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Things I Learned from Michael Jackson: #2 "I'm Me"

Things I Learned from Michael Jackson: #2 'I'm Me' (by Bianca)

Where to start? Because really, Michael Jackson is someone who had so much to teach to each of us. Not just fans, not just us, but also thém. ‘Them’ didn’t always get the lesson, they/them often couldn’t care. But the funny thing is, they/them wouldn’t have to. Michael taught them anyhow. Those of us who did listen have a lot of stories to share. Mine is probably one each of you can relate to. We’re all different, all spend a life in which we’re taking different paths and yet we share something that bonds like nothing ever bonded. Michael taught me to be, to feel and to see. He taught me that it’s okay to be shy, okay to be weird, okay to be misunderstood, okay to say no, okay to be an outcast. Because it’s called ‘being unique’. He taught me it’s okay to strive for perfection, okay to fight for what you want, okay to have dreams, okay to live up to your own standards and not those of others. Because it’s called ‘having passion’. He taught me it’s okay to care, okay to love like no one else does, okay to spend time alone and enjoy it, okay to feel worthy, okay to be most beautiful. Because it’s called ‘being yourself’. Michael taught me it’s okay to feel friggin’ proud of each and every of these things. Because you know what, no one is ever going to be ‘you’. There is only one you, and you have only so little time here on this planet. Make sure you used your voice, shared your heart and showed your vision. So that when you live your last day and see this teacher waiting for you, you can look back, smile and say: “I’m me”. ~ Bianca - http://www.biancavandam.com

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We'd love to post your contributions to this series. If you'd like to write something, please consider thoughtfully something you've learned from or because of Michael (examples: about love or life, how to forgive, not to judge, how to follow your dreams, etc) and send your story to admin@majorloveprayer.org. Don't worry whether what you write is eloquent or simple, a full page or only a couple of paragraphs. The important thing is to just be yourself and share your insights in honor of Michael, to inspire others or just to empathize. The same lesson (like LOVE!) can certainly be written about more than once since we all have our own unique understandings. Thank you and much love! ♥ And thanks to Amy Grace of "A Cosmic Connection" for the poster to the left.

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Things I Learned from Michael Jackson: #1 'There really is a God'

art by Amy Grace of A Cosmic ConnectionWe're very happy to introduce a new weekly series here on MLP entitled "Things I Learned from Michael Jackson". It will feature personal stories and creations from our lovely MJ-family about the ways Michael has touched our lives and hearts. Whether through obvious experiences or subtle, long-evolving influence that leaves one in awe upon later introspection, the lessons we've learned by being Michael's fans have been about living, loving and spirit, about the practical and the profound, from striving for excellence and believing in yourself to strength and innocence... there's so much. Sometimes even a spark of an idea or emotion can ignite a search for understanding and growth. It is a wonder of life to be blessed with the gift of such guides and teachers, often unrecognized at the time, who by their very presence transform us so deeply that we later wonder who or how we'd be without them. Michael is one such teacher for many, leaving us changed. And we continue to change - forever discovering ourselves, each other, our oneness and how to change the world - all enfolded in a mystery of love.

So let us begin this journey with our very first installment, from Jan of "With a Child's Heart's Blog" (and thanks to Amy Grace of "A Cosmic Connection", for the amazing poster on the left that fits here so perfectly ;)

Things I Learned from Michael Jackson:
#1 'There Really is a God'
(by Jan)

When this new topic for the Major Love Prayer website was first mentioned to me, my reaction was one of shock and awe, at first, because I had been thinking of doing something similar. It always amazes me when my friends and I have the same inspirations though separated by miles and connected only through the technology available to us through email and social networking sites. It’s a phenomenon I’ve written about before on With a Child’s Heart in a blog post entitled Our Love’s An Ocean from October, 2010, I believe. In addition, it’s a phenomenon that, at this point, almost two years after that fateful day in 2009 when our breath was taken from us … can only be explained in one way. I challenge anyone to find another explanation for it regardless of how long or deep he or she searches.

