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Please join us daily during the trial...

We are stronger than war,
for we are for PEACE.
We are stronger than lies,
for we are for TRUTH.
We are stronger than revenge,
for we are for JUSTICE.
We are stronger than name-calling,
for we are not bullies.
We are stronger than hate,
for we are for LOVE.
~ A Call for Love during trial
Dear MJ-family, September 25th's Major Love Prayer and visualization was so powerful and it was an honor to join you all in filling the courthouse with light! If you can, please join us and other groups between 7:30am to 8:30 am Pacific Time daily starting on Tuesday September 27th (time chart - or if this does not work, whenever your schedule permits) for a group prayer vigil, joining together all of our collective prayers and again holding the vision below of the courthouse filled with LIGHT. Please keep your thoughts focused on unity, harmony and truth and your heart centered in love and the faith that the highest good will be done. If you have not read the collective Call for Love during the Murray trial, please do so, and help spread this message where you can.

Daily 'Light of Truth Courthouse Visualization':

Note: Other special prayers will be posted when possible on our Facebook page.

1) Please begin by visualizing the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on Temple Street in Los Angeles. In your mind's eye, see the crowds of media and fans who have gathered. Imagine that you are standing there with them, for we all are in spirit. Let us all reach out and take each others' hands so that we may be united as ONE FORCE. We bow our heads in thankfulness as we acknowledge this gift of LOVE that is in our lives forevermore, within our hearts and our souls. We are so blessed to have been here in this time, to have known Michael and to be part of his global family brought together through love. Let your heart fill with gratitude and love. Feel this in the hearts of all others gathered, physically or in spirit. We may have our disagreements sometimes, but in the end there is one truth: we are UNITED FOR MICHAEL, no matter what.

2) Fill the courthouse with Light! - Now we ask that the LIGHT OF TRUTH please fill this space (..from God or other higher power, if that is within your beliefs). Visualize an intensely bright, but gentle light filling the entire courthouse building, as if a cosmic spotlight has been switched on from above. This light is the pure energy of LOVE and TRUTH. No walls can stop it, nor barriers contain it. Every room, from Judge Pastor's chambers to the courtroom to the hallways, clear down to the parking garage and throughout the surrounding courtyard and sidewalks where fans and media will gather daily is within its glow. No millimeter of space is left in the darkness of hatred, fear, vengeance or lies. All is illuminated. KNOW that this light dispells all negativity and fills this space with enduring love, truth, wisdom and the HIGHEST GOOD. This light changes everything it touches with sacred truth and goodness. KNOW that this light is so powerful that its effects will last for the entire trial, even though we may choose to enhance it with ever more love daily or weekly (as you wish). Any lie told in this space will be seen through. Any hate, deception or malice brought into this space will evaporate. This light radiates the HIGHEST GOOD and only the HIGHEST GOOD may be done in this space. And it will be done.

3) The light remains - Hold this visual and knowing as long as you can, maintaining love and gratitude within your heart, as if you're looking at this scene from a future time and know that justice has already been done. It is already the end of this year and you are as satisfied as you could be with how the trial went. Thank Michael again, and all who have been there for him, all who love him and all who continue to work for the truth. Thank you, bless you, and LOVE. (This visualization can be repeated as often as you'd like.)

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And if you are in Los Angeles on September 27th, the 'Sunflower Stand' for Justice for Michael will be taking place also at 7:30am in the courtyard in front of the building, in prayerful solidarity. To participate, just be there, ready to RISE ABOVE and represent Michael in UNITY with ONE VOICE! Sunflowers (a symbol of peace, strength and oneness) will be handed out to all who wish to be a part of this show of unity. We love you, MJ-fam!

Thank you, and please remember LOVE

Thank you all so very much joining us today for Major Love Prayer! This was such an important prayer, for even more reasons than usual, plus it was the 2-year anniversary of the first time we sent out a major love as a group in September 2009.

Remember that this same visualization we used today can be used at any time over the next weeks.

This site will have more updates in the days and weeks that follow (such as for the Sunflower Stand for Justice for Michael on Tuesday morning! 100 sunflowers will be handed out at the courthouse so that fans may stand in peace as one united force. Be there at 7:30 am in the courtyard to join!). For now, please know that YOU are SO important... your voice, your strength and your prayers make a difference! Your voice that calls for LOVE is crucial in this world. With one voice we can move through the trial maintaining love within our hearts, even in the toughest times, even when we are confronted with anger and distress. Love begets love, so let us try to hold this truth within our hearts and stay UNITED. That is key. May justice be done, may truth be told and may we gently guide each other in the ways of oneness even as we are ourselves are guided from within and above. We're here for Michael and for each other. Always. Inseperable, for we were never separate. Bless you all, much, much love and gratitude and we'll see you all again October 25th for Major Love Prayer and before that for other prayers and messages and togetherness. ~ Love, the MLP team

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khnL7KFS-Tw (Thank you, Irina, for this wonderful video)

Inspirational quote for any moment you feel you're the only one. You're not. You are never alone:
"Do what you feel in your heart to be right -- you'll be criticized anyway." ;)
~Eleanor Roosevelt

