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Man Behind the Myth & Open Letter to the Media

Dear MJ-family, there are two important things we need to bring your attention to this week:

1) The first is a very important Open Letter On Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media. If you're on Facebook, please see this event link with information, otherwise you can read the letter on the 'And Justice for Some blog' and on the petition site. Please, please remember to sign the petition/letter. It's easy and only takes a couple of minutes to make a difference. USA Today and CBS News have recently changed news stories to "Jackson" (from the name I won't type here) when asked by FANS LIKE YOU & ME. Change comes, but only when we make the effort. We can have a voice. Please take this opportunity to work toward positive change in our world and justice for Michael. Thank you ♥

2) If you haven't yet seen this important video about Michael from the Voices Education Project: Words and Violence, please watch and spread it near and far, especially if you can get non-fans to view it. We already know this information, but so many still do not! It's up to us to continue this education process. So let all those with ears hear!:
LinkMan Behind the Myth from Walking Moon Studios on Vimeo.
Who was Michael Jackson really? Michael Jackson's work, life and his "troubles" are not what you thought they were. Jackson was used and abused relentlessly by a media gone mad because any mention of his name drew crowds and cash. Learn the truth of who Michael Jackson really was as we take a look at the story behind the myth. http://www.vimeo.com/28381782

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Jacinta said...

I signed and am working on spreading the word, hoping to gain as many signatures as possible.

Kerry Hennigan said...

Signed! I have already shared the Vimeo link on www.megaheart4mj.com and on my MJ Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/michaeljacksonsghosts/ and will continue to spread the word about the film and the petition. Small ripples become big waves... in this instance we are working on a waterfall of change, an ocean of love. This is something positive that will benefit not just MJ but everyone!

BGG said...

Wonderful! Thank you! :)

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