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Dearest Michael Jackson ~ Thank you for everything, from all of us ♥

♡ Dearest Michael ♡ Thank you so very much for all the beauty you've given the world. Thank you for sharing your talent, for the happiness, the excitement, the magic, the anticipation, the wonder, the mastery, for all that's shiny and sparkly and so splendidly bright. Thank you for the music, the words, the tunes that will never get old. Thank you for singing to us with that beautiful voice. Thank you for the emotion, the elation and all that was such a true revelation. Thank you for the dance, the dance, wow - the dance! Thank you for the energy, the beat, for the movement you channeled from God to your feet. Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the joy of life that shone in your eyes and went straight to our hearts. Thank you for your daring, your innovation, for keeping the world on its toes with cutting edge inspiration. Thank you for the dreams, the surprises, the fantasy and the hope. Thank you for the adventure and for challenging the status quo.

Thank you for your strength, your courage, for never giving up, even when it seemed the whole world was against you. Thank you for not giving in when you knew you were right, for standing and fighting for truth, without spite. Thank you for your determination and endurance, although we'd have given anything if only it hadn't been needed.

Thank you for living from the soul, for your kindness and caring, for trying to make a difference, for letting your light shine and brighten so many lives. Thank you for not being afraid to cry, to show us we could really try to be who we are inside, for making it cool to be God's glow, hold hands and heal the world. Thank you for never letting us forget the children of the world, our future, so desperately in need of love and protection. Thank you for reminding us that we are the children, that innocence will guide us in the right direction.

Thank you for always being so gorgeous inside and out that we couldn't help but chase you. Thank you for the hugs, for loving us more, for your patience with we who intensely adore. Thank you for the comfort and gentleness you radiated from within. Thank you for the gift of awakening, to each other and to the heartbeat of the planet. Thank you for all the wonderful things I've forgotten in this moment that I'll think of later and wish I'd added to this list. Thank you for all the years, even the ones in which we shed tears, for in the end it was all for LOVE. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the LOVE. Love is what matters and we understand this so. But for the world to know it... did you really have to go??? Oh God ... Michael, we miss you. ♡♡♡

Michael, I love you beyond all measure,
with all my heart, forever. Bless you.
~ BeGodsGlow

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Loving you, Michael Jackson ~ and thanking our worldwide #mjfam

THANK YOU to our beautiful family of friends around the world for this #MajorLovePrayer experience, at one with LOVE. ♥ Please continue to keep Michael and his precious babies in your prayers and celebrate his legacy with integrity and LOVE. Thank you soooo much for making this prayer possible each month, and for our daily 'PowerPrayer4MJ' that continues tomorrow. We LOVE you! And Michael? We miss you. And we LOVE you MOST.

From ALL of us... ♥♥♥

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Just sending your Love ... please join us today at 2pmPT / 10pm UK

Dear #MJfam, Please don't feel sad about not being able to be somewhere special today, or to do something tremendously HUGE in tribute ~ Don't feel bad or inadequate if you feel you can't fulfill an unspoken expectation of specialness on this one day. Just do what you feel. Just love him. Most of us can't be at Forest Lawn or Neverland, or write the perfect tribute song, or poem, or Facebook post or tweet. But we all love Michael, and TOGETHER our hearts are united in that LOVE ... WORLDWIDE. Let the expressions of eternal LOVE soothe your soul, and hold our beautiful Michael there, in your soul. Let today be your tribute. Let tomorrow, the next day, and the next. Let each day that you feel that LOVE be your tribute. Let it flow next month. Let it flow next year. While June 25th is certainly an important day, both in celebration of his life and yes, in pain... the sun will once again rise on the 26th. It will be another day, another chance to spread that LOVE and make that change in his honor, for love, truth and all that's right. So be still and feel some peace. Don't feel pressured inside that your expression of love isn't "enough". He knows. We all know. He is loved. You are loved. We are ONE in this LOVE. Sending you blessings... ♥♥♥ ~bgg of MLP team

Here's something we all can do, no matter where you are!... 
--> June 25th Major Love Prayer in Honor of Michael

✦June 25th✦ at the exact same moment across the world, fans will be joining hearts in GLOBAL LOVE, HONOR & RESPECT FOR MICHAEL JACKSON. ♚♥ℳℑ♥♚ Wherever you will be today... even just home in your living room... please join us at 2pm LA time (10pm UK - see time chart) in MAJOR LOVE & GRATITUDE, cherishing Michael together as ONE. Plus, WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE to heal the world in his honor! ♥♥♥ We do need help spreading the word, so please share...

