welcomed onto the grounds to ride the rides and have some ice cream as well! And these things happened whether or not Michael was there. Neverland wasn't only for his own amusement and it wasn't just his attempt to make up for a smidgen of his missed childhood - it was also a gift to the inner child of the world. It was a place for healing and delight, created by a genius of innocence. Thank you so much, Michael. You're Peter Pan in our hearts too.

And now, back to those fans, of which I have been one for over 26 years. Michael's love was not reserved only for the lucky few who were closest to him, but was freely given to the huge crowds who attended his concerts and who gathered in loving frenzy wherever he appeared. (For better at times and for worse at others, one can't very well be the King of Pop without a whole kingdom of followers, right?) What may seem from the outside like a one-way fantasy affair, the relationship between Michael and his fans was anything but. Despite the stresses and pressures of fame, Michael dealt with those who loved him with a calm grace that can only be described as angelic. He would be present in the moment with us, would hug, blow kisses, he would reach out his hand... at least as much as he could, given safety concerns. He frequently expressed admiration for posters and artwork made for him and would thankfully accept these and other gifts from fans. He was patient with autograph seekers and gracious with the hysterical and crying (you know who you are ;) who only wanted that one sublime moment of contact, that one blessed chance to tell him "I love you" in person, and be heard. And isn't that what love wants most... to be expressed, to be given? And hopefully welcomed? Michael must have understood this, for he gave it, accepted it and validated it. "It's all for love."

And after the television crews went home and the crowds thinned, another side of this partnership could be experienced. Groups of admirers would camp outside hotels, waiting for any glimpse of Michael and for one more chance to declare their love. He frequently rewarded them with waves and smiles from his hotel window or balcony. Sometimes his personal videographer would film messages for him from people in the crowd. When it was cold Michael would send down blankets via security personnel. When they'd been waiting outside for hours, singing him songs or cheering him on, he would order a big stack of pizzas just for them. If they stubbornly stayed throughout the night he was known to send down pillows. He would play what fans call "window games" with them, like playful sessions of peek-a-boo behind the curtains in response to their calls. When they held up elaborate signs and posters they'd made for Michael, he would send someone down to pick the items up. If his room was close enough to the ground floor, he'd been known to talk with the remaining fans on occasion late at night. And a great many of them over the years were invited up to hotel rooms to meet with Michael personally.

When fans would hang out in front of Neverland's gates it wasn't so unusual to be given food, drinks, treats and sometimes a welcome to come in for some hours to enjoy the rides. In 1999 Michael personally met and spoke with a whole group of very lucky fans for an entire hour outside a friend's home in London. He also personally attended parties and events organized by fans, such as his 45th Birthday Party and the Killer Thriller Party. And he always showed great concern for individuals in potentially dangerous situations, always watching out for everyone, not wanting anyone to fall and get hurt or be injured by one of the vehicles. There are so many stories and videos demonstrating these moments. One I'd like to share is found in the book "It's All About LOVE". In 2002, a woman named Marjorie, who was receiving chemotherapy treatments at the time, was waiting in Pasadena for the American Bandstand 50th Anniversary taping. The gathering of fans was fortunate to be very close to Michael for some moments. He accepted the artwork Marjorie had made for him and then, to her surprise he reached out and pulled her into a tight hug and whispered, "You should have stayed home. You look very sick." This is but one example of the caring gestures so many received. How many celebrities would notice, and care and hold her in their arms without even receiving any word about her condition? But then he had seen enough sick and dying children in his life to know what someone in the midst of chemo looks like. And he cared.

Another not widely known show of affection from Michael to his fans was the written word. Besides the many personal notes and autographs that exist out there in the world, there are many that were simply written to us, his fans at large. He would often write little love letters on papers, on pillows or whatever was around at the time. Sometimes given away by security, sometimes dropped from hotel windows or handed out of car doors, these tokens of love are sweetly meaningful. Some of them have been compiled in the video to the left (Letters of Love). And Michael always did this. He did this many years ago, all the way up through 2009. Some of them show a vulnerable side ("Please love me always") or contain a plea for us to help him heal the world ("Remember to love the children", "Always help the children. Love them."), while in others he promises to do his best for us and expresses things such as "Thanks for all your loyalty and support" and "You make me so happy, I can feel your energy through the walls". Mostly, though, they were all about LOVE: "I love you", "I will always adore you all", "I truly miss you all and love you from the bottom of my heart", "I love you so much", "Just know that I truly love and appreciate all of you", "You are my life always", "I am recording tonight, for all of you. You are my true inspiration forever", "I truly love you all forever, I promise."

The things fans can take to heart here are: 1) He really meant it, and 2) He wrote these things to ALL of us in the larger sense, you and me as well. Although we may not have been there at the hotel window that night, we could have been. You could have caught that pillow. I could have caught that note. Perhaps you hadn't discovered Michael yet. Perhaps some of you hadn't even been born yet when a few of these things were written. It doesn't matter. As the message from Michael declared on michaeljacksonlive.com for the 'This Is It' announcement: "It is now I see and feel that calling once again to be part of a music that will not just connect, but make all feel ONE, one in joy, one in pain, one in love, one in service and in consciousness." This is echoed in the film when he's again heard saying, "We're all ONE".

So now we are back to the original question of why Michael Jackson fans stuck by his side through it all, why we seem so crazily devout to those on the outside who can't catch the vibe. I'm sorry for those who can't, really. To truly understand, I suspect you simply must catch that wave. But rest assured, there really is thought behind our fanhood. For some of us, the many years since falling for Michael have given us enough time for a great deal of thought, in fact. To be rational, we intensely enjoy with the utmost zeal what he shared with the world, his talent, the joy we get watching him, listening to him, and we respect the discipline and time it took to become that great. But it's so much more than that. We also supremely appreciate that someone this amazing, the biggest superstar in the world with the biggest selling album in history, could still be such a loving and kind person, someone who cared for the sick and needy and the Earth and actually tried to do something about it again and again and again. And he didn't stop there. He wanted us ALL to heal the world. That must be a quality in the heart, in the soul. You can't fake that, at least not for 50 years. But it's even more than that, isn't it? We all basked in the blissfulness of joy and the certain thrill of excitement together with Michael, smiling and innocently flirting through the windows of our souls. We have missed him while he missed us. We have laughed with him while he laughed with us. We have felt that burst of transcendent emotion that blazes through us and crescendos in a divine moment of oneness ... at a concert, who would have figured? We have prayed for Michael and supported him through his struggles, and whether known or not, he was there for us through his music and inspiration when we needed him most. And his continual courage in the face of opposition cannot go unrecognized! For Michael we have cried our happiest tears... and our most devastating. In the end I don't think any of us could explain in a way that wouldn't involve a knowing in the deepest part of who we are, which is something we fans can share at our core. And at that core is love. We just love Michael. Period. As a human being and forever in spirit. So yes, it's all for love. L.O.V.E. And as I said in the beginning, that doesn't require an explanation. ♥

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'Eins in Liebe' (Deutsch/German translation)
'Uno Sólo en el Amor' (Español/Spanish translation)
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