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A Call for Love during the Murray trial

sunflower michael jackson justiceUNITE in PRAYER,

Sept. 27, 2011
8:00 a.m. PST
- in the front courtyard, where
sunflowers will be distributed -
C.S. Foltz Criminal Justice Center
210 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Lottery for tickets to obtain a seat inside
the court room is at 7:30a.m. PST.
Only 6 seats are available.

more info: mjbliss.blogspot.com
Dear fellow MJ fans, we are combining our voice with a great many others in the MJ community for a worldwide CALL FOR LOVE during the difficult times that lie ahead, and we'd love if you would join hearts with us in this. As you know, this coming Tuesday (September 27th) the trial of Conrad Murray begins. As Michael's fans we have the power to show the world who he was and what he stood for with our words and actions. We are his voice now, his representatives. We reflect his light, and as co-bearers of his legacy we now stand exposed before the world in a new and often uncomfortable way. It is our great and humbling responsibility to teach future generations who Michael Jackson really was, both by shining that light on the TRUTH and by showing the world how he has touched, awakened and changed the hearts of so many. We've already begun to make headway, from the Gardner School auditorium, to the astounding number of charity projects in his name, to the continuing joint efforts to stop/correct deceitful, false or belittling media coverage. We may not have control over all the circumstances we find ourselves in, but we do have a voice. Never let anyone tell you that we don't. Michael used his and now we must use ours. The question is: what are we going to say? Will we be a scattered myriad of voices across the internet filled with negativity, adding to the prevailing trend and playing right into the hands of those who wish to portray us and Michael in a negative fashion? Or will we join hearts and come together in ONE VOICE, in peaceful and prayerful determination for truth and justice? Will our voice be one of hate or of love? Both have energy, drive and momentum, but into which direction is up to us.

Please know that no blame is meant toward anyone. No finger pointing. We are all human, we've all been hurt, we've all had moments when we've lashed out with anger. The finger-pointing must stop if we are to truly heal. As Michael said, "We must learn to live and love each other before it’s too late." We have been through so much, and if you can remember right now how it was LOVE that brought us together, if you can feel for a moment that unity within LOVE, the feeling of it, of swearing to forever remember it and to uphold Michael's legacy of it... you'll find that glow inside that begs us to walk the talk, whatever happens. And that feeling, that knowingness of love, is inside each and every one of our souls. We are one.

Yes, we can be angry. If you're angry you can't help but feel it. You have the right to be angry; for all of us, for Michael, for his beloved children, for the world's children. Anger cannot be denied and hidden within, or it churns into hatred and shrivels the heart. But we have a choice to either channel those emotions into the same negative, destructive beams of darkness that were so often directed at Michael, or to take the high road and strive to transmute this energy, heal it and find a way to shine light into the world. It is during times of great darkness that your light is needed the most! We still have painful realities staring us all in the face and drilling into the depths of our spirits... and it hurts. There's no denying this. But we cannot let it destroy us. Read again: We cannot let it destroy us; Michael's 'Army of Love', his 'Soldiers of Love'. Remember? Love is not just empty platitudes or spoonfuls of sugar sprinkled over the pain. This is for REAL. You know this love, through and through. We all do, for it's what brought us together. Please, let us never forget it, for without it we are lost. Feel it, know it, live it. That is spirit, that is truth, that is Michael.

"In a world filled with hate,
we must still dare to hope.

In a world filled with anger,

we must still dare to comfort.

In a world filled with despair,

we must still dare to dream,
In a world filled with distrust,
we must still dare to believe."
Do you know the saying "nothing worthwhile is ever easy"? Well, this is where we find ourselves. Each person must search their own soul to find a center of peace and to discover how and where they can use their talents to channel this energy. No one is perfect, but we can try. It is a dilemma: how do we move forward, past all that's happened, through all that's still to come and somehow make LOVE our weapon to conquer any evil? Rest assured, it can be done, for God does not give us any task we're not ready for. None of us wanted this one, but it's ours nonetheless, and it will not complete itself. We have to rise to the challenge, rise up against the onslaught, be strong and most of all be brave within our hearts to succeed. It takes courage and humility to stand strong and look for the humanity in an enemy, withholding the poison arrows while trusting a jury. And it takes practice. That's alright, for we're all works in progress, still learning how to operate from the heart with ever-increasing frequency. And all of us across the planet have been blessed with the same exquisite teacher to help point us onto this path. "It's all about love." Truth and wisdom from the man himself.

And so, if you'll be in front of the courthouse on Tuesday (or any day after), sending banners from around the world or just writing on social networking sites, we're collectively asking that we all make an effort to remember the LOVE, the mission, the message, and to do our best to act from a place in our heart that demonstrates it. Remember that the world is watching. The media is watching. The children are watching. Everything we say and do now reflects on each other ... and it reflects on Michael. And it teaches ... just what it teaches is our choice.

"I was sick over the notoriety
of the attacks. I don't know if
[television news] played it too
many times, but we went from
fear to hate to anger to vengeance."

