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One Big Inspiration - MLP May 25, 2011

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It's Major Love Prayer time.

For me, on this 23rd month since Michael's passing, the first 23 hours of my day will have gone by when I take part in sending out a major love. It amazes me to know that around the world there are fans of Michael's who will do the same - at the same time. But for them it is either earlier or even later already on the next day because of the many time zones we live in. And still: We will be together!

There are fans and people who take part all over the world, who find it important enough to pray for LOVE and for the WORLD! People who find it meaningful to know they are praying not alone, but together, who love to know that they are doing something good - with others - because of Michael Jackson.

Together, together, together.

It feels like a little comfort somehow to me. To me Major Love Prayer is the closest spiritual thing where we all can be with Michael together again apart from having gone to a concert of his once.

Imagine what this man did for the world and how he is still influencing us and others.
His songs will find their way into many more hearts in the future and will help healing and comforting them. People watching him in interviews will feel how wonderfully kind his eternal soul is and will be happy to just see him smiling.

Michael Jackson was and is ONE BIG INSPIRATION to mankind. He is living on through us all and the following generations. He did it. And we can do it, too - on a smaller scale but with patient determination. We might not become as famous and great as he was but we are many and can be and become a wonderful influence on people around us.

And you know for each person Michael Jackson is and was more than just inspiration on your own personal level. For some he is L.O.V.E., for others he is a tremendous artist. For some he is a humanitarian, even an angel, a man with a divine mission sent to Earth ... Michael Jackson is all that for us. And more.

And I personally think Michael Jackson is the goodness in us. He tickled something in us, woke it up and reminded us to do better in love than we did. That we can do it. That "love is the answer". Please remind yourself, your innermost self, if you ever wondered how to act or to react to something: Love is the answer.

Act lovingly, act kindly. Be good. Treat yourself and treat others with love. It's a challenge. But it will help everyone. You will smile and know: You did good. The others will smile then, too. Be nice to people. Try it at least.

I love you all.
I thank you, Michael.
I love you, Michael.
You have my heart.

~H. in Germany

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Anonymous said...

How wonderfully written.Thank you.
Being part of this monthly prayer makes me proud and comfort me every month again.
love from Germany

Anonymous said...

Thank You For Your L.O.V.E. Michael Joseph Jackson. God bless you <3

Anonymous said...

Jag skriver på Svenska och hoppas att ni har översättningstjänst.
Det "H" har skrivit berättar så otroligt fint hur även jag känner! TACK..
Att få sitta i Lilla Sverige, och delta i en så stOr manifestation som detta är....Helt Unbilevibel.
Jag älskar varje sekund.
Känner kraften av "Många" som sänder Kärlek och att få delta i att sända Kraft till Jorden, via Michael är stort.
Enligt Medier så "ser de på andra sidan" när ett ljus tänds för just Deras själ.......
Michael måste SE att även "VI" fortsätter Hans enorma jobb med planeten och jordens barn...
Jag Älskar dessa meditationer,
att FÅ vara delaktig!
Han har Gjort mer för vår värld än vad många vet,
och han KOMMER att göra mycket, mycket till,
Människorna har bara inte "vaknat" än...
VI -sprider hans budskap
NU är VI, hans Fans, Michaels röst och budskap
I Love It <3
Hälsningar från Sverige (Sweden)

pray day said...

I miss you Michael .

Anonymous said...

Missing you Michael..your work on this earth will continue on. Rest In Peace my love...

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