Thank you & much LOVE! ♥♥♥
Website http://www.majorloveprayer.org/
June 25 FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/538261112878206/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer
Twitter https://twitter.com/MajorLovePrayer
Hashtags #MajorLovePrayer & #PowerPrayer4MJ

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June 25th Major Love Prayer! ~ Simultaneous Global LOVE in Honor of Michael Jackson @ 2pm PT

On ✦June 25, 2013✦ we'll be sending out a MAJOR LOVE all around the world in honor, memory and with the deepest respect and gratitude for Michael Jackson. Friends will be joining you and us across the world ~ from Holly Terrace at Forest Lawn, from the gates of  Neverland, from monuments and statues in Michael's honor, MJ tribute events, special locations in every country and of course in our own homes. Anywhere we bow our heads in the name of LOVE, we are ONE in that LOVE, across distances, oceans, time and space. There are no barriers to a LOVE this major!

There is no specific religion or belief system you must have to join in this, for WE ARE THE WORLD! MJ fans are in every nation, of every spiritual practice, of every age, race, creed, color and ethnic background. We speak every language and cross all socio-economic borders. We are EVERYONE, and this should be ALL OF US ~ UNITED.

Wherever you are on June 25th at 2pm L.A. time please stop for a few minutes to join hearts and hands with your fellow "#mjfam" across the world. (2pm PT - 5pm ET - 10pm London - 23:00 CET - 0:00 Bucharest - 01:00 Moscow - 05:00 Hong Kong - 07:00 Sydney - see http://timeanddate.com/s/2c4n) Let us say a prayer of THANKS in our own way for Michael and ask that his LEGACY and his CHILDREN Prince, Paris and Blanket are protected, cherished and loved with truth and dignity. Hold this feeling and this prayer in deep peace in your soul. Next, WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE!... Let the feeling of LOVE grow within, as we focus in deep gratitude. The LOVE grows bigger, bigger, filling our hearts with bliss. Then we visualize it expanding... growing ... spreading out across the entire planet... from one of us to the next and filling all spaces in between with a glowing light energy of HEALING LOVE! See it, feel it, honor it. Let us ask that the WORLD... everyone and everything... be HEALED in honor of LOVE and of our shared mission with Michael. We send this MAJOR LOVE and our GRATITUDE to every continent! The Earth is glowing in the beautiful, positive energy of LOVE. See it in your mind's eye. May it reach the heart of every man, woman and child and invite them in a whisper from within to BE GOD'S GLOW in peace, harmony and joy. Nation to nation, as ONE, we know it shall be. It manifests NOW. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

We LOVE you so much, Michael. Forever. Thank you. You're always in our hearts. We promise. ♥

We will be posting more about this in the days to come and some of your beautiful poems and tributes to Michael on the 25th. We ask that you please share this message, friends! Thank you so much for always being there! ~ the MLP Team

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Thank You for Receiving

(Sharing something personal today...)

♥ Michael, thank you for not turning away our expressions of love for you, while still showing us there's MORE to give for the children & the world. You understood that love is limitless and doesn't run out, that Source never runs dry, which is one of your lessons for us, it seems. There's always more if we reach inside and find it. And you wanted us to find it all! :)

You lovingly and graciously accepted fans' posters and artwork without chastising us for having spent that money on posterboard, markers or paint when it could have gone to a charity. Perhaps you thought it sometimes (?), but you never put someone down for loving you. When certain people criticized you for accepting all this adulation (even implying it was near sacrilegious) you replied that it's LOVE!, what's wrong with LOVE?, and that you had never asked people to "worship" you.

Yet you of all people, having seen so much of the world, knew full well the great need for food, medical care, education and an adequate homes. You knew that there were babies in need of heart surgery, mothers in need of help to protect their children, homeless people in need of a warm meal, orphans of war in need of clothing and shelter. The Earth is a planet in great need, and you did not let us forget this. You put it before our eyes and asked us to take it into our hearts and begged us to DO SOMETHING about it. God bless you.

And in the midst of this chaos of need, your wisdom shone through in that seed of truth that grows into glory: that LOVE is also a need! We need to receive it and we need to GIVE it. Love turned away becomes sorrow. Love scolded becomes shame. Love restricted keeps the heart in lockdown and discourages its expression. Love locked away can find no one in need of it, and so nothing is given... or received. And you didn't do that to us. You let us love. Thank you for that.

In fact, I think in some ways you tried to tell us experientially, "Yes, DO love! Love MORE! Let it go! Feel it, give it, however your heart feels fit. Love's not exclusive, limited or only allowed if thoroughly scrutinized  and judged worthy in a particular circumstance. Children don't do that..  they just express it. So create your art, send that letter, give that hug, say those words, fill the room with flowers, fill the world with JOY! Celebrate it! And once you learn this, then let it grow, grow, grow... and change the world."

