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Please join us this Monday, JANUARY 25 ~ We're Sending Out a Major Love! Global #MajorLovePrayer 2pm PT / 22:00 GMT

♥ 'Major Love Prayer' / meditation ♥
♥ MONDAY, JANUARY 25 Worldwide ♥
♥ 2pm PST / 3pm MST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST ♥
♥ 22:00 GMT/ 10.00 UK/ 23:00 Paris/Berlin/etc ♥
Global time chart: http://timeanddate.com/s/2wz7

Please join us on JANUARY 25TH for the first 'Major Love Prayer' of 2016! ♥ This will be the 77th month we have joined at the same moment across the planet in loving honor of Michael and the children of the world. And absolutely everyone is invited... all faiths, beliefs, nations, your whole family, your friends, MJ fans or not, wherever you are at 2pm PT this Monday. "WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE" together in spirit for the benefit of ALL LIVING THINGS. We will embrace the planet in heart and spirit, as ONE holding it within a powerful field of MAJOR LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY with the intention to HEAL every heart from within, filling the world with LOVE, PEACE and COMPASSION. It's very easy to be a part of this global wave of LOVE - Simply open your heart at 'prayer time', focus, reach out to connect with us all in spirit, and send your LOVE to all the world! ♥ ♥ ♥

See timeanddate.com/s/2wz7 for time in your location

1) Relax, breathe deeply and focus yourself in LOVE. (If you need help with this, try thinking first of WHO you love deeply.) Just let your heart fill with JOY, GRATITUDE and LOVE. Breathe LOVE. Be LOVE. It's okay if it takes a couple of minutes to get there. No rush. Just breath with as much LOVE as you can...

2) When you're ready, visualize reaching out with that love and CONNECTING to all of us across the world who are doing the same right now, with the same purpose. We are then spiritually holding hands across oceans and continents, creating a GLOBAL GRID OF LOVE. ♥

3) Now "send" that LOVE out across the planet! ♥ Put simply, LET YOURSELF FEEL LOVE FOR ALL THE WORLD. You may visualize the love like waves of light that flow outward from your heart and rain down from above, or just a growing LIGHT that shines throughout ALL THE PLANET, especially for the hurting, confused, sick or grieving. Send your love, well wishes and compassion to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, without exception. May all be HEALED and touched by LOVE! Stay in this love... feel it, envision it, let yourself soak in it along with the world... for as long as you can (several minutes if possible, please).

4) Ask that this MAJOR LOVE remains AMPLIFIED and fully available to all in need, every moment from this point forward. Release the intention/prayer into the world. Lift your arms up and let it flow free! Then, as we conclude, feel the ground beneath you and open your eyes. Refocus on your surroundings and your day, and make a vow to be more LOVING from this moment on.

Let us carry this with us always. With Gratitude, Amen and Namaste. ♥ ♥ ♥ May we always be united in this mission of LOVE, in all the ways it is expressed. Our deepest gratitude to our fellow 'MJ family', for keeping Michael's legacy alive with LOVE. Bless you, and may you be surrounded in LOVE. See you again next month for another 'Major Love Prayer'! ♥

~ the MLP team
#MajorLovePrayer every 25th

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