When I had recovered … and after I had thanked Michael Jackson for inspiring the thought in three of us at the same time (because there was another of my friends creating a poster at exactly the same time which inspired my thought and which was inspired by my friend’s idea) … I began to try to think of the most important lesson my Beautiful Teacher had taught me. This turned out to be a major undertaking because there are so very many lessons I have learned from Michael (many of which I have not totally assimilated or put into practice, but which I see very clearly in his example of a life well-lived.) From my first experience of Michael in 1992, he has been teaching me; and I pray that he goes on teaching me until long after I leave this Earth behind in my quest to follow him wherever he may lead.

After spending several days in abject confusion trying to decide what topic to write on, I finally decided on the following:

Michael Jackson has taught me that there really is a God and that He/She is still concerned with His/Her human children on Planet Earth. Michael Jackson is living proof of this concept! [Yes, I understand that he has left our visible sphere, but he still lives through all of us … another concept that I challenge anyone to explain in any other way than God tip-toeing among us.]

God didn’t just drop us here and forget about us more than two thousand years ago, She still checks in on us now and then and He still cares about us and wants us to be happy! She still has a Plan and that Plan is perfect in its scope and in its execution. What’s more, our wonderful Eternal Oneness has a wicked and irrepressible sense of humor.

How did I arrive at this conclusion? Well, let me explain.

One Big Inspiration - MLP May 25, 2011

Please see The planets are linin' up! & the top of the page for a prayer countdown! Thanks, H for the lovely words below ♥
Don't forget, you can talk about your prayer experiences in the MLP forum too! Thanks & LOVE

It's Major Love Prayer time.

For me, on this 23rd month since Michael's passing, the first 23 hours of my day will have gone by when I take part in sending out a major love. It amazes me to know that around the world there are fans of Michael's who will do the same - at the same time. But for them it is either earlier or even later already on the next day because of the many time zones we live in. And still: We will be together!

There are fans and people who take part all over the world, who find it important enough to pray for LOVE and for the WORLD! People who find it meaningful to know they are praying not alone, but together, who love to know that they are doing something good - with others - because of Michael Jackson.

Together, together, together.

It feels like a little comfort somehow to me. To me Major Love Prayer is the closest spiritual thing where we all can be with Michael together again apart from having gone to a concert of his once.

Imagine what this man did for the world and how he is still influencing us and others.
His songs will find their way into many more hearts in the future and will help healing and comforting them. People watching him in interviews will feel how wonderfully kind his eternal soul is and will be happy to just see him smiling.

Michael Jackson was and is ONE BIG INSPIRATION to mankind. He is living on through us all and the following generations. He did it. And we can do it, too - on a smaller scale but with patient determination. We might not become as famous and great as he was but we are many and can be and become a wonderful influence on people around us.

And you know for each person Michael Jackson is and was more than just inspiration on your own personal level. For some he is L.O.V.E., for others he is a tremendous artist. For some he is a humanitarian, even an angel, a man with a divine mission sent to Earth ... Michael Jackson is all that for us. And more.

And I personally think Michael Jackson is the goodness in us. He tickled something in us, woke it up and reminded us to do better in love than we did. That we can do it. That "love is the answer". Please remind yourself, your innermost self, if you ever wondered how to act or to react to something: Love is the answer.

Act lovingly, act kindly. Be good. Treat yourself and treat others with love. It's a challenge. But it will help everyone. You will smile and know: You did good. The others will smile then, too. Be nice to people. Try it at least.

I love you all.
I thank you, Michael.
I love you, Michael.
You have my heart.

~H. in Germany

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MLP is Today, May 25 - The planets are linin' up!

Please help spread the word today! Twitter & Facebook share links are at the bottom of this post. Thanks so much :)

Today is May 25th, and we're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! At the same time all across the planet we will unite our hearts and energies to visualize a better world, one healed with the power of love. Please join us all to make a change, starting within, with love. Thank you!

Major Love Prayer happens every month on the 25th at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm London time / 23:00 CET. For more times, see the Worldwide Time Chart. Instructions/how-to-guides are also available in 19 languages.

* Please say a prayer for the victims of the tornado outbreak across the midwest U.S. this week. 3-year-old Ryan Hamil is missing in Piedmont, OK after a tornado hit his house, just miles from one of our MLP-family's home. We pray that everyone is found safe and healthy. Another prayer request from our MLP-fam is for J.'s father, who's in intensive care. May angels be at everyone's side.

