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Special "Vindication Day" #PowerPrayer4MJ ~ June 13, 2013

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Dearest Michael,
On this 8th anniversary of your vindication in court ~ 14 solid NOT GUILTY verdicts ~ we somehow find ourselves still fighting against lies, greed and inaccuracies, wishing with all our hearts that we could hold you in our arms as you protect your precious babies in yours. None of this since 2009 seems fair, but we hold together with LOVE and find extra STRENGTH in the inspiration of yours. Michael, please know that then, now and in whatever is to come, WE STAND BY YOUR SIDE. We will hold firmly to the TRUTH; both what we know in our HEARTS and what we know from the FACTS. And because we love you and believe in what's right, we will do whatever we can to stay updated with FACTS, educating ourselves and all those who will listen. We sincerely pray that the public will hear us and that the media will respectfully hold unbiased, but not heartless, TRUTH as the highest goal, rather than profit for profit's sake. We pray people will finally get wise to tabloid tricks and STOP PAYING every "former employee", "friend" or "source" that comes forward with salacious lies or exaggerations to sell their soul for a quick paycheck. We pray your children are protected and that they will always keep your LOVE alive in their hearts, strengthening them and guiding them safely through the shark-infested waters. Michael, we've always wished the world would see you as we do. We know we can't make everyone love you (although you know we would if we could! ;)), but because of YOU we now walk forward as ONE, working together on a brighter future in which your legacy as an artist and as a human being is celebrated & respected, and where Paris, Prince, Blanket and all the children of the world are given the love, hope and support they need to fulfill their dreams and heal the world. Thank you so much, Michael. We hope you can hear us, somehow, some way. With all our LOVE, GRATITUDE & RESPECT~ Your Friends, Your Army of Love Around the World

♡♡♡ THANK YOU, TOM MESEREAU! ♡♡♡ I thank u SO much 4 helping them see the TRUTH, for saving an INNOCENT man I love with all my soul.

Special Vindication Day PowerPrayer4MJ
June 13 at 9am PT- noon ET- 5pm London- 18:00 Paris
Global time chart http://timeanddate.com/s/2dky

1) Relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply...

2) In your mind picture HUGE letters standing tall like a gigantic solid gold Hollywood sign, saying "MICHAEL JACKSON"! This is a symbol/representation of his legacy in this world. His NAME is attached to everything he left here, and to everything thought, said or printed about him, whether positively or negatively. His name is connected to it all. It is his reputation, his music, his artistry, his image, dreams, words and aspirations.

3) Imagine (just let yourself daydream like a child :)) walking around this gigantic MICHAEL JACKSON sign. Examine the letters closely. Give yourself some time on this. The letters should be beautiful and shiny, so if you see any graffiti or anything "stuck" to his good name (things you've recently heard people say, things you've read, etc), just take a soft cloth out of your pocket and wipe it off. It's a magic cloth designed just for this purpose, to clean off the gunk quickly and easily and make it all shine. Go ahead and imagine each letter of his name made of solid gold... shine it up lovingly! :) What you're doing is an act of love, so just focus on the LOVE! Know that as you do this, it is happening for real in the realm of thought, where reality is first created. These tiny ripples of LOVE are helping to CLEAR MICHAEL'S NAME OF ANY NEGATIVITY in our collective consciousness. If you believe in God or a Higher Power, ask that this is please so, if it can be in accordance with Divine Plan. Ask with your heart.

4) Time to RELEASE THE WHITE DOVES! Just like in 2005 we now release a whole flock of white doves into the sky! And these aren't ordinary doves, but doves made of WHITE LIGHT. They carry the positive essence of INNOCENCE, PURITY and TRUTH wherever they go. Imagine them flying everywhere they're needed, glowing in light and love. Visualize them or just ask them to. We send them to the courthouse in Los Angeles where the current legal cases are taking place. We send them to media buildings... major networks, newspapers, radio shows, publishers. We send them all across the world to spread TRUTH! And we send them to with our UTMOST GRATITUDE to MICHAEL. May he be blessed in joy and peace. We send them to Tom Mesereau with our UTMOST GRATITUDE. Thank you SO much. May you be blessed.

5) Now please say a prayer in your own way that Paris, Prince, Blanket and Katherine are protected from negativity and kept healthy and strong... that the kids hold together as a family with their daddy's LOVE... that Paris finds all the help and support she needs to be truly happy.

Thank you, Lovelies. May you also be healthy, happy and LOVED and allow LOVE to change your heart and the world. Many blessings & gratitude! Michael, we are always yours. ~ the MLP team http://www.majorloveprayer.org

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Kerry Hennigan said...

Bless you for this. Joining in and sharing on with love for Michael and his children.

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