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#PowerPrayer4MJ every day through verdict

✦ Daily #PowerPrayer4MJ ✦ Top of the hour 9:00am PT [10am Mountain / 11am Central / Noon Eastern / 5:00 in the UK/ 18:00 CET http://timeanddate.com/s/2gk9]

Update Tuesday, Oct 1st:
Lovelies, please join us around the world at the TOP OF THE HOUR for today's important #PowerPrayer4MJ <3 We will also continue with the all-day hourly vigil at the top of each hour (during court hours - until the jury goes home for the day or a verdict is announced) to help keep that Divine Light of Truth focused on the courthouse throughout the day. We ask for the HIGHEST GOOD in this situation, leaving our own and others' agendas out of the picture, for we humbly acknowledge that we cannot know all truths and all outcomes. We ask that the best decision be made from the highest perspective for true justice and the greatest good. With Love, Gratitude and Faith that Truth will prevail, Amen <3 

To focus together in Love, Light and Truth, to ask Source/God that the jury be guided by higher Wisdom and Truth as they think about this case before continuing deliberations tomorrow (Tuesday). We visualize a powerful beam of Divine Light shining through the courthouse, clearing away all negativity. May they carefully and thoughtfully make the best decision for the highest good, whatever that truly is.

And we send love, support and comfort to Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine and to EACH OTHER. We envision powerful protection glowing around all of us, as a positive shield of Love and Light. We all need it this week!

And we extend this shield around Michael and everything he gave the world... all that is his legacy (his name, his music, his art, his words, his image, his reputation, etc)... all is fully protected from harm!

And may we continue to be guided by LOVE, to keep LOVE at the forefront of our hearts whatever happens, so that we may walk together into a brighter future, healing the world and the children! Let us never forget. With Gratitude and Faith that the TRUTH will prevail, AMEN.♥♥♥

Tuesday and each day of deliberation until the verdict we'll start with the 9amPT #PowerPrayer4MJ and then continue to focus that Light upon the courthouse AT THE TOP OF EVERY HOUR for a few moments. Every hour during the court day, that is (so approximately 9am to 4pm). Thank you and much LOVE! ♥

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September 27 All Day #PowerPrayer4MJ (continuing Tuesday and all court days until verdict)

Lovelies, we're going to do an ALL DAY #PowerPrayer4MJ VIGIL in addition to the big daily 9amPT (see http://timeanddate.com/s/2gk9) ~ If you can, at the top of each hour try to take a few moments to refocus that Universal Divine Light and Love on the courthouse in Los Angeles and ask that it guides all decisions with Wisdom and Truth for the greatest good. And may Michael's legacy, Prince, Paris, Blanket and Katherine be protected, healed and comforted. With Love and Gratitude that all things will be well, Amen.

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Thank you! ❤❤❤

Thank you and sending you much LOVE! We are healing the world together! :) And we thank Michael for this inspiration, we thank our global #mjfam for being here with us, and we thank God/Source ~ with LOVE ❤❤❤ May we remember this LOVE daily, in our little actions, in our words and especially in the difficult times in life. May we remember to place harmony, peace and TRUTH above the distractions that pull us from the path of LOVE. May we continue to learn how to be BE GOD'S GLOW ... together. Thank you all soooooo much, all of you who keep demonstrating such deep and loving commitment to Michael's legacy! Bless you ❤

Lovelies, the next Major Love Prayer is of course on October 25th, but  because the US changes clocks for autumn quite early, your October prayer time may be different if you're outside the US. Just for this one month. So please be sure you check the time chart beforehand :)

And of course we will continue this week (and into next?) with the daily #PowerPrayer4MJ's through the end of the AEG trial, calling for TRUTH and powerful protection for Michael's legacy, his children and his mother. We are working on some things with other MJ groups to continue some type of daily prayer/meditation as part of our original combined Come Together Over MJ intention campaign. Details are to be worked out, and so we'll announce that as soon as we can.

Again, THANK YOU, and stay strong and always hold to the truth that you know in your soul. Hold on to that LOVE, and let us walk that path together, finding beautiful ways to heal the world and the children in honor of Michael. See you tomorrow for PP4MJ and next month for another global Major Love Prayer! ❤❤❤

Michael ~ beautiful soul, love of my life, teacher, healer... with deepest respect & gratitude may I always honor u. I LOVE YOU FOREVER ❤ ~bgg

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Reminder ~ TODAY! This Wednesday, Sept 25th is Major Love Prayer!