Thank you to Brenda in the Call for Love group on Facebook for the following lovely words of truth: Today is May 25, and the day for the worldwide Major Love Prayer at 2:00PM Pacific Time. It is a good day to remember that You're Just Another Part of Me. This is the basis of compassion. If we remember that we are not separate, that we each can not move forward without bringing all of our sisters and brothers along with us, compassion becomes a natural way of being. Michael knew this and shared this message with us in this song and so many others. Let's honor him by showing him that we understand.

"We're sendin' out a major love, And this is our message to you, The planets are linin' up, We're bringin' brighter days, They're all in line, waitin' for you, Can't you see . . .? You're just another part of me . ." (~ lyrics by Michael Jackson)

And a shout-out to MJ Communities in Second Life, who will be joining us at 2pm SLT :)!

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On Wednesday, May 25th we're sending out a major love!

♥ ♥ ♥ One week from today we're sending out a major love! On May 25th at the same moment all across the globe (2pm PDT), we will unite our hearts and energies to visualize a better world, one healed with the power of love. Please join us all to make a change, starting within, with love. Thank you! ~L~O~V~E~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Worldwide Time Zone Chart: http://bit.ly/kfM2mn
Visualization instructions in 19 languages: How to: Guide to MLP

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Bodhisattva (poem by Jan)

I stand just beyond your reach
My purpose now only to teach
Less tangible, but no less real
I can still see, hear and feel
Your love from across the chasm
I am not a ghostly phantasm
Out of sight behind a shimmering weave
How could you think I could bear to leave?

Bathed in a torrent of your tears
Aware of all of your wounds and fears
Silence masked in the roar of the beach
As breakers of sorrow crash against the breach
Echo the thunder of your hearts breaking
Buffeted in the wind of your sigh’s making
Unseen by thousands of eyes
Humbled by your heartfelt cries

I am free to stay or go
I choose to stay so you will know

I walk with you, whisper in your ears
With my kiss I silence your tears
Can you feel me? I cradle you in my arms
Rock you against my breast, keep you from harm
Each and every one intimately known
My love for you has never flown
I promise you, you are not alone

My heart has always beat in tempo with yours
I’m here behind invisible doors
You never have to ask Will You Be There
Just know I am … and we can share
This wondrous planet where we can play
Reach out for me, I’m not far away

In the moment of my death
The instant of my last breath
I knew I couldn’t leave you behind
God whispered to me within my mind
“Welcome home, My Beloved Son,
I am well pleased. Your race is won.
I am proud of you. You helped them see
The many different colors and faces of Me.
With every breath you tried to aid
You’ll never know the lives you saved.
Come home to me, my arms await
To enfold you in love at the gate

But you are free to stay or go
You may choose to stay so they will know.”

“Abba, I cannot leave them
See how their world works to deceive them
Can you not hear their cries?
How their hearts recoil from the lies
They still need my help to weather their storms
They still need my presence ‘tho they can’t see my form
My work is not yet done, my contract unfulfilled
I have not healed them, they are still ill
The error of their ways I showed
It takes time for the seed I planted to grow

Am I free to stay or go?
May I choose to stay so they will know?”

I tried so often
To tell you how I felt
My love for you beyond measure
I poured it into all I said and did
To bring you joy, to bring you pleasure
Help you escape the vicissitudes of life
Aide you through your struggles and strife
Give you hope when darkness closes in
Light your way through your valleys of sin
My quest for perfection was not for my glory
But for His … And yours

Did you really think I could leave?
Didn’t you know I would linger
Arms outstretched to welcome you home?
I am not just a dancer, a singer.
Didn’t I tell you I’ll always be there
Just call my name, you are not alone
Don’t walk away and we will share
Right here on Earth, our beautiful home
Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand
A new consciousness, a higher purpose for man
Much more in line with the prophet’s plan
Heaven can wait, you are my life
As you always have been
‘Tho invisible and Speechless
I speak now from within.

