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♥ You Are...♥ (a poem for Michael)

You are... (by Ankita)
We look into your eyes
And all that shines is Love
We listen to your sweet voice
And all we hear is Love
We feel your gentle touch
And all we sense is Love
We behold the magical work you do
And all we see is Love
We learn from you every moment
And all you teach is Love
We learn to give the way you give
And all we give is Love
We try to see the way you see
And all we find is Love
So we try to be what you’ve taught us to be
In all those moments you’ve been with us
In truth, in spirit, as an angel, as a guide
Teaching us not just to exist or survive
But to seek and merge with the essence of life
Rising above pleasure, pain, sadness and strife
You've brought us to the light of our own being
Eternally blissful, beyond all hearing or seeing
The "all" as "One", the "One" as "all"
You've brought us beyond comparisons of big and small
Like a bridge between earth and heaven above
All that you were, are, or will be...is Love.

Thank you Michael forever, for everything...you’re absolutely, eternally, unconditionally loved, admired, honoured, blessed, celebrated by all of us forever…you gave us all you had and we are so eternally grateful… we were there with you, for you always, you were never alone. We are so fortunate to have been blessed by your extraordinary, glorious, infinitely inspiring talent, to learn from you the beautiful virtues of love, kindness, compassion, generosity, humility, integrity, honesty, graciousness, child-like innocence, purity, resilience…to witness and admire your indomitable courage, fortitude and faith and to have fought with you the good fight as the proud warriors in your Army of Love... You won every battle with your goodness dearest Michael and we are so proud to be your fans forever!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you with all of our hearts and souls…May God bless you always...may you rejoice in the beautiful realms of Light with God and the loving Angels and we shall all rejoice in that knowingness...We love you till eternity and beyond...

Yours forever,
Ankita (from India, your "special love") and all fans from around the world!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[Republished with author's permission. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words, Ankita. People all over the world can relate to this so completely.
Bless you and major L.O.V.E. to all of our MJ family and forever and ever to Michael. Today, 9 months since June, we bow our heads in honor and memory. We will never forget you, Michael. P.S. A special thanks to the MJJC Legacy Project Team]

How to feel the ~ L.O.V.E.~

~After the prayer you can share your experiences & discuss MLP with others on the Major Love Prayer Forum~

Welcome to Major Love Prayer! As we prepare to heal the world with LOVE, we'd like to offer a couple of pointers for making the experience more powerful and effective. The suggestions below are meant to enhance the Guide to Monthly Prayer visualization. As always, just know that any loving and healing thought, emotion or energy you are able to send is helpful, so if you find you are only able to pray or focus for a minute, please just do so and know you are making a difference. Every little bit counts! ♥

Startin' Somethin' - If possible, we've found it really helps to start a couple of minutes before the prayer time. Take some deep breaths and calm your thoughts. Just relax. If you follow a particular religious or meditative practice, now is the perfect time to say a personal prayer to God and/or call in angels or guides to assist and protect as we spread love to the world.

Loving each other wholeheartedly - The more love we can each feel, the more we have to give to the world in unity. As the prayer begins, the instructions have asked you to focus on love, on the feeling of giving and receiving love. A wonderful way to do this is simply to think about WHO you love. Who do you love in a deep, joyful and unconditional way? Who do you wish all the best for and want only happiness to surround? Who fills your heart full? Who do feel compassion for? There's no right or wrong here, for it's all love. Just feel it. Is it a religious figure or a deep sense of the divine you can feel down in your soul? A feeling of connection with nature? Could it be your children? Your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? A best friend or dear pet? Could it be our beautiful inspiration for this prayer, Michael Jackson? Maybe it's a combination of many people, like your family or a closeknit group of likeminded people. Who do you love deep inside so much that you can't imagine you could love them more? Just feel it right now, without judgement. Let the love flow through you, in whichever way it does and for whomever it does.

Once you are in the feeling of this love it is time to expand it past the personal and to the global. There are other people all over the planet who are feeling this right now, who are doing the same thing at this moment. We're all here for the same reason, with the same intention. We want to heal the world with you, to make a little space, to make a better place. We want peace. We care about this planet too. We are willing to set aside our differences, our fights and disappointments. We feel it inside. Can you feel it? Let us reach out to each other. Hold my hand. You are not alone.
Together we can make it happen. If we all cry with joy at the same time tonight we can change the world. With focus and a desire for harmony we can affect global consciousness. We can awaken hearts to the inner truth that we are all ONE... one people, one planet, one global heartbeat, united and whole. See how our little glowing dots of energy on the globe have connected and how Earth is now bathed in love. Know that everything and everyone is ONE and healed.