The expansiveness of love, without guilt for all the places it has yet to reach, is beautiful. For instance, I don't believe you'd tell my friend she's wrong for sending a rose "to you" at Forest Lawn because her heart tells her so. I think you'd smile. But I know your smile would light the whole city if that joy was shared... if that flower touched another's heart when it was later gifted to a community center or hospital. And your smile would light the whole world if she also donated what she could to a favored cause to help heal the world, all for LOVE. Why just do one? We can do both! We can do all! Flowers, cards, tears, laughter, lots of charity and lots of hugs. I hope everyone does, according to the dictates of their own soul, and all as expressions of LOVE... for you, in your memory, in your honor, for Love/God's own sake, and for the world.

I guess I just want to thank you, Michael. Thank you for the freedom of just letting love BE. Thank you for all you gave, and thank you for receiving.

I love you, ever more.
Humbled in your grace,
~ bgg

P.S. For anyone else reading: Of course, this is just a summary of some thoughts in my own opinion. It started as just a tweet, lol. I'm not talking here about the negatives (which were also plentiful) in the gilded cage of fame, but just about gifts that show someone cares. I know life is complicated. Or really simple? Depending on how you look at it. Michael once told me in a dream to do whatever my heart tells me, regardless. Seems like good advice. Will try to stick with it. ;) Love ♥

Special "Vindication Day" #PowerPrayer4MJ ~ June 13, 2013

  Please scroll Down for Special Visualization :) 
Dearest Michael,
On this 8th anniversary of your vindication in court ~ 14 solid NOT GUILTY verdicts ~ we somehow find ourselves still fighting against lies, greed and inaccuracies, wishing with all our hearts that we could hold you in our arms as you protect your precious babies in yours. None of this since 2009 seems fair, but we hold together with LOVE and find extra STRENGTH in the inspiration of yours. Michael, please know that then, now and in whatever is to come, WE STAND BY YOUR SIDE. We will hold firmly to the TRUTH; both what we know in our HEARTS and what we know from the FACTS. And because we love you and believe in what's right, we will do whatever we can to stay updated with FACTS, educating ourselves and all those who will listen. We sincerely pray that the public will hear us and that the media will respectfully hold unbiased, but not heartless, TRUTH as the highest goal, rather than profit for profit's sake. We pray people will finally get wise to tabloid tricks and STOP PAYING every "former employee", "friend" or "source" that comes forward with salacious lies or exaggerations to sell their soul for a quick paycheck. We pray your children are protected and that they will always keep your LOVE alive in their hearts, strengthening them and guiding them safely through the shark-infested waters. Michael, we've always wished the world would see you as we do. We know we can't make everyone love you (although you know we would if we could! ;)), but because of YOU we now walk forward as ONE, working together on a brighter future in which your legacy as an artist and as a human being is celebrated & respected, and where Paris, Prince, Blanket and all the children of the world are given the love, hope and support they need to fulfill their dreams and heal the world. Thank you so much, Michael. We hope you can hear us, somehow, some way. With all our LOVE, GRATITUDE & RESPECT~ Your Friends, Your Army of Love Around the World

♡♡♡ THANK YOU, TOM MESEREAU! ♡♡♡ I thank u SO much 4 helping them see the TRUTH, for saving an INNOCENT man I love with all my soul.

Special Vindication Day PowerPrayer4MJ
June 13 at 9am PT- noon ET- 5pm London- 18:00 Paris
Global time chart http://timeanddate.com/s/2dky

1) Relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply...

2) In your mind picture HUGE letters standing tall like a gigantic solid gold Hollywood sign, saying "MICHAEL JACKSON"! This is a symbol/representation of his legacy in this world. His NAME is attached to everything he left here, and to everything thought, said or printed about him, whether positively or negatively. His name is connected to it all. It is his reputation, his music, his artistry, his image, dreams, words and aspirations.

3) Imagine (just let yourself daydream like a child :)) walking around this gigantic MICHAEL JACKSON sign. Examine the letters closely. Give yourself some time on this. The letters should be beautiful and shiny, so if you see any graffiti or anything "stuck" to his good name (things you've recently heard people say, things you've read, etc), just take a soft cloth out of your pocket and wipe it off. It's a magic cloth designed just for this purpose, to clean off the gunk quickly and easily and make it all shine. Go ahead and imagine each letter of his name made of solid gold... shine it up lovingly! :) What you're doing is an act of love, so just focus on the LOVE! Know that as you do this, it is happening for real in the realm of thought, where reality is first created. These tiny ripples of LOVE are helping to CLEAR MICHAEL'S NAME OF ANY NEGATIVITY in our collective consciousness. If you believe in God or a Higher Power, ask that this is please so, if it can be in accordance with Divine Plan. Ask with your heart.

