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Thank you! ❤❤❤

Thank you and sending you much LOVE! We are healing the world together! :) And we thank Michael for this inspiration, we thank our global #mjfam for being here with us, and we thank God/Source ~ with LOVE ❤❤❤ May we remember this LOVE daily, in our little actions, in our words and especially in the difficult times in life. May we remember to place harmony, peace and TRUTH above the distractions that pull us from the path of LOVE. May we continue to learn how to be BE GOD'S GLOW ... together. Thank you all soooooo much, all of you who keep demonstrating such deep and loving commitment to Michael's legacy! Bless you ❤

Lovelies, the next Major Love Prayer is of course on October 25th, but  because the US changes clocks for autumn quite early, your October prayer time may be different if you're outside the US. Just for this one month. So please be sure you check the time chart beforehand :)

And of course we will continue this week (and into next?) with the daily #PowerPrayer4MJ's through the end of the AEG trial, calling for TRUTH and powerful protection for Michael's legacy, his children and his mother. We are working on some things with other MJ groups to continue some type of daily prayer/meditation as part of our original combined Come Together Over MJ intention campaign. Details are to be worked out, and so we'll announce that as soon as we can.

Again, THANK YOU, and stay strong and always hold to the truth that you know in your soul. Hold on to that LOVE, and let us walk that path together, finding beautiful ways to heal the world and the children in honor of Michael. See you tomorrow for PP4MJ and next month for another global Major Love Prayer! ❤❤❤

Michael ~ beautiful soul, love of my life, teacher, healer... with deepest respect & gratitude may I always honor u. I LOVE YOU FOREVER ❤ ~bgg

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful picture and absolutely beautiful commentary. You are welcome for all you have requested thanks for, and do continue to be God's glow and carry on Michael's legacy by leading us in carrying on the same. Blessings to you and to yours, always.

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