Together we'll cry happy tears (post-prayer) - After we've expanded the love and held it for as many minutes as you feel comfortable (5 to 10 minutes is a good target if you can fit that into your schedule), please remember the last part of the instructions, to thank everyone in your heart and wish all your fellow participants health and happiness. We've been doing Major Love Prayers since autumn of 2009 and have heard many experiences. Sometimes it can be intensely cathartic with tears. Sometimes it's purely joyous and even euphoric. Sometimes it can be very emotional as we are also remembering Michael on the 25th. It could even be that you feel next to nothing. There can be many reasons for this, such as mood, environment, etc. Don't let it bother you. It is what it is, and there's always next month! If you feel jittery or spacey afterwards, please take a moment to 'ground' yourself. Place your feet on the ground and really feel the floor under your feet. Shake your hands toward the floor ("shake your body down to the ground" ;), like you're shaking excess energy off. You can also visualize vines or cords connecting you to the Earth that allow excess jittery energy to drain off for a minute. Then take a deep breath and feel that breath all the way to your diaphragm. You are centered in your body and ready to go about your day.

Bless you and thank you so much for helping to change the world and continue Michael Jackson's legacy of L.O.V.E. ♥

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It's all for love, love, love!

Hello, lovely MJ-family ♥ Our next global Major Love Prayer is this Thursday the 25th at 2pm Los Angeles Time (see March time chart -- 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET this month). Please keep spreading the word, and if you could remind people on your forums and Facebook pages that would also be wonderful. We don't want anyone to forget and miss out. And as you know, the more hearts joined in love, the more love there is to give to the world. And this is all for love, love, love. Our collective goal is to change the world, to bring in light and positive energy, to bathe the planet and each one of us with healing energy ♥ (See the instructions for participating in prayer/meditation/intention).

Also this week are special Twitter events begun by other fan groups on March 23rd and 25th (see more info about #Justice4MJ). You can join thousands and keep MJ 'trending' with unity. So, it's a busy week for our fan community!

Please let us all work together as a family to achieve our common goals and continue Michael's legacy. Enough with the bickering and negativity. It's not a competition. Our struggle is the same. We're on the same side. We may not all agree on what to do, why or when to do it, but there's one thing in our hearts that transcends all of this and that is LOVE!!!! We love Michael and he loves us. Do we love each other? Yes. Please never forget that. Love, kindness, healing the world. This is our mission. This is our message. Michael was forever trying to remind us of this. He wanted his fans (us!) to get that message and to help him make it reality. He fought for this message all his life. It's up to us (us!), his fans, the ones who have always professed to believe in this message, to at least try to live up to it and to be an example to the world. We're not perfect, of course. We're all humans... a global family. We are all at different places and stages in our lives, but love, forgiveness and unity can't be questionable values, can they? We're united because of Michael Jackson. Who are we then and what do we stand for? That's right: L.O.V.E. And I love you guys and I hope this is something we can continue to share for a lifetime. For the world... and for Michael. "Show the world!"

We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE!

Every month on the 25th at 2pm L.A. time

Everyone is invited.

It's all for love.


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Important Prayer Time Zone Changes in March 2010

NOTE: THIS POST IS ONLY VALID FOR 2010! Please check our HOME PAGE for the current year's March prayer time chart!

VERY IMPORTANT: YOUR PRAYER TIME MAY CHANGE IN MARCH 2010 (but be back to normal in April)

WHY: Daylight Savings Time in the United States begins on March 14th, two weeks before many other places in the world change their clocks for spring/autumn. Major Love Prayer is set at 14:00 in Los Angeles, so all time zones must be figured based on California time. If you are outside the U.S. it is likely that your prayer time for March (most likely only March) will be different (including locations like Europe, where corresponding Summer Time doesn't begin until March 28th). Please double-check the time to verify this! And be sure to check again next month as well!

Next Prayer Time is 25.March, 2010 at 2pm (14:00) Los Angeles time
*=prayer time is different this month!