~ MJ on 9/11 & What More Can I Give
Can we set aside our differences and together show the world with ONE VOICE that we, MICHAEL'S FANS, are a UNITED FORCE and that we can RISE ABOVE attempts to brings us down, and RISE ABOVE whatever they throw at us? Yes, we can. We are stronger than war, for we are for PEACE. We are stronger than lies, for we are for TRUTH. We are stronger than revenge, for we are for JUSTICE. We are stronger than name-calling, for we are not bullies. We are stronger than hate, for we are for LOVE.

We will stand strong. We will represent. We will not give up. We will support truth, as our prayers sweep away the lies. Our love will support Michael's family, each other and all those who are working for justice. And we will do it in RESPECTFUL SOLIDARITY, with DIGNITY, GRACE and CLASS, just like Michael would. Thank you, namaste, and so much love to ALL of you. Know that you are never alone. "Don't let go of my hand..." ♥ ♥ ♥

Please see the following sites for further info, support and encouragement:
Call for Love group on Facebook
MajorLovePrayer's Facebook pagecall for love michael jackson
Michael's Heart (blog)
MJ Reflections (blog)
Love is the Answer (blog)
With a Child's Heart (blog)
Inner Michael (blog)
Positively Michael (discussion with Thomas Mesereau during the trial)
Justice4MJ.com (many of the fans attending court)
MJJ-777's Facebook page (news/updates)
Reflections on the Dance's Facebook page (news/updates)
Being Mike-like group on Facebook
♥ -more coming - (don't want to leave anyone out, sorry )

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Man Behind the Myth & Open Letter to the Media

Dear MJ-family, there are two important things we need to bring your attention to this week:

1) The first is a very important Open Letter On Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media. If you're on Facebook, please see this event link with information, otherwise you can read the letter on the 'And Justice for Some blog' and on the petition site. Please, please remember to sign the petition/letter. It's easy and only takes a couple of minutes to make a difference. USA Today and CBS News have recently changed news stories to "Jackson" (from the name I won't type here) when asked by FANS LIKE YOU & ME. Change comes, but only when we make the effort. We can have a voice. Please take this opportunity to work toward positive change in our world and justice for Michael. Thank you ♥

2) If you haven't yet seen this important video about Michael from the Voices Education Project: Words and Violence, please watch and spread it near and far, especially if you can get non-fans to view it. We already know this information, but so many still do not! It's up to us to continue this education process. So let all those with ears hear!:
LinkMan Behind the Myth from Walking Moon Studios on Vimeo.
Who was Michael Jackson really? Michael Jackson's work, life and his "troubles" are not what you thought they were. Jackson was used and abused relentlessly by a media gone mad because any mention of his name drew crowds and cash. Learn the truth of who Michael Jackson really was as we take a look at the story behind the myth. http://www.vimeo.com/28381782

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"Let's heal the world together"

michael jackson praying earth

"Let's heal the world together.
This is my dream.
Love, Michael Jackson"

Everyone, please join together this month on the 25th for a simultaneous worldwide prayer/visualization of healing. We're sending out a major love all across the planet and we're asking you to join us every 25th to increase the level of global harmony by bringing LOVE back into the world, one heart at a time. Let us take action, both in deed and in spirit! Thank you and much love!

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Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days...

"Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You've touched my heart without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change this world is my deepest desire."

~ Michael Jackson, from "Child of Innocence"

Thank you, Michael. ♥

It is the 3rd of September (2011, but this is a story that is relevant in any year on this day). What I have written is sad and I'm sorry for that. I really don't want to make others sad, but I couldn't stop the words. Two years ago my family and I sat before the television, framed photos of Michael surrounded by reverently placed flowers and lighted candles, a white rose laid out for our beloved. When the live feed from Forest Lawn was cut, we turned to a special DVD I'd made for this night. It was soft music, instrumentals, Michael's beautiful voice (the most beautiful voice I have ever heard) and a slideshow of his heavenly eyes, his sweet smile... the face of an angel, an amazing man, a genius, a father, a beautiful soul whose very existence has filled me with joy my whole life, whom I have cared for so personally, so deeply that there simply are no words to express it. We cried again. How could tears still be left after a summer filled with unending rivers of them? How do they still come so easily today?

I had prepared some things to say, to read, for Michael. One of the most precious was his poem "Child of Innocence" from Dancing the Dream. Michael is this for me. And yet, I couldn't get through the first words of this poem that night. I could not read this as eulogy. My voice cracked and was just gone... away in the vast ocean that had formed one teardrop at a time. I shook. I couldn't do it. But it is in my soul, in his, in yours. One in pain, but also one in joy, in love, in consciousness. He is and always will be my messenger of joy, in his elegance and beauty, my heartbeat fluttered to the rhythm of his dance, beckoning me beyond the call of duty, to change the world... with LOVE.

Thank you, my beautiful Michael. Our gratitude is as unending as your grace. You are missed from this world, yet I know you are alive and exuberant in spirit, evermore. Bless you always and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
~ BeGodsGlow, Sept 3, 2011

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