♥♥♥ WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE ~ TODAY! ♥♥♥ September 25 @ 2:00pm PT ~ You are invited to join thousands of fans around the world at the same moment as we come together in UNITY and PEACE to fill the world with MAJOR LOVE in honor of Michael Jackson! This will be the *49th Major Love Prayer*, exactly four years since the very first one, which began among a small group of fans in Sept 2009. Since this is our 4th ANNIVERSARY, let's make this the BIGGEST PRAYER/MEDITATION YET! Please share here and share/tag on Facebook, you guys! We need your help to remind forums and groups too :) And you can tweet and participate on Twitter with hashtag #MajorLovePrayer ♥♥♥

WHY? ~ Our goal is to change the world with the healing power of UNITY and LOVE... to connect with each other via LOVE and grow it between us, then expand it to include EVERYONE and EVERYTHING on Earth! Love has the power to heal, and Michael knew this... he kept telling us over and over. And you know it's true! When Love touches your heart, even for a moment, it creates change... it plants a seed with the potential to grow into a miracle of compassion and understanding. We believe that IF ENOUGH OF US REALLY DO THIS, with deep focus, visualization and joy, the light of LOVE can overcome any darkness! It just takes faith and trust and the willingness to GIVE LOVE openly and freely, to HEAL what needs to be healed. By sending this MAJOR LOVE into the world to everyone and everything it is powerfully available to touch every cell, every heart, every breath and thus bring about a kinder world from the inside out. EACH TIME WE DO THIS we're creating RIPPLES... and although we may not see the immediate effects, rest assured that those waves are splashing upon distant shores where they can do their work to uncover the LOVE in every soul from the heart of creation.

So please, please be with us this 25th at 2pm Pacific Time (5pmET - 22:00 London - 23:00 CET - 01:00 Moscow - 06:00 Tokyo - 07:00 Sydney time see global time chart and info in 19 languages) to be a part of this GLOBAL WAVE OF LOVE! Let's do it for Michael and help HEAL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD! Thank you!!!

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We continue with daily #PowerPrayer4MJ ~ And next Wednesday is the September 25th Major Love Prayer!

As we come closer to the end of the AEG trial, please join with us around the world daily at 9amPT (noonET / 5:00 in UK / 18:00CET) to infuse as much LIGHT and LOVE into the courthouse as possible!♥♥♥

May the outcome be based on wisdom, truth and the HIGHEST GOOD, not our own agendas. We call upon Divine Light to cleanse away negativity and allow God to walk in. We visualize brilliant beams of LIGHT shining down through the courthouse and into major media offices worldwide, clearing these spaces with Compassion.

We ask for a powerful shield of LOVE & COMPLETE PROTECTION to surround Prince, Paris, Blanket at all times, and also Michael (all things of his - his legacy, image, name, etc - all glows in brilliant Light and Truth!), and providing continuing comfort and healing for his children and mother Katherine.

We also send the Light of Truth into Judge Beckloff's courtroom and chambers. [Note: He is the probate judge dealing with the WR hearings, in the same courthouse as the AEG trial. The next hearing on the creditor's claim is Sept 27.] Please Source/God, shine into his mind and heart, and guide him with Higher Wisdom so that he can make the best decisions for Your Divine Plan. May Your LIGHT and TRUTH dispel the darkness of greed, deception and delusion, overcoming all negative motivations. And please HEAL the souls of those who'd seek to harm Michael's legacy and/or children so that they may go forward in their lives and learn WITHOUT HURTING OTHERS!

Please teach all of us in the global 'MJ-family' how to truly "BE GOD'S GLOW" in grace and respect. Divine Source, be ever-present in our hearts so that we may walk the talk and live the message of LOVE, as emissaries of LOVE, honoring the messenger and HEALING the world's children. Assist us to breathe LOVE in all we do... within and without.

With Gratitude and Faith in the Truth, AMEN.

For more info see www.majorloveprayer.org ~ In 5 days we're sending out a MAJOR LOVE to heal the world at 2pm PT every 25th!

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Child of innocence, messenger of joy...

♡ This September 3rd, we pray that Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine and our 'MJfamily' worldwide are embraced with love, comfort & healing... and that Michael's kind and glorious heart shines forever bright, forever joyous, through us and through eternity... where we shall all be together again. Amen. ♡ We love you, Michael. So very much.

Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days 
We joyously frolicked in extended plays
Ever since you've left the scene
the streets are lonely, dark, & mean

Child of innocence, return to me now
With your simple smile show them how
This world once again can respond to your glance
And heartbeats flutter to the rhythm of your dance

Child of innocence, your elegance, your beauty
Beckons me now beyond the call of duty
Come fly with me far & above
Over the mountains in the land of love

Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You've touched my heart without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change the world is my deepest desire

['Child of Innocence' by Michael Jackson]

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