March 25th, 2010
11:00 / 11am - Honolulu*
13:00 / 1pm - Anchorage
14:00 / 2pm - (PDT) Los Angeles, Phoenix*, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Tijuana
15:00 / 3pm - (MDT) Denver, Las Vegas, Edmonton, Calgary, Mexico City*, San Salvador*, Managua*
16:00 / 4pm - (CDT) Winnipeg, Houston, Chicago, Lima*, Kingston*, Bogota*, (Caracas 16:30*)
17:00 / 5pm - (EDT) New York, Miami, Toronto, San Juan*, Santiago*, Santo Domingo*
18:00 / 6pm - Halifax, Buenos Aires*, Asuncion*, Montevideo*, Brasilia*, Sao Paolo*, Rio de Janeiro* (St John's 18:30)
21:00 / 9pm - (GMT/UT) London*, Reykjavik*, Lisbon*, Casabalanca*, Dublin*
22:00 / 10pm - (CET) Madrid*, Paris*, Berlin*, Rome*, Oslo*, Warsaw*, Lagos*, Algiers*, Zagreb*
23:00 / 11pm - Cape Town*, Athens*, Tallinn*, Helsinki*, Istanbul*, Minsk*, Cairo*, Jerusalem*

March 26th, 2010
00:00 / midnight - Nairobi*, Khartoum*, Moscow*, Baghdad*, Riyadh*, Kuwait City*
01:00 / 1am - Dubai*,(Tehran 01:30), (Kabul 01:30*)
02:00 / 2am - Karachi*, Islamabad*, Lahore*, (Mumbai* & New Dehli* 02:30), (Nepal* 02:45)
03:00 / 3am - Almaty*, (Yangon 03:30*), Dhaka*
04:00 / 4am - Bangkok*, Hanoi*, Jakarta*
05:00 / 5am - Singapore*, Kuala Lumpur*, Beijing*, Hong Kong*, Perth*, Taipei*, Manila*
06:00 / 6am - Seoul*, Tokyo*, (Darwin 06:30*)
07:00 / 7am - Brisbane*, Vladivostok*,(Adelaide 07:30*)
08:00 / 8am - Melbourne*, Sydney*, Canberra*
09:00 / 9am - Kamchatka*, Anadyr*
10:00 / 10am - Auckland*, Suva*, (Chatham Islands 11:45*)
11:00 / 11am - Kiritimati*

For times in other locations see: World Clock Time Converter

P.S. If you are certain that a time above or on the World Clock site is incorrect, please leave a comment, email or tweet us so we can correct it. Thank you.

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March 25th: Moonwalk anniversary

This month's Major Love Prayer date will also mark the anniversary of the taping of the television special 'Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever'. It was on March 25, 1983 that Michael Jackson reunited with his brothers onstage for a J5 medley and then performed the moonwalk to 'Billie Jean' for the first time in front of an amazed audience. It was stunning and brilliant and was a key moment in music history. (Thanks BadTourGirl for the reminder! :)

If vid doesn't play, try searching youtube for "Michael Jackson Motown 25" and you should find something.

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One week to go - please check your time

The March 25th Major Love Prayer is now just a week away! We'd like to remind everyone to please double-check the time for your location. For many places outside the U.S. the prayer time may be one hour earlier than normal. For instance, in London it will be at 21:00 and in Paris 22:00 this month. This is due to Daylight Savings Time starting earlier in American (most states) than other countries. See the March Time Zone Chart for details. Please keep spreading the word and know that we can make a change when we set aside our differences and come together as one global family. "Let's harmonize all around the world!"
"We just should, you know, give a little more attention to the power of LOVE and caring and faith and PRAYER."
- Michael Jackson (2002)
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نحوه شرکت در دعای ماهانه [Persian] [فارسی]

www.majorloveprayer.org - نیایش عشق بزرگ / مدیتیشن

چه کسی؟ طرفداران مایکل جکسون در تمام نقاط جهان، همچنین تمام کسانی که می خواهند در التیام دنیا ما را همراهی کنند! ما به همه اشخاص خوش آمد می گوییم!

چه چیز؟
نیایش عشق بزرگ، الهام گرفته از آرزوی مایکل جکسون در راستای التیام بخشیدن به دنیا، یک رویداد ماهیانه است، که در سراسر دنیا و تمامی کشورهای این کره خاکی، به طور همزمان برگزار می شود. ما همه در قالب یک روح، برای چند لحظه به هم می پیوندیم تا این انرژی مثبت و شفابخش عشق و صلح را به همه بفرستیم. همانطور که مایکل جکسون نیز در ترانه "عضو دیگری از وجودم" می خواند: "ما در حال ارسال عشق بزرگمان هستیم"

چه وقت؟
در بیست و پنجم هر ماه (میلادی) درست در ساعت 2:00 بعد از ظهر به وقت لوس آنجلس (1:30 بامداد به وقت تهران). لطفاً برای مشاهده معکوس شمار این نیایش و اطلاع از زمان دقیق آن در محل خود به لینک زیر مراجعه نمایید.
(بهتر است در حدود 5 دقیقه قبل از شروع نیایش آماده شوید.)

