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June 25th global 'Major Love Prayer' to honor Michael Jackson ❤️

❤️ 'Major Love Prayer'/Meditation ❤️
🌹 Friday, June 25 ~ 2pm PDT 🌹
❤️ At the same moment worldwide ❤️

Dearest MJFam ~ On Friday, June 25th we will be united across the globe to honor Michael Jackson with our deepest LOVE, RESPECT and GRATITUDE, and at exactly 2:00pm Pacific Time (21:00 GMT) we ask you to join us in heart and spirit at the same moment worldwide for a special #MajorLovePrayer/ Meditation. Together we will CHERISH MICHAEL and SEND OUT a MAJOR LOVE to HEAL THE WORLD! 💞🌎💞

Absolutely EVERYONE is welcome, and you can join from wherever you are, whether you'll be online or not. Friends will be joining from all over the planet (usually including Forest Lawn - if possible this year...?) and in our hearts we will unite THE WORLD with MAJOR LOVE in honor of Michael. We are all ONE, now and for always, wherever we may be. May this LOVE and UNITY help mend the hearts of the world, protect the vulnerable and those in need, and raise our collective consciousness/vibration into a new era of peace and harmony. 🙏 

Instructions and time charts are below and also on the website www.majorloveprayer.org. We wish you much love, dear ones! (We'd appreciate any help with spreading the word! :x) Thank you so much, and know that this and every 25th... you are not alone ❤️❤️❤️

Find your location at the timeanddate.com time chart link

JUNE 25:
- 2pm/14:00 Los Angeles/Seattle/Vancouver (PDT)
- 3pm/15:00 Denver/Calgary/Guatemala (MDT)
- 4pm/16:00 Chicago/Winnipeg/Mexico City (CDT)
- 5pm/17:00 NYC/Toronto/Havana/Santiago (EDT)
- 18:00 Rio de Janeiro/Montevideo/Halifax
- 21:00 Accra/Reykjavik (GMT/UT)
- 22:00 London/Lisbon/Kinshasha (BST) 
- 23:00 Paris/Budapest/Cairo/S.Africa (CEST/MEZ) 

JUNE 26 in these places:
- 00:00 Helsinki/Bucharest/Moscow/Istanbul
- 01:00 Dubai - 01:30 Tehran 
- 02:00 Karachi/Lahore
- 02:30 Mumbai/New Delhi/Kolkata 
- 03:00 Dhaka/Almaty - 3:30 Yangon
- 04:00 Bangkok/Jakarta/Hanoi
- 05:00 Perth/Beijing/Singapore/Manila/Taipei
- 06:00 Tokyo/Seoul
- 06:30 Darwin/Adelaide
- 07:00 Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane
- 09:00 Auckland 

(Please read before or follow along)

~~~ 1) Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Say any personal prayers you'd like to start with. Focus your heart in LOVE. It may help to first think of those you love, like family, friends, etc, and let your heart open. You can send your LOVE to Michael on this day as well, if this is within your belief. 🌹🌻 Many believe life goes on and that loved ones may be especially "close" on days such as this. If so, then let your heart be open, surrounded in divine protection, then... picture him in your mind as vividly as you can... hug him, tell him, thank him, cry, smile, be in peace. Hold him in your heart with GRATITUDE as we continue... 

~~~ 2) When you feel ready and your heart is full of LOVE, turn your attention to all the others joining this prayer/meditation, and all MJ fans everywhere. We are united in spirit all over the world - for this monthly 'Major Love Prayer', but today most especially in deepest honor of Michael - and we now JOIN HANDS IN SPIRIT with the energy of this shared LOVE. Visualize us now CONNECTING across oceans and continents with beams of intense love energy traveling from one person to the next, connecting all the world, connecting Neverland, Forest Lawn, all our loved ones, our towns, our nations, ALL... forming a GLOBAL GRID OF MAJOR LOVE! We are ONE. 💕🌏💕 

~~~ 3) Feel this MAJOR LOVE... Can you feel it?!! Let it expand within and all around you. Let it flow outward in all directions so that ALL THE WORLD feels it! Send it out to fill all spaces in between, to touch every heart. May this HEAL THE WORLD with LOVE, UNITY and PEACE! Visualize the entire planet glowing in beautiful MAJOR LOVE that illuminates every heart and all of nature, until even the molecules in the air glow with LOVE! We ask that it soothes and HEALS THE WORLD and that it PROTECTS and NOURISHES all the CHILDREN and EVERYONE IN NEED. May it serve as inspiration to create positive change from within and bring humanity together in truth and harmony. May it CHANGE THE WORLD for the betterment of all. 🙏❤️🙏 

~~~ 4) Stay in this place of MAJOR LOVE and hold this vision for as long as you can, with all the LOVE in your heart. Embrace the world with a GIVING HEART. 

(Note: This is about when they usually have formed the "circle of love" for Michael at Holly Terrace. We are now there in our hearts, and all the space is filled with LOVE and THANKS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.) 🌻🌹 

Hold everyone and all the planet in this thankfulness, including your loved ones, all those with whom you agree or disagree, world leaders, your neighbors, your town, all the planet, all of nature, Michael's loved ones, and MICHAEL... across time, space and forever. 

We pray on this June 25th that he will be cherished, recognized and celebrated always with JOY and RESPECT, and that his legacy is protected with TRUTH, DIGNITY and blesses countless generations to come with love and magical wonder. #HonorMJ 

~ Amen ~  

Blessings, Health & Gratitude... 
Thank you to our beautiful MJ-family, and THANK YOU, Michael. We miss you and we will love you forever and always. ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️

#MajorLovePrayer every 25th 
Website: www.majorloveprayer.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/majorloveprayer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer
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