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February 25th's global #MajorLovePrayer is TODAY! 2pmPST / 5pmEST / 22:00GMT ♥♥♥ #mjfam

Major LOVE Prayer is TODAY!!!

At 2:00pm L.A. time worldwide!

Time charts & easy instructions in 19 languages are available on our website: http://www.majorloveprayer.org/

All you need to do is focus on LOVE and hold it in your heart with GRATITUDE... reach out with it and connect with all of us... imagine holding our hands ... then visualize the LOVE energy expanding, expanding, encompassing the WHOLE WORLD and all living things. Hold that vision of Earth glowing in LOVE... hold the feeling for several minutes, as long as you can! Imagine that EVERY HEART IS TOUCHED. See people with glowing hearts on every continent. This is how we begin to HEAL THE WORLD from the inside out, one heart at a time.

This is our mission together... 

This is Major Love Prayer!

Thank you, and see you this and every month! :)))

P.S. Our regular website admin is away this month, so we apologize for less updates, but please join us over on Twitter and FACEBOOK where plenty is still happening! :)

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