هرجا! هر کجا که باشید می توانید در این نیایش شرکت کنید. محل ایده آل جاییست که بتوانید در آن ریلکس کرده و تقریباً به مدت 15 دقیقه به دور از هر گونه نگرانی بمانید.

این نیایش یا مدیتیشن، شرکت کنندگان از سراسر دنیا را در بر می گیرد، بنابراین مقدمه پیشنهادی زیر مختص هیچ مذهب یا رسوم معنوی خاصی نیست. آزاد هستید تا جزئیات را بر طبق عقاید و میل باطنی خود تغییر دهید.

آمادگی (تا حد ممکن 5 تا 10 دقیقه قبل از نیایش)
در وضعیتی راحت بنشینید و ذهنتان را ریلکس کنید. به آرامی، نفسی عمیق بکشید. بگذارید هرگونه تنشی از شما دور شود. ممکن است این کار را با گوش دادن به یک موسیقی آرامش بخش یا الهام بخش (مثل "دنیا را التیام بده"، "ما دنیاییم" و غیره)، با نیایش یا مانترایی خاص، با دعا کردن برای مایکل و خانواده اش و نیز برای دیگران، با روشن کردن شمع و غیره، انجام دهید. با تعمق در نیت همگانی مان (که گستردن عشق، صلح و شفا در دنیاست) دست به کار شوید.

نیایش شروع می شود

چشمهایتان را ببندید و ذهنتان را بر روی احساس عشق ورزیدن و دریافت آن متمرکز کنید.
عشق را برای خودتان، با خانواده تان، با دوستانتان، با مایکل، با کره زمین، با خدا / گیتی / خالق آن و دیگر چیزها (بنا بر عقاید خود)، احساس کنید. این عشق را در قلبتان حس کنید.
هزاران نفر دیگر در سرتاسر دنیا را مجسم کنید که همگی در این لحظه دقیقاً در حال انجام همین کار هستند.

بگذارید این حس عشق با شادمانی گسترش یابد و شما را به بقیه کسانی که در این طرح مشارکت دارند، (و احتمالاً حتی به مایکل، اگر بتوانید آنرا باور داشته باشید) متصل کند. شما اکنون جزئی از شبکه عظیم عشق در تمام نقاط جهان هستید.

هم اکنون این عشق در سراسر دنیا پخش می شود. آنرا مجسم کنید که فراتر می رود و به آرامی، تمام زمین را احاطه می کند، در تمام موجودات زنده رخنه کرده، حیوانات، جنگل ها، هوا، اقیانوس ها، مردم و همه چیز را التیام می بخشد. ما در صلح و آرامشیم. ما شفا یافته ایم. ما عشق هستیم. ما همه، یکی هستیم.

تا جایی که احساس راحتی می کنید، برای 1 الی 2 دقیقه با همین حس باقی بمانید. همچنین اگر مایلید می توانید این حالت را تا چند دقیقه بیشتر ادامه دهید. هر وقت آماده بودید تا دوباره چشمهایتان را باز کنید، مطمئن شوید که برای این عمل شفا بخش، از همه تشکر کنید. در ذهن و قلبتان به طرفداران مایکل جکسون، به تمامی شرکت کنندگان، به خدا / گیتی / خالق آن و به مایکل به خاطر عشق و منبع الهامش که امروز ما را دور هم جمع کرده، بگویید: "سپاسگزارم" و برای همه آرزوی سلامتی کنید. حالا چشمهایتان را باز کنید، نفسی عمیق بکشید و بدانید که در امانید و در مرکز وجودیتان قرار دارید. شما قوی، سالم و سرشار از عشق هستید.

متشکرم و ما در بیست و پنجم ماه دیگر، دوباره دور هم جمع خواهیم شد.

prayer michael jackson 25th[in English]. . . ♥ Thank you very much to Elnaz for this translation to Persian! ♥ . . . Added March 8, 2010

Download printable PDF version

Italian and Persian translations added

Great news! New translations of the 'how to participate' Guide to Monthly Prayer have been added, which brings the total number of available languages to 14! Major thanks and L.O.V.E. to Michi and Elnaz for their time and effort in translating to Italian/Italiano and Persian/فارسی ! MJ fans are just the best, really ♥! According to Wikipedia, these two languages are officially spoken in all of or at least parts of the following nations: Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Vatican City, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Somalia, Eritrea, Greece, Iraq, Oman and Bahrain (as well as in smaller communities across the world). Think how many millions more can find and join with us all now on March 25th and into the future :) Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to Major Love Prayer with translations, participation here, on Twitter, Facebook or the forum and for helping to spread the word to so many MJ forums and online groups. Love, healing and peace to you all ♥

