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Sunday is Nov 25th! Time for Major Love Prayer! Here is today's prayer info...

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2012 ♥ We're sending out a major love all across the planet at the same moment in every nation! Will you be there? :) ♥ Please, all MJ fans, your family and friends ... this is for EVERYONE ... please join together in a heart-centered mass visualization/prayer/meditation to fill the world with LOVE and LIGHT! ♥ At exactly 2pm US Pacific Time every 25th, in honor of Michael and the children of the world, we connect our energies to focus on LOVE, "hand in hand" across continents, expanding the LOVE until everything glows in its healing power. ♥

Today we begin with the Come Together intention of PEACE in the MIDDLE EAST. Please begin your focus here. See PEACE and JOY descend on the whole region as weapons are lowered and LOVE reigns. And it expands, expands, EXPANDS... See us holding hands all across the world, connected as ONE. The LOVE and PEACE flows through us, connecting the world in a grid across all continents. Feel the energy then expanding to fill all spaces between us... It expands and grows and GLOWS, brighter and brighter... It touches every man, woman and child in this world... It flows through all living things across the planet, HEALING, LOVING... FEEL IT... KNOW IT.... WE ARE ONE IN LOVE...

THANK YOU and many blessings and love to you! ♥ ♥ ♥

The December COME TOGETHER intention focus will be announced in the next few days. For now, please continue with LOVE... keep the MAJOR LOVE glowing across the world! ♥

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