Listen closely
My voice still reminds
Through the music I left you
In your hearts
In your minds

I am free to stay or go
I choose to stay and bring you all home. ♥

~ Major thanks to Jan of With A Child's Heart's Blog for her permission to post this beautiful poem. May it touch more hearts with wonder and inspiration. Thank you, Michael, for all the love.

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The MAGIC begins with LOVE

[originally posted April 25th]
Dear lovely MJ-family ♥ Every 25th of the month we're sending out a MAJOR LOVE, all across the world, every continent, united in one purpose: to HEAL THE WORLD WITH LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥ Please join the global wave of healing on the 25th at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm London time / 23:00 CET (Worldwide Time Charts) and if you can, please, please help spread the word around the fan community :) The world needs this energy so very much. We all do. The more of us who send love, the bigger the wave, the more the effect. Our joined hearts and minds do make a difference. We just have to act in unity, as ONE and let go of our daily stresses, set aside anger and negativity, and for some magical moments focus on the truth at the heart of all creation: LOVE. If this is something we can give, let us give it freely.

It might sound cheesy at times (only because we've been made to believe it is ;), but when we look into our hearts, the truth of love will be there every time. Whenever in doubt, just look deep inside and follow that inner guidance from the heart. It's the seat of the soul, where we know all those things we sometimes choose to ignore. It's where we know that we're ONE in LOVE. But just knowing it isn't enough if we keep it locked up inside as a mere idea. It is in action and service that we take it to another level, where it becomes magical. When we really desire to put our hearts into this truth of love, the path of 'love consciousness' opens up before us. It's then (now!) that we stop just saying the words and we take our first steps into living "WITH LOVE" and making a conscious effort to act "WITH LOVE" (even in extraordinary circumstances). We can now begin sharing this truth with everyone we meet, with the world, spreading love by example. It doesn't necessarily happen overnight. It's a process. We're all a work in progress; a grand and beautiful work of art, forged from love, for the purpose of bringing joy and compassion ... a MAJOR LOVE ... to the world.

We can cover all bases and carry on Michael's legacy of love when we act out of love and in unity, from our monthly and daily prayers of love (changing hearts from the inside out with higher consciousness), to correcting lies and deception in the media, to giving to environmental causes, to helping the children of the world through volunteer work and charitable donations, to all the little opportunities for loving action presented to us each day. Even seemingly insignificant acts of kindness ripple out across the planet and touch more people than we could know. Nothing is too small. Say a prayer for the world, for a stranger, donate some toys to a local children's hospital, hold the door open for the person behind you, take some flowers to a friend, call someone in need or just to say hi. And please, if you're going to be at the courthouse for the Murray trial that starts May 9 (edit: now delayed until September), do so in a way that will show the world what Michael stands for. Show the world we've understood the message and that we're truly following the path of LOVE (even in extraordinary circumstances).

"You can change the world". You know you can! :)
Michael believed in us, his fans... in you and me, in every one of us, in the children of the world. Can we believe in ourselves and in each other? Can we reach out and take the hand of the person next to us in respect and with love? Of course we can ... when we act from our hearts anything is possible! That's where the magic begins.

Thank you so very much, every one of you who keep this prayer alive. We love you all so much, really.
Sending you a ~MAJOR LOVE~ ♥

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Healing our world with LOVE and LIGHT

"Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only LIGHT can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only LOVE can do that." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe. / Together, let us create a symphony of hearts, marvelling at the miracle of our children and basking in the beauty of love. "
~ Michael Jackson

Lovely Ones, please join us each day for Daily Love Prayers, to carry the wave of major love from one month into the next and to continually increase the vibration of light and peace within ourselves and our world. See http://www.majorloveprayer.org/2011/04/sending-out-major-love-daily-love.html for visualization suggestions. Thanks and LOVE!

Make me an instrument of PEACE. Where there is hatred, let me bring LOVE.
Where there is injury, FORGIVE. Where there is doubt, FAITH.
Where there is despair, HOPE. Where there is darkness, LIGHT.
Where there is sadness, JOY. May I not so much seek to be consoled, as to CONSOLE;
to be understood, as to UNDERSTAND; to be loved, as to LOVE. "
~ adapted from 'Prayer of St Francis'

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