"Love is the most important thing in the world. / It's all for love. L-O-V-E." -Michael Jackson

Major Love Prayer banner

P.S. If you would like to help us spread the word, above is a new banner for forum signatures and webpages :)
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Come unirsi a noi: Guida alla preghiera mensile (Italiano)

Major Love Prayer/Meditation - www.majorloveprayer.org

CHI: I fan di Michael Jackson attorno al globo e chiunque voglia contribuire a curare il mondo con noi! Chiunque è benvenuto!

COSA: Ispirati dal desiderio di Michael Jackson di curare il mondo, Major Love Prayer è un evento globale, che ha luogo contemporaneamente in tutto il mondo, in ogni paese della Terra. Ci uniamo nello spirito per qualche momento per diffondere l’energia positiva dell’amore, della pace e della cura. Come MJ cantava in Another Part Of Me, “We’re sending out a Major Love”.

QUANDO: Ogni 25 del mese alle 14.00 ora di Los Angeles. Connettetevi a www.majorloveprayer.org per seguire il countdown (meglio farlo 5 minuti prima dell’inizio).

DOVE: Ovunque! Puoi partecipare ovunque tu sia. Meglio in un posto dove ti senti rilassato e dove nessuno ti possa disturbare per 15 minuti.

COME: Questa preghiera/meditazione/affermazione coinvolge partecipanti da tutto il mondo, quindi i suggerimenti che trovate qui di seguito non fanno riferimento a una specifica religione o pratica spirituale. Sentiti libero di modificarle in base al tuo credo.

Preparazione (5 minuti prima della preghiera se possibile)
  • Siediti comodamente e rilassati. Respira profondamente. Elimina tutto lo stress. Se vuoi ascolta musica rilassante o che ti dia ispirazione (come Heal The World, We Are The World ecc), recita una preghiera o un mantra, prega per Michael, la sua famiglia e altri, accendi una candela ecc. Inizia a pensare al nostro volere collettivo (diffondere amore, pace intorno al mondo).
Inizio della preghiera
  • Chiudi gli occhi e concentrati sull’amore; sul dare e ricevere amore. L’amore per te stesso, per la tua famiglia, i tuoi amici, Michael, la Terra, Dio/Universo/Creatore (a seconda del tuo credo) ecc. Senti l’amore nel tuo cuore.
  • Visualizza le migliaia di persone che stanno pregando con te da tutto il modo.
  • Fai che questo sentimento d’amore si espanda gioioso e ti connetta con tutti gli altri (possibilmente includendo Michael, se ci credi). Fai parte di una rete vastissima in tutto il mondo.
  • Questo amore ora si diffonde in tutto il pianeta. Visualizzalo mentre attraversa ogni forma di vita, curando gli animali, le foreste, l’aria, gli oceani, le persone, tutto. Siamo in pace. Siamo guariti. Siamo amore. Siamo tutt’uno.
  • Trattieni questo sentimento almeno per un paio di minuti. Puoi continuare anche per più tempo se vuoi. Quando sei pronto a riaprire gli occhi, accertati di ringraziare tutti per questo sforzo d’amore. Nella testa e nel cuore dì “grazie” a tutti i fan e partecipanti: a Dio/Universo/Creatore, a Michael per l’amore e l’ispirazione che ci ha permesso di essere uniti oggi. Augura il bene a tutti. Apri gli occhi, fai un respiro profondo e sii consapevole di essere al sicuro e centrato su di te. Sei forte, in salute e amato.

Grazie ancora e ci vediamo il prossimo 25 del mese!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Benvenuti a Major Love Prayer, un evento globale e simultaneo che ha luogo ogni mese in ogni paese della Terra! Ispirati dal desiderio di Michael Jackson di curare il mondo abbiamo iniziato la nostra missione: make that change…con amore. Crediamo fermamente che la preghiera (meditazione, intenzione ecc) sia una forza potentissima. Possiamo curare il mondo con L.O.V.E. se siamo insieme! Quindi unitevi a noi ogni 25 del mese alle 14.00 ora di Los Angeles e aiutateci a diffondere amore!

prayer michael jackson 25th
[Inglese] . . . ♥ Grazie mille to Michi for this translation to Italian! ♥ . . . Added March 7, 2010

Download printable PDF version
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