4) Time to RELEASE THE WHITE DOVES! Just like in 2005 we now release a whole flock of white doves into the sky! And these aren't ordinary doves, but doves made of WHITE LIGHT. They carry the positive essence of INNOCENCE, PURITY and TRUTH wherever they go. Imagine them flying everywhere they're needed, glowing in light and love. Visualize them or just ask them to. We send them to the courthouse in Los Angeles where the current legal cases are taking place. We send them to media buildings... major networks, newspapers, radio shows, publishers. We send them all across the world to spread TRUTH! And we send them to with our UTMOST GRATITUDE to MICHAEL. May he be blessed in joy and peace. We send them to Tom Mesereau with our UTMOST GRATITUDE. Thank you SO much. May you be blessed.

5) Now please say a prayer in your own way that Paris, Prince, Blanket and Katherine are protected from negativity and kept healthy and strong... that the kids hold together as a family with their daddy's LOVE... that Paris finds all the help and support she needs to be truly happy.

Thank you, Lovelies. May you also be healthy, happy and LOVED and allow LOVE to change your heart and the world. Many blessings & gratitude! Michael, we are always yours. ~ the MLP team http://www.majorloveprayer.org

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Light, Truth & Unity for Michael Every Day

Daily #PowerPrayer4MJ ♡ Let's keep the LIGHT of TRUTH shining for Michael and his children ~ protect them, hold them in peace and LOVE. ♡ Please help spread the word on Facebook, forums, on Twitter, etc. We need UNITY in the fan community and this is something we can ALL do together! See Special Prayer/Meditation During AEG Trial 

Monday through Saturday
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

No matter what our individual opinions are about the AEG trial, the Jacksons, the Estate, other fans, etc, I think we can all agree on the following:
♡ We ALL want Michael's legacy & genius to shine brightly forever.
♡ We ALL want the media to stop portraying him wrongly.
♡ We ALL want the public to understand who Michael really is.
♡ We ALL want Prince, Paris & Blanket to be safe, healthy, happy, loved.
♡ We ALL want Michael's messages to be heard and understood.

So for a few minutes each day, let us focus as ONE on sending/calling upon positive energy for these purposes, for the higher good, without trying to fight our way through the details as we personally see them. Let's keep our hearts on the goal... ♡LOVE♡ ...the most important thing in the world!

Thanks so much to all of you for being there for him and loving him so passionately and forever ~ Sending you major LOVE! --bgg of the MLP team

Please share the following photo on Facebook (contains all info):
❣♡ Daily Prayer/Meditation During Trial ♡❣

And please join us daily on
Twitter with hashtag #PowerPrayer4MJ

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Prayers for Paris Jackson

Dear Paris, you are loved and supported so much more than you may know. ♥ ♥ ♥

Everyone, please pray for her. We know her daddy is with her always ...but please send her extra angels, surround her in their wings and protect her in Love, give her all the strength she needs and the wisdom to know that 'this too shall pass' ... things get better, joy is still in her future. God, please heal her and help her get through these trying times. Let her know she is surrounded by love and support and that there is always hope. Bless her and her brothers, Prince and Blanket. Know that we love you all. ♥

Jackson Family statement: "Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family's privacy."

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Continuing with the Light! (AEG trial, Robson hearings, #PowerPrayer4MJ)

Lovely Ones, Please continue to join us with your heart and soul *DAILY* (see time charts below) as we come together in unity with #PowerPrayer4MJ on Twitter and groups on Facebook during this trying time. Our aim is to protect Michael's legacy and loved ones with a shield of Love, Light and Truth! And please know that, like Major Love Prayer on the 25th, this is worldwide, multi-belief and absolutely EVERYONE is welcome!

It is confirmed that Wade Robson's hearings will take place in the SAME COURTHOUSE as the AEG trial, starting TOMORROW. The hearings are this Thursday 6/6/13 (creditor's claim) and next Thursday 6/13/13 (civil filings). Our prayers/intentions are vitally important in both these situations!

Please, please...let's be sure we focus on keeping the LIGHT in this building, touching every room (courtrooms, judges' chambers, meeting rooms - everywhere!) and everyone's heart who enters... bringing through TRUTH and real justice for the higher good! Any lies will be clearly seen through, as only LOVE and TRUTH can exist within this brilliant white LIGHT. We pray that Michael's legacy, his name, his art, his reputation is PROTECTED from all negativity and that his genius, work and message of LOVE shine on through the ages! We wish everyone well and pray that God/Source agrees with what we ask for with all our hearts. We only ask out of LOVE. May the highest good prevail. Thank you so much!

Monday through Saturday
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

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